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Currently Open!

I'm looking for an art trade :>

Samples of art under the cut


Or more examples here:
  • I am comfortable drawing most humanoid characters. I think it would be unwise to ask me to do anthro or feral characters. I don't think I could do them justice (and I'd probably turn them down so I don't disappoint you ...)
  • I am looking for somebody of similar skill level.
  • Many of the characters I am most obsessed with right now are dudes with swords, so you gotta be happy to draw that.
  • At the moment I am only opening one slot because I'm a little bit slow at art and I don't want to have a huge queue of people waiting <3

Completed Trades:
With PANGAEA (Received)
With InquisitorCat (Received)
With Birdy99 (Received)

I can definitely use some practice! Here's my dA. If you'd still like to trade, let me know! :)

I'd love to trade with you!

Would you be happy to draw this character? You can draw either in casual clothes or in the uniform in his additional art?

Which character would you like me to draw?


Alright! I could draw him in uniform. Would you like waist up, bust, or full body? Don't worry about being picky, either! I have a good ear for specific instructions.

Hmm.. Could you draw Odai? I'm currently working on a full body of him for a full reference and I should be finished late tonight or early tomorrow.

Aah! I actually saw your ref of him on Deviantart and I thought he had a cool design.

I think my strengths lie in waist-up-ish art... So I was planning to give you something like that. I'd be perfectly happy to get a waist-up in return. I'm honestly not a very picky person!

Thank you! I'm trying to get in as much art for him as I can XD

Alright! I'll get started on it tomorrow!

Feel free to PM me if you need anything

Opening this up again for another slot!

By the way I have been in a pixelling mood at the moment. I am still very new at it ... but if you want your character in this style please request it!


Here are the results of the previous trade

I've caught a cold right now but if you're still open by the time I am feeling healthy you bet your butt I am doing an arttrade with you. that pixel art so good

I'd be glad to close this thread and get started on it. (I know you're good on art trades!) Pixels take me a real long time so if I get a head start you won't be waiting too long on it.

(And I'll be able to take some screenshots for a walkthrough :) )

As long as you're sure! I got a lot coming up in the next two weeks so I don't know when I will get started on it. So I don't mind waiting if you wanna give someone else a shot. ((You know how I am with my *everythings happening at once* availability))

No it's quite fine! If I still want more art trading when I'm complete I can just open the thread again! (And I'm not worried about a wait!)

Just let me which character you want done!

Claine wrote:
No it's quite fine! If I still want more art trading when I'm complete I can just open the thread again! (And I'm not worried about a wait!)

Just let me which character you want done!

I'll let you choose between Osirus and Raine :D Pick whoever you're comfortable. and Feel free to just do their bust, or waist up, I know that full body is difficult.

What would you like done?

Can you please draw Barame? You can draw him either in casual clothes or in uniform.

No problem. Did you want waist up or bust or full?

I'm probably going to be aiming for a waist-up so if you want to do that, I'm perfectly fine with it.

By the way I kind of feel bad drawing Raine again, because I drew her the last time we traded. But I kind of want to draw her again XD

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