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Hi there! Welcome to my commission forum!

I stream a lot! on twitch! I stream every weekday between 12p CST on 'til around 1:30-2p CST! I'm working on getting back into this I swear x_x

If you'd like to get way more updates on my art, I post most often on Twitter!

Wanna see what projects I'm currently working on? Currently have a commission with me and curious as to what stage I'm at?
Check out my Trello!

Please Note: I take weekends off from working on art. I need to relax too on occasion. <3
Sales and Discounts wrote:
Necrovember - 20% off on undead themed commissions! - November 15 thru November 30

Christmas / Holiday Sale - 20% off on any Xmas/Holiday presents to other people! - November 20 thru December 20

Epicness Prices

Oil of Epicness x2 (4.95 x2 $9.90= ) = Sketch Bust ($9)
Wand of Epicness (14.85)= Rendered Sketch Fullbody ($18)
Hourglass of Epicness (55) = Half-n-Half Fullbody ($45) & Sketch Halfbody ($12)

Character Slot Prices

Enchanted Silk Cloak x2 (3.75 x2 = $7.5) = Sketch Bust ($9)
Dragon's Tooth (14.99) = Rendered Sketch Fullbody ($18)


Creature Sale - 45% off monster themed commissions - January 1 thru January 31
  • Please keep in mind that I don't usually draw creatures, hence the larger % take off. This would be a mix of a sale and getting practice! :D
    If you're looking for a definitive monster style, probably best to go commission another artist, I'll be honest; But if you're willing to let me play and experiment, I'd love to do so c:
  • This may / may not include animals; Curious if your idea fits under this sale? Ask! :D

Payment Options

Ordered by level of desire:
  1. Mr. Krabs VoiceMoney Money Money
  2. Art
  3. RPR Goodies
  4. Character designs
Rules / Terms / Conditions
  • Payment required up front. (At least half for larger pieces) ; USD (or equivalent in other currencies)

  • Pieces will be done in order of payment (the faster you pay, the higher you are on my to-do list). I will get to everyone, but priorities go in level of who pays first. I chip away at commissions every day, so I'm likely to get your piece out within the day / a few weeks depending on level of commission.

  • Updates sent at the Sketch, Flats, and Final stages (where applicable)
  • Sketches do not get updates or final changes unless extremely glaring***. Colored Sketches will have the ability to ask for color changes, but not sketch changes.

    ***Ex: Your character is plus sized and I did not realize and made them skinnier; Or maybe I gave them human ears when they have animal ears... something big like that.

  • I hold the right to deny any commission and/or cut off a commission at any point in the process.

  • REFUNDS: Once art has been started, refunds are unavailable UNLESS I am unable to finish your piece. If I am unable to finish your piece, you will be refunded the appropriate funds (IE: Desired Commission - Delivered Product = Refund)*
    *Paypal fees will most likely be incurred, meaning the amount you're refunded will not be exact.

  • If we're doing a trade, I tend to try to give what I get. If you paint me a piece, I'll paint you a piece. If you sketch for me, I'll give you a sketch in turn. Equal value and all that jazz. This being said, I prefer to receive before I give, so I know what I need to do in the way of quality. <3

Note: Please have some visuals to your character. These can be face claims, pinterest / google images, and/or art, whatever. If you have no references, then I'll just draw your character as I imagine them with whatever description you give me.

PWYW wrote:
PAY WHAT YOU WANT: (click me)
Heck yeah dudes, PWYW commissions are a thing. MESSAGE ME FIRST!!!; PWYW commissions will not receive stage updates; If you want stage updates, just get a regular planned commission.
PWYW commissions can be payed in money or RPR goodies.
PWYW commissions are not available for Character Sheets or Paper Dolls.
PWYW commissions don't have a specified level of quality and are subject to change based on how much payed, how many refs given, etc. etc.; These also may or may not be experimental; If you want something more concrete in style, choose a regular commission style.
If the writing is too small, right click and select "View Image" or "Open Image in New Tab" or something like that. It's a bit bigger here, and zoomable <3

Please credit me if you use these anywhere! Even a small "Drawn by DarkCrowArt" is a huge help! <33

Can you add me to the free queue?
I have a reference piece, just with no horns, tattoos or frills on the head and a slightly shorter snout.

Sadly I don't have cash.

Aekra wrote:
Can you add me to the free queue?

Will do!
Never drawn a dragon-person before, so this will be an adventure lol

That's the idea ;)
If you're doing a bust, Aekra has a pretty large chest, and clothes as described in her profile. She also has three small scars under her right eye.

Can I add an OC to the free queue?

Skipbab wrote:
Can I add an OC to the free queue?

Sure! :>

It's more of a combo of some sorts.


Picture 1


Picture 2

I were thinking of the ball head of pic 1, inside the head of pic 2 without pic 2 face, if that can explain it.

Will I be done before him? And what's a time estimate, assuming nobody shows up with a paid commission?

Skipbab wrote:
I were thinking of the ball head of pic 1, inside the head of pic 2 without pic 2 face, if that can explain it.

The orb inside the slime-girl, but without the face? Got it! :> Will add you <3

Aekra wrote:
Will I be done before him? And what's a time estimate, assuming nobody shows up with a paid commission?
You will be done before him, as I go in order of queue, but I can't give a definite time estimate. Commission pieces (whatever the payment) get priority, and the freebies will just kind of happen as I get to them. So it may be in the next week, may be the next month, may be even longer or shorter, depending on how I go about things. :)

Well, okay then. PM me the link and pic when you're done, please. And thank you.

Aekra wrote:
Well, okay then. PM me the link and pic when you're done, please. And thank you.

Always! :>

Same with me. And just so we are on the same page, the orb keeps its face. Thank you for the opportunity

One piece down!


Another one done!


And another! :D
Still open for any takers!! <3

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