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I thought about it just a little while ago and wondered what do your Original Character's(OC) names mean to you? Why did you choose that name, does that name mean something to you?
Of course I would start the game off but I don't have any Original Characters as of this moment unfortunately so whoever posts next can start the game.

Why not me huh well. Galvan or The hero was from my start in rp and even more meaningful for me my first story longer then as of now six chapters. He is my perfect hero with a name i thought of out of the blew.

Asami is the name of my first original and who I post as.
Since she was the first, I figured I'd have a name with meaning.

Nothing to do with the entomology or any logistics--it is a spell that confers good luck on the people who play with Asami. Whether you accept or not is solely up to you.

This character's title, The Black Orchid, was selected by me and the character. She's into botany, I think orchids are cool (and roses seem too common in characters), and she's a dark sort of character. It suited. She actually also has a black orchid tattoo from before she became a criminal.

Her real name was a little more "clever" on my part. Her given name, Nyx, is the embodiment of the night in Greek mythology. (It's a name I also referenced for Taryn Nix, who uses it to claim that the night is her mother.) Her name essentially means "Night Chaser" and she was designed to bring moral ambiguity to an otherwise very black and white game. But she actually dislikes her given name, since everyone who's used it has been abusive. It's actually kinda a trigger for her. She was going by Chaser when she got to people who were decent to her. When I play her, I'll use different names as indicators of what "mode" she's in. Usually, she'll be Orchid or Chaser. She's only Nyx in rare times that she's feeling vulnerable.

Incidentally, in one of her canons, she has become a mother. Her son, who she's trying to raise to be a better person than she is, also got a flower name: Aster. He is "Star Chaser." And another aside: the mythological Nyx was considered exceptionally powerful (as one of the original titans who came before the gods) and a fearsome mother; when one of her kids upset Zeus, the kid went to his mother to hide, and Zeus didn't dare persue. Chaser is kinda the same.

Funny enough Cyber use to be a side character that nobody was meant to have payed any mind. Then i ended up liking him more then my main character. Ever since he's been fighting MachTech that was back at the rpguild. Rpg shutting down which i dubbed as MachTechs Armagedon Protacal didnt stop our vigilante and now hes here. But his name is simple, a grim reaper on the web. His real identity has changed multiple times up until now. From a war hero a refugee to once a MachTech employee.

Kuroba Mikazuki, the wildest ride.

He's violent, brash, abrasive! Overall kind of a dick (though that itself is an understatement)...

His first name, Kuroba, derives from "Kuro" (black), and "ha" or "hane" (wing).

And his last name, Mikazuki (crescent moon).

All in all, it was meant to give a sweet side to a violent character with a broken past.

Virginia Payton Smith was the name of my grandmother on my fathers side. She died when he was a child but I heard many inspirational things about her since I was very young. She worked at Boeing as an engineer which to me was enough to be amazing but she didn't stop there. As a beautiful strong woman she inspired her kids to be amazing people right up until she died of cancer. I have a silver cup with her initials engraved into it, along with a picture and those stories that's all I will ever have.

I created Virginia as a strong character who can with determination go through hardship just as my grandmother did. Though they are nowhere near the same person it is my way of honoring her and saying, 'though you may be gone, you are remembered. Though we never met, you are still close to me, and though no one is left alive who can further tell me your story I will honor the spirit of what I was told and it will never be forgotten.'

Alex's name was picked because... it's my name.
Honestly, he's been around with me since the weird decision I made at 14 to include myself into RPs, and I've been desperately trying to keep this self-insert OC based on an idealized version of my self from my 14 year old perspective since. He's basically representing my war against Mary Sue-dom and boring self-inserts.

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