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So just a game where you annoy each other with attacks
Like say Artemis paints a giant target on the back of person underneath them and shoots at them.

She'd fire all her rounds from both of her revolvers into it's head.

*Raises shield* Several bullets graze David's cheek but he survives.

David pulls his gun out from it's holster and shoots the person below in the foot.

"What the hell?! Ow!! You son of a-..." She stopped herself almost positive there were children around. She pulled out her butterfly knife and threw it at the character below

“What is this!” She took the knife out her arm , she took her gun and shoot twice

His face would display a ):< face. He'd stab the character below me 56 times.

Yin expertly hit the blade every time she was lunged at, she being a trained assasin. Soon the blade was just a stub and not sharp.

She threw five poison darts in a way that they would come from every direction of the person below her.

Artemis would expertly...... Get hit by al of them, she is immune to poison so.....

Artemis throws to ION NUKES down to the other people below her

Keanu, having no control over literal NUKES gets hurt... Pretty bad.. BUT! the expertly crafted and sharpened blade finds its way through the air, landing point first into the shoulder of the next player. It get in pretty deep, enough for blood at least.. On the bright side! It looks nice enough to be the best out of a collection!

He'd pull out the sword his arm bleeding heavily. ``**** you!`` He'd pull out an ion cannon and fire a massive beam of plasma at the person below.

Jack screams in agony once the plasma gun shoots through his stomach. He falls to ground causing his vampire fangs to stab the person in neck below.

"Why, you!" Jax yelled. He tried to hit the vampire with his electric shooter, but missed and hit the person below.

the shot hits her and she basically spasms out wildly and fireballs pelt away from her at random hitting the person beneath her

As the fire balls hit her hair, Laura screams. "You ruined my hair!"
Seething and blinded by rage, the girl telekinetically lifts a chair and throws it at the next person.

The chair hit none other then Petelia who of course wasn't able to move as the chair broke against her. "Oh no I must have made someone mad at me, I'm sorry there are probably better suits then me you should use" She said before she leaned to the side a bit as her entire metal body fell off a ledge and onto whoever was below her.

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