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The Format

Each person will choose one of their own characters (or roll an appropriate die and then edit that post into their response). The person will then briefly describe how that character would solve the last mundane problem posted above them (you are encouraged, but not required, to post via that character profile). You can answer straight, or you can get a little silly (like using swords to swat flies). Finally, they end the post with a new mundane problem to solve.

Bonus 1: Want to post in narrative fashion? Use the collapse tags, and please still share a brief summary statement.

Bonus 2: Someone further up present a mundane problem that you really want to answer? Answer the one immediately above you first, then answer the other inside of collapse tags.

Bonus 3: Want to answer for more than one character? Choose one to display openly, and put the rest in collapse tags. Or just wait to see if it comes up again. Or, in you think of something later, use the Bonus 2 method.

An Example

Last Q: How would your character open a bag of chips?

Taryn Nix would either sneak up behind someone and slap it to pop it open, then fall into a fit of laughter at the startled reaction; or she would stare the person in the eye, grinning as she opened it upside-down and let the person's favorite chips spill all over the floor/ground.

The next mundane problem: How would your character remove the corn from a cob?

That's a nice idea!

Never having seen a corncob in his life, upon being presented with one at a barbecue, he would probably first attempt to eat the thing whole. Then he'd realize the corn comes off and is really much more enjoyable than... you know... the rest of it. Then he'd start nibbling it off, like the way you do, more or less by accident.

How would your character make their bed?

She would look at her bed, stare at it for a moment, snap her fingers, transforming it into a cake, then eat it and move on with her day.

How would your character hitchhike?

Notchlti's Hitchhiking Adventure!
The Sun Witch grumbled to herself as she waited on the side of the road. The sun had set as did her powers and it was freezing cold, she needed a ride back to the sun-blessed city of Shoggoth as soon as she could. But instead of a normal person, she decided to stand in the middle of the road waiting for a car to stop in front of her, which one eventually did. The confused driver blinked a couple times, wondering if sleep deprivation was causing him to hallucinate a half-naked and oddly dressed woman standing in the middle of the road, wielding what seemed to be a highly decorated spiked block of wood. Notchlti walked up to the window and knocked a few times until the driver timidly lowered the window to let her speak. "You shall let me enter your vehicle and drive north until I say stop," She says as she walked over to the other side, opened up the door and slammed it behind her while the nervous driver drives north as quickly as possible, probably having the most confusing ride of his life.

How would your character go about ordering fast food?

Prev Q: How would your character go about ordering fast food?

Kano would probably just saunter in, if the one at the cashier is pleasant-looking to him, he would unashamedly compliment and flirt with the person, but would be ridiculously specific with his orders before leaving with a “ Keep the change,” because he knows for a fact that he is obnoxious enough to anger several gods successively within an hour.

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The fast food restaurant was surprisingly slow for this time of the day, but that suited Kano well enough as he sauntered into the restaurant and headed towards the first empty counter he saw.

Leaning heavily on the counter, Kano surveyed the menu above them with a keen eye before his eyes landed on the rather pleasant-looking woman behind the counter, who looked beyond bored at her current job. Chuckling inwardly, Kano placed a flirty smile on his lips before he set about his life’s purpose to fluster every single human being he sees.

The bonus is that they usually end up so flustered that they just nod through his ridiculously long and specific order without glaring too harshly at him, so that’s nice as well.

Question: How would your character clean the toilet?

Cid is one to lose his temper so...If the brush won't work a sledgehammer would follow by a call to have a new toilet installed. Now if a lady is there he would actually be more restraint and more so watch his uh colorful wording.

Queston: How would your character go about dealing with their crush?

Straightforwardly. The last (and only) time Ghaurug had a crush, he did beat around the bush, and it cost him a friend. Now he knows better than to waste any time pining and building up anticipation when there’s a good chance of his feelings, such as they are, getting crushed, so he’d be direct and upfront. He’d tell the object of his affections how he felt the first chance he got and figure out how to deal with their response on the fly, mainly because he’s never gotten quite that far on the crushing side of things. He’s been crushed on, but that’s a whole other can of worms...

Question: How would your character prepare breakfast?

For Finn he normally gets up an hour early before his daughter. Have his coffee before making waffles or pancakes in their kitchen. He'll take extra care to make each breakfast memorable by doing something special be it making characters out of pancakes or something to make his daughter smile.

Question: How would your character go about protecting someone?

A big wrench in that one is... "protect from what exactly?"
Assuming we're going by his own 'universe's modern fantasy rules and the what is demons, he would more-or-less accidentally kidnap them and go on a road trip, killing everything that looked remotely supernatural on the way from there to a Demon Hunter Asylum.

Question: How would your character respond to strong, less-than-subtle flirting?

"I would buy the flirting person and me a drink and playfully flirt back, no harm in a bit of flirting and if things go to far, I'm a warrior who always keep her sword on her."

Question: How would your character go about shopping at super market?

"I'd say excitedly, like I do everything. Depends on my mood but I try to cause chaos where I can, maybe scare a few people while I'm there."

Question: How would your character go about meeting a new, very friendly, person?

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