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He chuckled wryly, a sardonic grin forming on his shapely face. “What’s a girl like you doin’ out here? In the snow and frost.” He shook his head with a laugh. “Should I feel pity on someone like you? I think you’re lucky I do.”

Jack Frost finds a lady laying on the grass, barely wearing enough to keep herself warm and fast asleep. It was a much colder night than usual as of late, and Jack Frost knew this fact well, after all, he was the cause of this. Taking pity on young lady, and maybe caring a bit too much for her safety considering all the predators who lurked nearby, he picked her up, taking her somewhere far into the woods..

A midnight wanderer, Jack Frost accidentally bumps into a lady, shorter than him, she seemed cold, as recently it had gotten colder because of him. Blinking his light blue eyes, he stared at her for a moment. Before he bumped to her, he had been spreading his frost across the city, his arms wide open as everything around him froze. He was wearing a black hoodie, just to seem normal really, he wasn’t really cold after all. With a chuckle, he asked the young women if she was alright.

One nippy night, he had found people skating at night, bright coloured lights showing the silhouettes of the children and families who were skating happily. It had been so long since he had skated, so he decided to join in their fun, going and renting out a pair of pristine white skates. As soon as he was on the ice, his feet went fast, gliding through the people, his blue striped scarf flying behind him as gracefully skated and spun around.

Jack hadn’t expected that this would’ve happened, but something happened among the fairy council and one of them had used one of his magic spells while fighting over him and whether or not he counted as a fairy. He felt it right away, and it was believed that it had hit a human. Angrily, he took out his sceptre and quickly headed out trying to find the poor person who had gotten hit by that frost bolt. He quickly managed to find them passed out by the side of the forest and he carried them off somewhere else as fast as he found them.

Hello! You’ve almost made it to the end, thank you for giving me your time nonetheless! The rp is meant to focus around Jack Frost and winter/fae themes. The plot is pretty mild overall, so I would easily give this story a pg-13. It isn’t meant to be a kid’s tale though, so approach this story with a heavy sense of plain maturity. I accidently forgot to mention this but this is a modern fantasy role-play.


Details: Freeform, adjustable length posts, long-term RP partner preferred.

Hey maybe my character"Kailey Greenfield" could step in here? (Btw I'm 25 so pg-13 is cool with me.)

Sounds like it could be interesting

I would love to I think I could modify either Rose of Dia for this or even Raya it your choice of course

I do not know if this is still open, but this actually sounds pretty interesting! I think Vil or Aerwyna might be suited for this, but if it is still open then I am interested in joining! :)

Wow! I’ve received so much interest, I am quite happy to see it, however, please PM me if you want to discuss it with me. This is a first come, first serve, best matching basis.

More plots were added! Still available!

I would love to do any of these plots with you, if you are still open to others joining! I have a character named Sadie if she would work- I can also make a character if you would let me join of course, haha.


Ooh I don't know if you are still looking for a partner, but I would be willing to join in! I would love to write a story and see where it goes! ^^

Sounds fun I'm interested


I would love to roleplay with Jack Frost. I have honestly loved fanfictions of him and Elsa getting together, though that phase has slightly subsided.


Still open if you were interested/are interested in an rp like this.


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