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{ You find yourself in a split area. On one side is a rainforest with lots of vegetation, animals and water. On the other side is a moderately dry area, with a few trees here and there. When you read the signs, they appear to be two kingdoms that are divided in half. You decide to go to (insert side here, Xiariov, Rainestar). Will you make war, will you make peace? You decide...
it is your fate. Your story. }
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| Aria looked around the area. Strangely, she felt drawn to Xiariov. She decided to investigate. |

| "Hello?" Aria's voice echoed through the area. I wonder if anyone else's here... She thought to herself. |

((can I join?))

Alvara raised a brow, looking around from under her block cloak. From what she could see this place was completely divided in two. She read the signs closely, Xiaeiov and Rainstar. Both of them intrigued her but something drew her towards Xieaiov. Alvara sighed and continued to walk in the direction that the sign pointed, her head down low as she tried to listen for any signs of living things. Her breathing was steady but still very fast, she finally relaxed. After all she did just run away from a deal she had lost... Her pointed ears perked up, hearing a voice. She pulled out a dagger and whipped around to face the source of the noise. “Who are you?” She stated while spinning her dagger around.

((Sorry to say, but I don't know country which country is which, so I will just make Hector kinda nationaly ambiguous))

Inside a lonely little bivouac hold together by string, sheets of canvas and sticks, in the vast jungle, sat a man with ashen gray skin, white hair and red eyes, writing in a journal, diary even. "I don't now how long it's been since I have set foot in these lands. Though when I set my foot on the soil, I could feel it. I felt the spirits of my ancestors looking over me from through the thick vegetation and foliage. It were a heavy look, I felt, but it wouldn't burden me. They had known me before, now they didn't know me that well. I have been away, far from the jungle and village of my family and friends. I have become what is called 'a truly cultured gentleman of the finest kind' from studying life abroad the vast sea."

"I hope that my family will look and accept the change I have made, not excommunicate me from them. The men from abroad gave me a new name 'Hector Bossuet', saying it sounded better than my former name. Though abroad, I have missed this place with great yearning. The very fabric of my soul had twisted and turned at nights, saying it didn't belong, that it wanted to go home. I wouldn't listen, I became a doctor to help them, I couldn't go back at the moment. My heart longed for the sweet honey and nectar from kanopa bees, the bees abroads honey tasted like their wax. Honey weren't the only thing I desired to see again."

"I have a betrothed that my heart aches to join again. She is the light and the fire behind me, what have driven me to go and become cultured. Her ebony skin, jade eyes, rosen lips and onyx hair, a miracle of nature to behold. When I get back, I have promised to marry her, that is the word I will keep to the end of the world." He wrote with his goose feather on the paper. As the ink dried on in the diary, he closed the vial of black ink, put the pen away, the closed the book. Then he laid under his blanket and slept for the night.

((I reckon I'll start with Xepil and see if other chars need to be brought into the fold later. For now, he too shall be undecided and I'll let plot dictate his allegiances.))

Out and about and on the run again. Which suited him just fine as he'd rather be free and hungry than safe and imprisoned. Not that one Hobgoblin known only as Xepil would call growing up with other Hobs safe. He chafed at all the discipline, the unnerving taskmasters that dictated his every move and above all he hated their need to capture slaves at every waking moment. What was about slavery that the Hobgoblins were so obsessed about? He'll probably never understand, and in his opinion it made them weak, it stunted their growth, Xepil would always prefer to do something himself than let a slave do it for him.

Having fled the wild lands, the young Hobgoblin threaded the ground with a determined but cautious step. All he really needed to survive were a bunch of pointy sticks, his darts, and a curved piece of wood, his atl-atl. Let the big mages have their spells and the fighters their hulking suits of armor and big swords-- he can kill them all at 100 yards with nothing but a stick.

Still, having some armor would help, and more importantly connections. Xepil knew that for all his resourcefulness he'd not last long in human lands without some kind of employee. It was fortunate to him that the nearby kingdoms had exploded into an all out war.

Surely, he thought, even they would overlook the fact that he is a Hob and hire him as a mercenary. He knew the humans would not argue about anyone who'd willingly kill someone for them. Heh, humans, Xepil liked their lack of values, dwarves and elves would never employ Hob mercenaries, but the humans totally would.

Whatever the kingdoms were fighting about, he didn't care. He just wanted to be fed, geared, a bed to sleep on, and a roof over his head. If he needed to spear some fools for it, well, that just sweetened the deal as far as he was concerned.

Vremya stood at the crossroads, examining the signs. Despite her appearing to be barely older than ten, her grey eyes showed an intelligence and awareness far beyond that of most adults. Her expression was unreadable. She wore a simple blue, white, and grey dress with white gloves and stockings not unlike what a maid would wear. In her hand she clutched a small smoky blue-grey gemstone. On her waist she wore a small utility belt that matched the outfit’s color scheme and simple design. There were two pockets on the sides and then two more behind those.

After a few minutes of deliberation, she followed the sign’s directions to the kingdom of Rainestar, her footsteps deliberate and measured.

The songs and chirpings of birds blew alongside the wind, blessing every ear that heard them one the way. Some rays of the sun had penetrated the roof of the thick jungle, standing as pillars of light. One of these pillars were angled and shot Hector right in his eyes. First he tried to shut his eyes, but they were already shut, so he had to wake up. He pulled the herringbone patterned fleece blanket away from his body, a gift from the folks abroad. He folded it neatly to a tiny square, then laid it besides him. He put on his trousers and shirt, then his boots, fitted with buckles, then tied the strings in on his trousers, tightening them. The skin that he had slept on were rolled up, and he began packing his little camp down with small haste, as he had just woke up. Everything were packed into his backpack, and up on his back it went. He walked down to a nearby stream to refill his waterskin and wash his face. When that were done, he marched onwards towards his village.

His heart were filled to the brim with excitement, his family, friends and fiancé were waiting for him. He almost skipped along the ground out of pure joy. He carried a blade, to carve a way through the thick forest. The ironblade swung, cutting everything in the way. Time gone by, and what were minutes felt like hours and what were hours felt like days. But he was determined. For if the flames burning in his heart were real, the whole jungle would be cinders at the moment. The whole thing were tiring. He continued to carry on. He would not die, leaving his fiancé a widow before being married, our his family and friends a dead body in the undergrowth, only a skeleton would remain if he were to be found.

As he chopped onwards, he hit a vine, holding a beast. Like a boulder dropping, a humongous python fell on Hector. The animal hitting, pushed him to the ground, punching all air in his lungs out. The big python were almost impossible to move, it most weigh atleast 90 kilos. Then a cold slither began crawling around on him. The snake beggan to constrict him. He frantically looked for the blade he had dropped when the snake fell on him. It were out of reach, by about half a meter from his feet, shoot. This were life or death, now he had to do a deadmans crawl. He had regained the air in his lungsm and began inhaling then shouted "HELP!" at the peak of his capabilities. The snake had wrapped around his legs, crushing them slowly. Fearing the outcome, he with all with might began turning around on the ground, then started to crawl towards the blade. He grabbed the litteral earth, pulling him forward. The snake moved up his body, now it where at his waist. It felt heavy, like a blanket of stone laying on him. "HELP!" He screamed. With the tips of his fingers, he could touch the hilt of the blade, but it were too far. His vision began darkening. The fire in his heart burned ever so brightly, and he grabbed a strong root, then yanked himself forth. Then the blade where in his reach, as the snake now laid its head on his chest. The pressure where intense, he could feel his ribs break, snap, snap.

"HELP!" He screamed and began hacking and slashing at the beasts body. It became bloodied, but with each cut, it tightened its grip. Then Hector could hear twigs snapping and leaves rustling. The blade struck the snake once again, this with the python biting back. It went for the head, but had to satisfy with a forarm, as Hector had blocked it. "HELP!" He shouted again. His vision began to fade again, the python had crushed the air in his lungs, his face turned blue. Then a small party of shadows rushed out of the thick vegetaion and jungle. As lightning, they struck and penetrated the monstersnake with their spears. It loosened up, allowing Hector to breath.

His vision came back, the shadows became more clear. They were men, and they looked just like Hector, with Ashen skin, white hair and red eyes. Then one of the men stepped, he had a necklace of animal teeth and shiny rocks around his neck, his hair were in the styled called dreadlocks, and his eyes were questioning Hector without saying a word. He slowly moved towards Hector, inspecting his face. Dead silence surrounded them, then the man broke it. "Ynmo?" He asked Hector. Then Hectors eyes widened, "Marnal?". The man smiled, tears formed in his eyes, and hugged Hector. "Ynmo, I have missed you, so much!" He were crying on Hectors shoulders, but only tears of joy, hugging him with the strength of a python. Marnal had been reunited with his best friend since childhood, his bloodbrother, Ynmo Ean.

She ran to Hector. "ARE YOU OKAY!?" Aria said, a bit louder than usual and worried. "Sorry.." Aria panted, tired.
"I just came here... who are these people? Do you know them?" She looked to the men, puzzled. "What happened? Are you hurt..? I have some emergency bandages in my bag." She gestured to the bag on her shoulders, the bag a quarter open. She looked to him, his small injuries and his rough look. She placed the bag down and started to get out the white bandages.
"Here. I hope this is better." She smiled.
After a few moments of worrying, she calmed down and smiled. "I hope you're better. Keep the extras. I have backups, anyway. And I can get more from the shop. Anyway. I'm Aria, what's your name?" She smiled at Hector again. She was always a kind and caring spirit.


Aria wrote:

Not trying to be a dick, but I think that you may be shoehorning your character into Hectors part of the narrative. Hectors currents location is deep into the jungle, far away from any known civilization, with few knowing he is in the jungle as a whole and none knowing his exact location. To add to that, There were no indication of Aria even seeing him. Another question, what country is the jungle in and what country is the dry lands in?))

Hector Bossuet wrote:
Aria wrote:

Not trying to be a dick, but I think that you may be shoehorning your character into Hectors part of the narrative. Hectors currents location is deep into the jungle, far away from any known civilization, with few knowing he is in the jungle as a whole and none knowing his exact location. To add to that, There were no indication of Aria even seeing him. Another question, what country is the jungle in and what country is the dry lands in?))
(( Sorry about that - I didn't really read the post (I'm lazy) and uh. I'm just trying to be active. Also keep it PG. ))

Aria wrote:

((First thing first, don't shoehorn yourself into the narrative of another persons story part, without atleast knowing the story. If you want to join my character, relocate the path of your narrative towards Hector, to make their meeting more real. Second, Its PG 13 or is it the old version? Which is more liberal in its use of what's pg and beyond, look it up. I have kept it pg 13. Think of any of the michael bay transformers movies, they are pg 13. Also I think the RP is dead, with the last reply that weren't us two being on the 21th))

*I walk into hector too* hello, sorry i ran into u. Where r we btw? This doesnt look like skyrim!!! Ok looks a littl like skyrim, but where is whiterun can u help???

(Hope you don't mind if I just hop in! I was on the original thread but I don't see my character listed, so I hope it's not an issue~ )

Raven had been walking for a while when she came upon the crossroads, stopping beside it to catch her breath and take a look around. She had no idea how far she had come- it seemed like ages ago she left home, trying to find a better place to live. The last village she was in found out what she was, and in a pretty one-sided battle she was driven out. With a sigh she hoisted her only bag of possessions over her back, moving off in an unknown direction. The world wasn't the friendliest place to wolf-people; it was a well known fact that most villages had a rule against them for some strange reason or other. The last one she was at had a large percentage of livestock, and somehow she was a danger to them. She still had no idea why they thought that; she was actually on decent terms with a lot of the denizens of the place, and Raven had not touched a single animal. Things weren't really fair when it came to wolves.

At the moment she was in wolf form, dashing from shadow to shadow so she wouldn't be noticed by passerby. Any observant person could notice that this was no common canine; wolves didn't usually come in jet black and six feet tall. She was relieved that she couldn't see anyone in sight at this crossroads, and after wiping her forehead with a paw she decided to take the drier path. Maybe someplace that way would be fine with wolves, and if they weren't...well, she had some money left to rent herself a room for a while or something to eat. Raven thought that maybe she should count those coins, opening her bag to take a look.

Almost instantaneously she dropped one on the ground, and with a sigh she tried to tap one back in the bag with a claw. Not wanting to transform back as it took an extreme amount of energy, she continued tapping until the coin was touching the edge, and with a flip she tossed it inside. With a sigh of relief she got to counting, but was stopped halfway through by the sound of someone passing by. Quickly transforming back to a more humanlike form, she waved to the passerby and called out a friendly "Hello, traveler!" The other figure was male and about her age, and they were leading a young horse on a lead. The animal kept trying to take something from his back pocket, and he pushed its head away with one hand while the other waved back. "Hah, other traveler! Although I am less a traveler than a sales-person, bringing this beautiful animal to market." He gave a tap on the horse's head, still looking at Raven with a smile. "You wouldn't happen to be in need of a horse, would you? He's not the most expensive out there?" Raven shook her head, telling him no poilitely. "Well, if you're not busy, mind helping me bring him in?" Raven nodded, stepping up to the young male.

He handed her the reins, but the instant she had hold of them the horse reared and threatened to kick at her, and she quickly handed him the reins before stepping backwards. The young male put a hand behind his head in confusion, giving the horse a treat he had in a pocket to calm it down. "You're not one of the kind, are you?" he asked, his voice a mixture of confusion and fear. Raven said nothing, but the tensing in her hands probably gave him the answer. "If you so happen to be one, following me is in your best interest. Trust me, but if not whatever animal you may or may not be should be enough to take care of me. Now come!" he said, moving along an invisible path and motioning for her to follow. Raven did, feeling that it was the best she could do at this time. Hoisting the bag over her shoulders again, she began walking.

( Summary: Raven goes to the drier side of the crossroads, meets someone who is taking her to a city.)

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