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Hey, I was wondering if we could do another High school Rp. I just randomly came up with the name but if you wanna join, just Pm me or respond. But basically this is a regular high school Rp that (Could or could not) Have Romance, and we try to survive the high school together and maybe create relationships here and there! I have resolved that I could be a new student and I don't really mind if there are other new students or have known this area for awhile..!

So basically, Here is the story of me just arriving to this new area!!

Ryku was living in California for 5 years now...But not once was there a break in. But that day, his family died right in front of his eyes...luckily, he hid and they could,t find him but they took everything the only money he has is barely enough to get a new house and sign up for a new school. When he arrives in Arizona for his new house...He is not familiar with anything and for 3 striaght nights, he mourned his family's death while there was nobody to take care of him.

When it was orientation day for his new high school, he is really excited but also very nervous since some of the people there knows everyone in the school and can easily pick out new faces...So that morning of orientation when his new life and new school story will begin...

So, thats about it, and if you want to join, feel free to Pm me or respond below..!!

Hey! I'm interested. :)

Of course you are...Lol..Well..we have one person..

What's that supposed to mean? :p

Well, Probably every high school Rp iv'e seen you were in it..? I guess it's just that you like High school Rp's a lot..

That, and I join a bunch of rps when I'm bored. Might not be a smart idea, but oh well. :/

I'll join, so that is one more person xD

That is true and same..I join like every Rp since Im always bored...

I'll join if this is still happening

Sure..! It is still searching.! But if anyone want's to start now i'm fine with that!

*Amber wore a beautiful long sleeved shirt that is cheetah print with long perfect black flat iron hair that is smooth wearing tight light blue jeans that curves her perfect body with her make up perfectly with her dark red matte lipstick wearing a beautiful neck choker the smell of her perfume and shampoo wearing her vans wearing a nice Apple Watch band with her camalized skin and her royal blue eyes that sparkle in the sun light and yes her butt is big*

He walked to his new high school, hitching up his pack and heading to the doors, sighing quietly. "Here goes..."

*amber walks to the door *

He pushed open the doors and stepped through. "This is gonna suck."

*amber goes inside towards the locker*

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