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Heyo! Back from the website purge. You can call me Peri. I am 22 and use she/her pronouns. I come from the hellscape that is Tumblr ( press F to pay respects ). While I am struggling with writers block, I am hoping this place can help me get the ball rolling again. My most successful muses to write for have been Frisk from Undertale and Emily from Corpse Bride. I am planning to write original characters as well as canon characters, most likely including the ones previously mentioned. Looking forward to writing with you all!

Hey! Welcome to RPR!

Welcome to RPR! I hope that you have fun! =)


Hello and welcome! It's great to meet you. I've been roleplaying for seven years, and I just love dragons;
Be they from Spyro, Final Fantasy, D&D, or Disney.

I plan to add characters from each, and RP them on here. c:

Hi! Welcome to RPR. hope you have fun!

Welcome to RPR if your ever looking to chat or to I do any mainly romance and smut I hope you have a great time here on RPR

Hi, and welcome to RPR! We are all glad to have you here, and we all hope that you will have a lot of fun here!
My name is Kamryn, but feel free to calling me Bean, as that is my nickname! If you're ever interested, feel free to shoot me a PM so we can chat if you'd like, or possibly strike up an RP! I'm very easy to get along with, and I'm always up for making new friends!
Again, welcome to RPR, and I hope you enjoy your stay!

Hello and welcome to RPR. This is the best roleplaying website ever. You'll make freinds quickly here.

Welcome! What kind of OCs do think you'd like to make? I often just lump together concepts I like and try to fit them together. ^^


Welcome to RPR! I'm super glad you've joined us here!

I really recommend checking out the Looking For RP boards, and I definitely recommend hitting up the OOC Chat as a place to get to know some of your fellow roleplayers!

Thank you SO MUCH for coming to us and helping us make our community great!

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Forums > Introductions > Peripie joins the party