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Specifically from the past three months. Why are all the freakin' holidays smashed into a single twelve week period????

I know my rp partners are probably either tired of waiting (and hearing me apologize >>; ) or just tuned out completely.

How do you guys deal with the stress of wanting to write but not being able to and the anxiety of thinking people hate you? Sorry, that last question got a little far away from the title lol. ♡

i've been having a lapse of muse the last couple days as i got back to work after the holidays. Don't like keeping people waiting for replies or starts, but when i write up a large reply and lose half of it when my computer crashes, it's deflating, and I've looked at my rps and stared, coming up with nothing. Hoping I get over this funk in the next couple days. Whether people "hate" me or not is up to them, not me.

Yeah man i hope yo do too. I get burnt out sometimes as well with some rps.

I'm a freaking crispy critter. I'm so burnt out. I didn't have the happiest of holidays. Now things are starting to get better.

I have stress constantly pulling me under. I am glad the holidays are over. However, I am still jobless and I am scared as hell what will happen as I do not have the money to pay the damned electric much less next month's rent.

I refused to move back with my mother and her husband just because of the way they are with me. I love them, but they seem to act like I am not gonna accomplish anything.

Dunedain-Ranger wrote:
when i write up a large reply and lose half of it when my computer crashes,

Not sure what browser you use, but if you use Chrome, there's an extension called "Typio Form recovery" that saves things for days, provided they were input into a webform. So if you were writing a reply in a forum box or a PM, it'd be saved. I recovered a couple of entire profiles after the site crashed here with that extension. I know Firefox had an add-on called Lazarus, but i think that's defunct now.

And on the topic of the original post ... yeah. Between current job stress and holidays in general, there's definitely a quiet in the brain that's not conducive to writing.

Oh, thinking people hate me is a year-round thing for me thanks to mental health stuff. ^^; I'm getting better at assuring myself that my brain is just lying to me. If it's because of something like slow or a very late response, I try to be sure to reach out to my partner, apologize, and explain that I'm having trouble but still want to continue. I'll also let them know that if they are tired of waiting on me, I won't hold it against them if they want to stop - this way, if they are stressed about how long it's been (which is a them thing, not a reflection of your value), you have a good chance of ending on good terms and maybe being able to try again in the future. In my experience, people are pretty understanding and willing to wait a bit if it means getting a better response once you feel up to it again. :) And that reassurance can help ease your stress!

In the meantime, figure out what will help you. Taking time to relax? Doing some reading for inspiration? Practicing with little prompts to stir creativity? Focusing on a different hobby for awhile? Whatever works for you, which may even change sometimes.

I go through like.. phases. Like end november early december I was about ready to hurl stuff out a fricken window and just scream and beat my head against a wall and in the days leading up to christmas I was like "nope, I can't do this, i'm out."
But then I wake up one day and I don't feel quite as awful and I think "mmm I wanna do stupid nonsense with characters again".

this time of year SUCKS, there's so much going on and there's also an awful lot of societal pressure, family junk and just.. eugh. Right now I don't think it's that surprising a lot of people are just hibernating and trying to recover from all that chaos.

Just tell the people you're rping with that things are hard right now, we get it man, a lot of us feel the same way.
Communication is key in rp, and most people I think are absolutely fine with pausing something for a bit, putting it on the backburner and going back to it maybe later when both parties feel better.

as for losing long posts, if you know you write long, open up a word doc and save every few minutes. That's how I write what I call "megaposts" in another rp where i'm not sure the forum will be stable enough for me to write and I want to be able to see my formatting clearer anyway. Short posts i'm too lazy but if I know it's gonna be a dialogue heavy excessively long piece, up comes Word lol.

Honestly, if you're feeling burned out, best advice I can give is don't force it man. Rps can wait. Chill, watch tv, put on a movie, read something, just hibernate till winter is over (which is kinda what i'd like to do omg). Most of us will still be here when you get back i'm sure.

Take care of yourself. YOU are more important than an rp okay? Remember that, and don't stress yourself too much about letting other people down.

Well I dealt with some burnout RP-wise too which is why if you are RPing with me normally it takes some time for me to get a response out. I prefer RPing on discord because it feels a lot easier and quicker. Although I have dealing with mental health issues like I believe I have pyschosis because I have frequent verbal hallucinations in my head which arent my own and that are causing me a lot of stress and depression.

I have been lately, primarily due to having a lot of editing and proof-reading work to do - it takes a fair bit of mental energy as well as actual time. So even if the editing itself is easy, the hours I spend doing it are still not available.

Thankfully folks have been understanding. And taking small breaks has helped somewhat.

Thanks for the advice and support, everyone. I hope you're all doing well, or at least better than when we last spoke.

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