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Setting the stage;

The forests of Vanador were silent in the dim light, but it would not be this way for long; a number of Demicelestials, children born of Gods/Fallen and mortals, were cast here for the Hunt’s amusement. Tonight, and in the days to come, half-immortal blood would’ve spilled on the glades, lives would be ended, and the Fallen Lord would be entertained. So it begins...

He stepped through the darkness as a slow pace. His steps idle and graceful in measure, he found it strange that he had awoken here in the forest of a fallen looking for entertainment. Though he did suppose that this was just the thing, the Risen had their pride, and the Fallen had their revenge. The worst part of this is that he knew this moment would come eventually, he just didn’t think he’d be the first to arrive.

((Sorry it’s so short.))

Cast into another realm, Aaron once again found himself in a situation he had tried to avoid. But as long as his father, Netharan the Scorched, and the Brotherhood of Aitherion hunted him down, he had to take any chance he could get; and this time, he had leapt out of the frying pan and into the fire. Kastaban.

“Well then, of all creatures to be trapped by a fallen one I’d never think the offspring of their king would dare be in such a place.”
He muttered lowly as he began to pull needles from a nearby pine. His thin and fraik hands moving gently over the branches of the tree as he separated them from the sappy outer layer of the tree.

With a lot of cursing and spiting sand she stepped from the portal that she had opened looking around "where?... These portals aren't always the most accurate but common... Where in the world am I? Last time I ended in the apalache mountains..."

I call forth fire and a small blossom of flame appears in my hand as it does tattoos on my arms light up and so do different patterns and symbols on my body. I look around with baited breath sensing the magic in the air around me.

He looked upward, instantly sensing the presence of Stelleron in the vicinity. “Firstly,” he corrected, “I would have assumed that the son of the master of knowledge would know that Netharan is only the first of the Fallen, not their king; as if they would let him be anyway, given their individual nature. And secondly, I’ve separated myself from him in anyway I can, as him and I are not of the same mindset.” He looked around him, investigating his surroundings. “I don’t suppose you know where we are, do you?”

“As far as I can tell, we are within the territory of one of the fallen. The lord of the Hunt in all likelihood. He probably dragged us out here for one of his bloody games. I came here of my own free will of course, as I must fallow the course that fate hands to me. Even if I am to die here.”

I hear the nearby voices and carefully make my way over my curiosity taking the best of me. I stay silent taking the hood off and letting my features show the fire disappears and a soft smile appears as I circle the area. Approaching the two figures carefully and stealthily

“We’re not alone,” the Traitor-Son whispered as he looked around, “I feel the presence of another, though different; as though they are distant, yet close at the same time. Another sort of Godborn, perhaps.” He continued to search the bushes nearby, cautiously taking his time and ensuring he would not be caught or surprised by an attack of sorts. Being the cast out son of Netharan, he was immune to flame and other forms of dark magic, but he still proceeded with carefulness in his steps.

I hear the shuffling in the bushes and I steady myself grabbing a knife from my belt I am expecting to be attacked. The gold jewelry adorning my neck and arms glimmers in the soft light making soft clinking noises. I look similarly dressed to the ancient priestesses and pharaoh wives because of how I'm dressed and all the accessories. My bright red hair is like a flaming beacon my golden eyes and dark bronzer skin make me have an exotic and rather beautiful look.

((is it dead?))

“Like there needs to be another one around. It’ll only slow things down when the fallen lord of the hunt eventually begins his hunt. I only cake here because fate demands it, otherwise I’d be at one of my father’s libraries. It doesn’t suprise me though that more of us had to be forcefully dragged here, I’m always the only one who lets things be as they should.”

Jezbell Raev wrote:
((is it dead?))

((I think we were just taking a break; spring break, to be accurate.))

((I think we were just taking a break; spring break, to be accurate.))[/quote]

((Oh! Sorry that's not a thing where I live so... I wouldn't know...))

Jezbell Raev wrote:
((I think we were just taking a break; spring break, to be accurate.))

((Oh! Sorry that's not a thing where I live so... I wouldn't know...))[/quote]

((That’s alright, I just got back to normalcy myself.))

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