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Sarah skidded to halt after running for a while, once again bored. Chance slowed down as well, slowly calming himself down as he hit Sarah around the head. Sarah responded by kicking his shin, to which he sneered at her and headed back inside.

Now alone, Sarah sat by the fence again and stared blankly at it. In all honestly, she couldn't care any less than she already did about having a safe place to stay. She knew not everyone could face death or becoming infected as head-on as she could, but that still didn't mean she could process why they were so adimant on staying alive. "What's so great about being alive anyway?" she mumbled to herself, once again speaking to the several voices in her head. "We're all gonna die eventually." she let her shoulders slump as she fiddled with her knife, the blade accidentally pricing her skin many times. "They're just cowards. Yeah, I know." she snickered at something a voice seemed to say before she fell silent.

Mike shrugged when Roxanne spoke to him. Taking the notes, Mike looked through them. "Hospit-why would you put down the hospital? C'mon man, the outbreak started there it's gotta be swarmin' with zeds" Mike chastised. "Then again, maybe it's safe. Been a few months since I last checked it out. Zeds might've moved on" Mike says, sitting down in a chair.

"And that store? Never seen it without a couple dozen zeds fillin' it. Gotta still have supplies. Maybe we can draw em' away somehow" Mike suggested, handing the notes back.

Ok, maybe he had sabotaged his own list, or maybe he’d only found one suitable place but made a list to keep Roxanne off his back. Either way, the neighborhood seemed the most logical choice.

“ the prison was the best idea he had. Weapons, supplies, and many exits... I think we should consider going there. “ she said as she slowly moved the dial. “ damn blood thing. It just doesn’t want to give me a stupid number now doesn’t!?” She said chucking it herself as she kept slowly twisting it; the cigarette still hanging off her lip as she placed her ear closer to the safe

(Sorry if it came off that way, I was trying to highlight the positive parts of the locations as well)

"I guess we can go check out the hospital, see if that horde's still there. If it's empty of zeds, than you did a fine job" Mike said Aaron.

“ sure he did. He sure put his heart and soul into that list. You know... all the ideas he has are helpful huh? Like the one last week where we were almost killed?” She muttered shaking her head. She found another number and wrote it down while finishing her cigarette

"Uhuh" Mike said, not really caring that they'd almost died. He rarely held a grudge. "Hey, don't smoke up all my cigs. They're hard to make" Mike said as he stood up. "I'm headin' for the hospital. Anyone who wants to come with, be my guest" Mike said to whoever would listen as he walked into the courtyard.

“That was a creative fluke,” he argued, “I was unaware of the raiders that set up camp nearby; if one of the twins had done their job, maybe Marzi wouldn’t have lost an arm coming back.”

“ well he did Aaron. “ she said as she slowly turned the dial. “ remember, your lot the leaders out of the group. Me and mike make the finally calls... we maybe should not have trusted you so you are damn well lucky we trusted you this time.” She said standing up and walking. “ I know that, right?” She smirked and pushed him into the chair. “ you know we could kick your sorry self to the side in a matter for a couple minutes, watch you get eaten by those zombies... ripping your brain out and eating your flesh... what a show huh?” She sighed softly

“You’d be lost without me, you know,” he muttered, wincing in pain and submission to her authority, “but you’re right; I’ll consider your counsel the next time I make a decision. Just let me figure things out, and I’ll get back to you.”

“ good boy Aaron... even someone like you can be controlled... thrown into submission... I wonder what else you can do...” she smirked gently and stroked his face. She shook her head after and looked at him. Grabbing his jaw harshly. “ start using that brain of yours or we will... we will use it as bait to get out of here! So take my warning! Fall into line like the rest!” She ripped her hand away from his jaw and she stood up and walked out of the room. “ we will see you later for supper!” She smiled, giggled and waved before walking off.

Fianna breathed hard from her practice; she had cleared out a classroom for her own personal use and was currently using it as a place to train with her axe. She looked again at the historical manual that lay next to her, she had learned most of the drills and had taken them to heart, but it was always good to get daily practice. She then resumed her drills by taking an open guard, holding the axe above her head. Quickly she brought the head of the axe down while advancing, following it by a swift thrust of the axe head and a step forward. She repeated the action several more times; it was essential that the momentum from the downward swing could transition into the thrust with ease.

Fianna laid her axe on a desk, hopped onto a line of three desks and laid back when she was satisfied with the outcome of today's drilling. Fianna smiled as she huffed while looking at the ceiling; the world may have gone to shit, but she still loved to practice the Spartha-Axe. She heard some commotion among the others, including some running and what seemed to be a vase shattering, but Fianna paid it little mind. They didn't bother her much and she didn't bother them; she of course helped out whenever there was scavenging missions and stuff, but she didn't care for getting to know any of them. If Fianna was honest though, she was just the tiny bit interested in what was going on so she hopped down from the desk and poked her head outside of the classroom, her forehead dripping with sweat.

Since no one volunteered to go with Mike, Mike headed to the gate himself. "Hey Jake!" Mike called to the teen on top of the small wooden watch tower placed against the wall.

"What!?" Jake called back.

"Headin' to Sampson's memorial hospital. Open the gate, will ya?" Mike said.

"Sure, I guess" Jake said with a shrug and opened the gate. Mike walked through as Jake closed it behind him.

“I hate her,” he muttered to himself, continuing to work on his other plans. The only reason he’d stayed with them was because he had no way of going at it alone, at least in terms of combat; he’d had some knife practice, but he preferred to attack from a distance, hence the rifle sitting next to the bed he’d dragged out of the dorms.


A walkie talkie buzzed to life in Aaron's room.

On the other end, Mike was holding the door to the rooftop close as zeds banged o it from the other side. He held the walkie in one hand, using the other to hold the door close.

(Thought something like working together to help Mike would bring the group the closer and give everyone a chance to show what their characters think of Mike)

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