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Can we have the option of a rainbow rose to celebrate pride month?

This is a legit suggestion, not just a question.

To buy of course, since you have to buy all the other roses. Though one free non-trans/non-tradeable rose per account would be kinda nifty too, if a person chose to opt in to receiving one. And then, anything after that, whether you are wanting to give or just buy more for yourself, have to pay. And, the free one would only be for YOUR account, not free to give to someone else.

Maybe the free one could have a tag/hover text of some sort. Can't just be "supporter" or "ally" cause some people are those but not identifying. And then some identify. So maybe just a simple "LGBTQ+" hover??

I kind of like the idea of a profile item to show off support, though I also arrive at "why sell a thing and profit off LGBTQ+ support when people can put a gif on their profile to show the same for free?"

Even if we were to do it, it wouldn't be rainbow roses. Rainbow Roses are Already A Thing(tm) and have been for many many years, but still have yet to make their first appearance - they're in the five year rotation for all the other rare rose colors that hit in February.

Yeah. I get the ability to put something on one's profile, I just liked the idea of a badge.

And, I honestly did not like the idea of making profit off of the community, which is why I pitched it the way I did. A free rose, per account, for anyone that may want one. And then, a general rainbow rose to buy that doesn't just have to signify LGBTQ.

But, if you say they are Already A Thing(tm)..then they need to be an official Thing! Ineedtohoardthemok?

Yeah, that makes sense. Still mulling. I think... we don't have the plumbing in place for non-transferrable items. It's not exactly an accolade. Some kind of like... icon frame or filter like Facebook occasionally offers might make more sense? But it's also not something we have plumbing for right now.

I'm up to my armpits on rebuilding existing site features for Operation Audacious Phoenix (the RPR modernization project) so I'm not really ready to tackle anything like this.

Perhaps stage 1 is users finding some good badges/gifs and posting a thread with the curated BBCode available on Smalltalk? We could probably go ahead and pin it for Pride month.

If I may add (with no expectation of it even happening by next year), would it be reasonable to go... well I guess a few extra miles and have a small extra section of the site for Pride, so of like we do for EW? (Nothing so complex, though!)

I'm thinking like something we can easily navigate to, with some info about the history of Pride, a link to the genders info, maybe also a page about some common umbrella orientations (for example talking about gay and lesbian, but not necessarily defining things like bear and sapphic) with links to resources to learn more, and if folks who are out on-site are willing, some showcases of LGBTQIA+ members' stuff - some of their also-queer characters, links to creative works they've done and/or their commissions threads on site, etc, specifically to boost those members.

Even just seeing the rainbow officially presented can be super reassuring for some.

Also a lovely set of ideas! :)

Just as a suggestion, what about doing something as simple as putting the RPR banner at the top of the page as a rainbow thing? It's subtle, yet obvious, wouldn't require time and work-hours that isn't available, and wouldn't require people to know how some of the more tricky navigation that can sometimes be a drawback of the EW stuff.

A second suggestion would be to in fact do something like a rose (in an appropriate icon or symbol), and donate all the proceeds to charity? That's not profiting, goes to a good cause, and allows tge individual members to show their support?

I LIKE JAYS IDEA! I would personally like to suggest The Trevor Project for a charity. Cannot provide link atm since am on phone at work.

I'd also like to see the same idea, but maybe with an option of buying a flower or a rose in the colors of a particular flag? Depending on the flower you buy, the money would go to a different charity related to it. Maybe buying a set of flowers would see proceeds go to all of the charities at once?

I'm not sure how complicated that might be, but it's just a thought off the top of my head.

I'm not sure how possible that would be either.

Only thing on my end is; as much as I like the idea of donating the proceeds to charity. I'm stingy with charities...because I don't trust most of them. Regardless of the cause, many sketchy ones that sound so amazing.

I'd just hope that whichever charities chosen were properly researched! I'm sure Kim would make sure it wasn't going to some charity that pocketed more money than putting to where it should properly go!

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Forums > Suggestions & Development Discussion > Pride Month