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"im not letting this one go, romance"

"Pass, but you seem nice," Lenore apologized, offering a soft smile.

Stares for a long time, “well I can’t say I’ve ever seen anything like you before, I tend not to encounter many... entities of such unique... makeup. But don’t misunderstand, it’s something that I must say makes you most alluring.”

“Oh, hey, I’d love to talk alchemy with you. I LOVE ALCHEMY!!”


"What can I really say? You're a really pretty girl and that's just swell."


"I don't think our personalities are even close to a match," Ettie remarks as she chuckles to herself.

"Sorry... But your not my type" Shade muttered.

"Pass. But that's not your fault. Last time I stuck my toes in the mystic they got bit off. Nasty business that."

"Romance! And dances! And desserts and everything that's so sweet!"

“You smell nice...”


"I don't know...I'm not feeling it. Sorry."

"Sure, I may be a Marine, but I just don't do these wacky dungeon adventures like you. You might need a different guy" he said, rubbing his neck, embarrased

"I Really, Really don't like the government, and no offense, the Marines are sort of apart of the government. Though if you ever want to donate some muscle tissue... or hell your entire body when you die, a strapping fellow such as yourself would be quiet useful for my work."


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Forums > Forum Games > Romance or Pass?