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The elf held her hand close and securely after she had reached for it. In some places this may have been a custom of sorts for Royalty, with the granting of holding their hand a major honor. Arundriel took it as such. He was also glad to be there to reassure her. He didn't realize that Vita had withheld any information. Even if so, she likely had good reason.

His eyes lifted with slight surprise at her apology. "No need to apologize. It was just a shared moment of comfort." He closed his eyes and tipped his head forward. His elven ears were sensitive enough to pick up the sound of movement in the garden above. "Purple yam jam sounds absolutely delicious", he said comfortably. "We simply must try some later."

Aranath's head tilted almost abruptly, long left ear pointing towards the door and garden above. "It sounds like we have another visitor upstairs", Aranath's bright hazel eyes lingered on a bottle of light colored wine. "Perhaps we can have wine under the garden sun?"

His tone sounded more like a question than a request.

((I guess we can go with this order until she comes back.))

"Another guest? I guess having a glass of wine would be fine." She turns towards the shelves; pulling out an older lightly coloured bottle of wine. She walks over to the cabinet taking out four wine glasses. Her tinted checks started to lose color, but some of the blood stubbornly wouldn't leave. "I hope it's not one of my council members looking for me." Her uneasiness came back and her heart rate spiked up again. The young queen moves back over towards the two clutching the neck of the bottle.

Staring at the bottle she wonders if maybe her walking outside holding wine would be a bad idea. She glances over to Vita and then to Arundriel. She takes a deep breath if it was a council member looking for her; she could just tell them her guests needed fresh air. Even though that was true the fear of them being greatly disappointed with her for avoiding the ball and not mingling with the noble; she was enjoying not being there and being with Vita and Arundriel.

They oddly made her feel comfortable something only her garden and hobbies have been able to do. Alice nervousness began to dissipate; then something she hadn't thought about in many years crossed her mind. What if she left with them when the ball was over. Maybe she could pack up everything and name heir out her court; sealing with Vita or maybe she could work for Arundriel as semester.

She made a step toward the leader that lead them back up to garden. She abruptly stops looking to Arundriel. "How did you know there another guest in the garden?"

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Vita noticed the look on their faces, when she told them that she hadn´t been honest. Arundriel looked surprisingly calm and relaxed, as though he trusted her. Or was he just hiding what he was really thinking? Vita felt bad, when she saw the Queen´s face. She could see how scared it made her. So anxious that she had to grab onto Arundriel´s hand. Vita avoided looking any of them in the eye, which was quite unusual for her. Vita was always strong, confident and never scared to look anyone into the eye. She was the kind of person to keep cool and maintain eye-contact with anyone, whoever it was. "Um, maybe I shouldn´t have said anything," she replied and rubbed her forehead, as though she was trying to get rid of an imaginary headache. She got up from the floor and looked towards the entrance. None of this had gone the way she expected.

She looked back at them, surprised that they could just continue a light conversation and mood like that. She sensed that the Queen was relaxing, but knew that she was still worried. "A glass of wine would be great, thank you," she sighed. She hoped that the wine would strengthen her, help her get a grip. If there were other people upstairs she could probably still maintain the act and be cool. She was just worried that one of them would sense something was off about her. Vita was debating telling them the truth, but it would probably be better if it was only to them and no one else. She couldn´t trust anyone else. She didn´t even know if she could trust them, but she hoped so. They seemed decent, but her secret involved the Queen, so she didn´t know how she would take it, but she just hoped that she would take it well. Vita quickly walked over to the secret entrance, in front of the Queen. "Let me go first, your majesty. Just to be safe," she said with a smile before walking up the steps and out. She stopped, when she was outside, and looked around. She spotted Sarena a bit further ahead. She was quite certain that it wasn´t someone from the council. "I do not think it´s one of your boring council members, but why don´t you come see for yourself?" Vita stepped aside to let the Queen and Arundriel get out.

Alice heads back to up to the garden. Vita is right it was just another party guest. She walks over to one her bigger fruit trees; setting down the bottle and glasses she steps out of the shade. Approaching the guest she stops only a few in front of the young woman. The young queen gives her new guest a curtsey. "Welcome to my ball and my garden, I am her majesty queen Alice." She straightens up even though Vita said the new arrival wasn't anyone from her court; Alice still knew nothing of her nobility and went with her generic greets.

She takes a step to the side gesturing towards the tree. "Would you like to join us for a glass of wine Lady....?" Alice grew flustered she had done it again. She had forgotten to ask for the young woman's name during her little greeting. She hopes the woman is like Vita and Arundriel; uncaring about the queen's formalities.

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Sarena wasn't expecting someone, much less the Queen to come greet her. Instantly she curtsied in front of her in proper greeting and listened carefully and thought carefully on what she was going to say next. "Lady Sarena" she said quickly and nervously "you have a beautiful castle yeour majesty" she said, trying to sound normal and understandable since she had a thick Scottish accent. "Wine sounds lovely" she said with a kind and gentle smile. She kept herself a respectable distance away from the queen.

((Did the yeour thing on purpose, accent and all))

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Arundriel wanted to be first out instead of Vita, but there was little use in making a scene over it. He also didn't want to leave the Queen behind. The high elf was almost insulted, as if Vita didn't think he was tough. In truth Arundriel was likely sensitive about it only because he was a tailor. The life of a warrior or elven knight wasn't in the cards for him.

He walked on soon behind Vita, looking back to be sure the Queen was close. There likely was little reason for concern, save for anyone who might be looking to bring the Queen back to the affairs in the main hall.

Arundriel smiled on seeing the newcomer after exiting the cellar. Her bright hair stood out to him, darker than his own with more red in her hue. The Queen and Sarena spoke first. Arundriel stepped up and offered a curt bow next. With a warm glance he said, "Welcome to the festivities, M'lady. I hope the day suits you well. Queen Alice was just showing us her collection of wine and jams." Excitement carried through the vibrant elf's facial features while he spoke.

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The reason why Vita exited before Arundriel was that she just wanted to get out of there fast. She honestly didn´t really think about it. She didn´t consider that maybe Arundriel wanted to go first, but to be honest she probably wouldn´t care. It didn´t really matter anyway.

She waited for them to come out and they did one by one. The Queen went over to greet the new guest and Arundriel followed shortly after. Vita desperately needed a drink, but she figured that if the others went over to greet her she had to do so as well. Anything else would seem rude or odd and she didn´t need any more attention on her. She sighed to herself and walked over to greet the new lady with the bright red hair. Vita forced herself to put on a polite smile as she stepped over to the others and greeted her as well. "Yes, welcome, lady... Sarena was it? We´d be more than happy to have you join us for a glass," Vita said with expert ease and politeness. If something bothered Vita - which it did as the others saw - she hid it very well right now. It was almost as though whatever happened in the cellar didn´t happen at all. That she´d forgotten what she had said. But she hadn´t. The words were churning in her head and she cursed at herself (in her head) for saying anything at all about it. Perhaps it would be better to leave now and return another time? No. This ball was the best and likely the only opportunity they would get to go through with their plan. Her plan actually. She waited for the others and then walked over to the tree where the queen set down the bottle and glasses.

"Its lovely to meet you Lady Sarena." She heads back over to the tree to join Vita. Carefully sitting down the young queen pops the cork from the bottle. She generously pours her three guests a full glass; as for herself she only pours herself half a glass. "I hope I didn't pour too much." Alice picks up her glasses cradling it in her hands. She waits for Arundriel and Sarena to join them in the shade.

She didn't know if she should address what happened in the cellar. She didn't want to make anyone uncomfortable but she still wondered what Vita was talking about down there. Staring into the crimson liquid Alice contemplated about bring up their previous conversation. "Lady Aurora..." she glances up from her drink "Whatever you were going tell us down there I...I just want you to know it won't make me think anything different about you. You did save me earlier after all from that rude noble. It's rare to find people who will see me past my crown and nobility." She gave Vita a genuine smile. "I feel at ease when I'm with you and Arundriel. That's something I'm not used to feeling." Alice sits down her glass. "I hope I'm not shoving my own feelings on to you but I guess I see you both as what people would call friends."

Sarena followed the queen into the shade and sits down. She took the cup that was poured for her and sipped it quickly as she sat there in silence as the queen spoke. She honestly had no clue what she was talking about but she senses the other girl was rather distraught or uncomfortable about something. She resisted the urge to comfort her since she didn't know who she was and probably didn't want the word or comforting touch of a stranger. Her dress rested on the ground as she sat there quietly, occasionally taking a sip from her glass.

Arundriel's smile brightened when she mentioned the word friends. The truth was that he had put on a happy face himself for much of the event. The elf was really a complex man. One who made himself lost in his work of designing clothes and meeting new people. There was a part of him that was hollow inside, though it was easy to brush it away for a moment.

For now, he was able to speak warmly, but at times when he was alone, he felt.. Different.

"A good friend is hard to find... Harder to keep", Arundriel said. "That's a real honor for you to say that. I feel the same about you", he told the Queen. "I hope to say the same about everyone here", he said while glancing from Sarena to Vita.

The intricacies of Vita's statements about her identity were lost on the elf, who never heard the first part which everyone thought she contradicted. If Vita had no ill will, all would be fine. If she tried funny business, Arundriel would not take it lightly.

Vita sat down with them and quickly accepted her glass of wine, thankful that it was filled all the way. While the others seemed to quietly and elegantly sip it like you were supposed to do, Vita took the glass to her lips and drank it. It was all gone in five seconds. She sighed deeply. She really needed that, and she didn´t even consider the stares she was likely to get for it. It wasn´t very lady-like of her to drink it like that. She was grateful that it was quiet, although silence wasn´t always better. She started fanning herself slightly with her hand even though the weather was great right now with a nice gentle breeze. It wasn´t quiet for long as the Queen Alice turned to her and spoke to her about what she´d said in the cellar. While Vita´s attention and eyes were now fixed on Alice she could see the confused look on Sarena´s face out of the corner of her eye. Alice´s words hit her hard. "You... with all due respect, your majesty... you don´t know what it is," Vita replied, but looked away. She looked around as though she was looking for something to save her. Like she wanted to get out of there. She stood up and poured herself another glass all the way to the rim, her hands shaking while pouring so some of it dripped on the ground. She paced a little while sipping her wine.

Her chest got tighter with every word Alice said, and when she said that she saw them as friends... The words hit her like a javelin. "Well you shouldn´t, because you don´t know us. You´re putting your faith in the wrong person," Vita replied quietly, but loud enough for them to hear. She´d stopped pacing, but had her back turned to them and face forward towards the rest of the garden. "You´re so... gullible," Vita said. She turned around and faced her, tried to look her in the eyes. "You put your trust in people that you don´t even know! Don´t get me wrong. Your compassion and kindness and faith is... admirable. But it can easily put you in harms way. Did you stop to consider that that´s why your council members treat you this way? They´re taking advantage of you! I hate it!" Vita threw her empty hand in the air and took another swig of the wine. "It´s not right..." Vita said again, quietly. "You can´t fulfill your dreams... And don´t tell me that your dream is to be a queen, when I know it´s not entirely what you want. You keep taking off your crown, because it´s too heavy and not to mention that you dislike the attention you´re getting. But you LOVE the people. You love them, but you´d rather be out there in the REAL world!" Vita said. "I know all of this about you just from watching you and talking to you. But you don´t know anything about me. Not everything I said was a lie. Aurora De Luca is not my full name. It´s only part of it, and... I was born as a noble, but I´m not anymore. I´m the scum of the earth and the worst there is and if you were wise you wouldn´t trust me so easily," Vita said harshly, but she genuinely meant well. She drank the rest of her glass and set it down gently.

Alice smile brightly at Arundriel and turns to look at Serena. "I hope I will get know you and make friends with you as well Lady Sarena." Out the corner Alice notices the uneasiness on Vita's face. She knew those glances all to well; she felt as lady Aurora is her friend; it was up to her to save her from feeling uncomfortable just as she did for her. Before she could even speak Vita's words cut through her like a well sharpen sword.

Her head drops down, her fingers clutched her gown almost turning white from how tight she was holding on to it. Her heart had jumped into her throat as her body violently shook. Clumsily she raises herself up from the ground. Alice looks up tears pouring down her face, her breath was extremely labored, her eyes darting from place to place. "I....I....I." She could barely form words. Her eyes finally lands on the entrance to the garden. Without a second thought she takes off through, not knowing where she was going; she was just letting her legs carry her to away from the garden.

One of her feet catches her dress causing her to fall; slamming down on to the stone floor. She picks herself up into a sitting position. Her hiccups were bouncing off of the walls in the hallways. Aurora is right...or whatever her true real name is. She wasn't tell her any of those to be mean she was trying to tell her the truth. The council had warned her about trying to open to make friends. Queens need not to make friends but she so badly wanted them. Then it hit her she had just ran out of the garden embarrassing herself in front of Lord Arundriel and Lady Sarena. She couldn't go back into the garden she just couldn't.

Alice climbs to her feet gathering up her gown around her feet. Making a b line to her sewing room. She had decided that she will just stay in there until the ball was over and a the guests were asked to leave. Once she was there without closing the door; Alice grabs a basket full of swatches of fabrics. With shaky hands she runs her hands through it pulling out different pieces to try to calm her nerves.

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