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Well I wasn't sure if I could put this or under the forum games section as it's kinda an opine thing but yeah. Heh. Basically someone gives a what if scenario and others state their opinions on it so...yeah. I'll go ahead and start it off.

What if the ghostbusters had to fight iron man?

Moved to Forum Games.

I think there would be a video game cash in.

Isn't Darth supposed to give a new what if scenario?

D= What if I decided to spank Darth's bottom for not playing by the rules?

Then lance will say that he didn't need to post a new scenario. That's a optional...uhh...option? Ergo you spanked him for no reason.

What if I gave you a lot of suger Sanne?

Hmm maybe she'd spank other people on the bottom :O

What if we ran out of cookies?

Then we'd :firefly-is-over:

What if a volcano erupted near a major city?

Then they would :firefly-is-over:

What if it was mandatory for every male in America with a Scottish last name to wear a kilt?

Well I think my last name is Scottish and I know I got Scottish in my blood and I'd be like man skirt ahoy! Dunno bout everyone else.

What If Kim was told by her snail to forfeit administrative powers of the site to Darth? O.o

You would all live under my tyranical rule.

For about 30 seconds until I gave the site back to Kim, it's hers and I wouldn't want to take it from her :)

What if Lance was told by Kim's snail to forfeit all cookies to me?

Then I would deny with the rebuttal of 'I shan't take orders from a French food stuff delicacy.'

What if Darth did a non sci fi-esque costly!?

I don’t know!?!?!

What if.............Jesus’s never died


Well, Don't know. Hole world at war between Extremist Christians and the ones who still do not wish to convert?

What if...

No electricity anymore?

Well everyone would be screaming because they scared

What if, your worst nightmares came true?

Then..... everyone would leave me and my crush WOULD HATE MEH!!! 😭😭

What is your ex came back?

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