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~Danger Zone!~

Posted by Kim on May 1, 2021, 10:25am


Our seers and volcanologists are deeply nervous. Mount Ovation could erupt any day - any hour! - now. We're in a race against time. Can we finish repairing all three seals before this doom befalls us?

As people in towns surrounding Mount Ovation continue to be displaced, the number of refugees in Repository city is posing massive challenges to our farmers to keep up with the need for food, and hope levels are rubber-banding wildly. This challenge will only grow until we fix the core issue and help people be able to go safely back to their homes.

We've already overcome so many challenges -- two massive elementals defeated, one of the three enchantments completely restored. Surely we have not come all this way for nothing?

How You Can Help

  1. We need everyone's help to defeat the Tectonic Titan to restore our access to the Southern Seal. If you get knocked down, take a breather to heal, and charge back in!
  2. Help send food!
  3. Two trivia riddles remain unsolved:
    The D20 Symbol (D&D 5e based trivia)
    The Regeneration Symbol (Dr. Who based trivia)

    Three puzzles relating to the Research Library remain:
    The Puzzle 6 Symbol
    The Puzzle 8 Symbol
    The Puzzle 9 Symbol

    Can you solve them?



May 1, 2021

We have to do this, and fast!


May 1, 2021


um anyway yeah everyone has done great work on the seals so far but that last one's a real kicker. I'll be going upside down and sideways to look at them! XD

Good luck, everybody!


May 1, 2021

"It's okay, guy, I've got some water!" Revellian holds up a couple of buckets of water, then laughed at the stupid joke he had made.


May 1, 2021

We are in danger zone *puts on sun glasses*