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Second Annual World-wide World Building Event

Posted by Kim on August 6, 2021, 9:15am

It’s time for this year’s FULLY COLLABORATIVE world building project! I’ll kick us off with a “seed” concept for a fictional setting. The entire community is welcomed to join in to flesh out the world. Want to invent a historical event? A type of magic? A single plant species? An entire city? Want to draw maps or illustrate other people’s ideas? Want to compose music that the inhabitants might have written? There are so many ways to develop this world!

This will be open for three full weeks; most of the month of August. We’re kicking off this project today (August 6th) and our last day for submissions will be August 29th.

At the end, I’ll round up all the ideas and artwork and combine them into a cohesive description of the world. If there are conflicts between ideas people have put forward, or an idea is interesting but not quite the right tone for the overall setting that’s been generated, I’ll try to make my best judgement calls to resolve such issues. When all’s said and done, we’ll release the world we’ve created for anyone in our community to RP in. :)

This year, a small number of people in a near-Earth setting exhibit incredible magical powers...

Ready to participate? Jump over to the World-wide worldbuilding official topic and read the world-building seed and guidelines to get started!



August 7, 2021

Yesss! Let's do this!!!


August 7, 2021

It's kind of mind-blowing how much impact Epic Week has on the rest of the year for RPR these days :D You can see the ripples everywhere. I'm going to be eternally grateful for this idea, last year it was easily a highlight of my year and I hope this one is too!


August 6, 2021

It’s still insane to me that this event was my submission for an epic week competition. It also blows my mind this is the second year it’s being held. It’s been that long already?? I love it but also time needs to stop speeding by


August 6, 2021



August 6, 2021

Yeeeeeeees!!!!?!!!! ANOTHER!!!



August 6, 2021

.... what?


August 6, 2021

If my schedule allows it, I might actually be able to contribute something this time.


August 6, 2021

*cracks knuckles!*