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Posted by Kim on January 5, 2024, 9:00am

I realized it's been awhile since I mentioned this in general, and with all the new sites proliferating out there, this was probably an opportune moment...

I no longer use Twitter for what I suspect are obvious reasons, but I do have RPR accounts that I post updates to over on Facebook, BlueSky and Mastodon. If you want to get off-site alerts about events, upcoming updates, feature releases, etc., follow us on those sites! :)

RPR on Facebook
RPR on BlueSky
RPR on Mastodon



January 7, 2024

Oh sweet, didn’t know we were on BlueSky! Followed! <3


January 6, 2024

If you don't use socials other than the RPR, no worries, and also, that's kind of awesome ;) Don't feel the need to make a mastodon account just for my sake!

For reference, the sidebar feed is the Mastodon one, if anyone was curious.


January 5, 2024

I don't blame anyone for shedding Twitter/X. I had an account years ago but I never used it and the notifications I would get was them saying someone tried to hack my account and I had to reset everything. After doing this several times, I finally just deleted it. I again have Facebook and follow RP Repository, but again, I don't use it much. The place is way too toxic with a certain segment of American society who worship a criminal. I may look into Mastadon. I do have Discord and am on the 'unofficial' RP Repository group.


January 5, 2024

I've heard about Mastodon and BlueSky a little. I never even got the hang of Twitter, though. I've been kinda thinking about trying Facebook again, but even the glimpses I see now and then when I need to use the messenger once in awhile tends to be pretty quick to make me feel like it'd just crash my mental health again. x.x

I do sometimes still look at the social messages over in the sidebar here, though. :) Kinda fallen out of practice in my time away, and also getting used to ads again (I think I still have some Epicness items, just holding off until I feel like I can properly spend more time here again). Especially when I think I've scrolled to the end of a page, but no, it's just an ad was put between posts. ^^; I've been so spoiled for so long! XD


January 5, 2024

I quit Twitter/X as well several months ago. That used to be my main go-to for RPR offsite.


January 5, 2024

Don't fear it -- it's completely understandable. I have been considering leaving myself if it weren't for you guys and my friends. I probably will eventually in the long run all things considered.


January 5, 2024

Probably not. It's been bleeding users, and I fear I am one of them.


January 5, 2024

So RPR will no long be posting on Twitter? I don't use it either, to be honest -- I just lurk specifically for my sites I use when they post updates or for old friends and artists that I follow. :)