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Snowball fight!

Posted by Kim on December 18, 2022, 9:00am

For the next week, you'll be able to find snowballs randomly throughout the main site! These are brand new, never before seen on the RPR :D If you can't wait to find free ones laying around the site, you can grab them in packs of five, twenty or even fifty from the store.

snowball-icon.png snowball-icon.png snowball-icon.png

You can hurl them on your friend's profiles. The resulting snowfall lasts for 15 minutes, and doesn't start until your target becomes active on the site. If you're just typing instead of clicking, the snowflakes will eventually fade away on a given page to make it less distracting while you're trying to post.

REMEMBER: If the effects from "throwables" interfere with your vision in bad ways, remember that you can decline to receive them in your display settings. Uncheck "allow other users to throw items like glitter bombs or fireworks at me." Your friends want to do something fun for you, not annoy you, so don't feel bad adjusting this setting! :) Everyone who would think to throw a snowball at you supports you doing so wholeheartedly. <3 <3 <3

Other Updates

Snowballs aren't the only new thing! Throwables in general have been completely re-tooled, allowing you to throw snowballs at characters - or AS characters - so you can get your anonymous RP partners in on the snowball (or glitterbomb) fight as well. :)

To throw a snowball at a character, go to a character profile and choose "info" from the character toolbar. If you have throwables (glitter bombs, fireworks or snowballs) in your inventory, you'll see a "Throw something" button in the dialog that opens. From there, it works exactly like throwing something from a user profile.

Screenshot of the very top of a character's profile with the Info link being pointed to by an arrow.

Also, you no longer have to wait to throw things at someone if they already have one of those things waiting for them (ie when you used to see "Soandso already has a glitter bomb waiting for them. Please wait and try again later.") Instead, thrown throwables will form an orderly line and activate one after another.

There's also a brand new throwable history page that will let you see who has thrown things at you in the past, and even change the identity you're throwing as if the recipient hasn't been struck yet. Unfortunately, this history page isn't retro-active, and will start tracking throws now.

Screenshot of the new Throwable History page, showing that Kim (as her character The Snail ) threw a snowball at Mina. The edit button is circled

Finally, I also added item stacking in player inventories for certain things, so that when you have a ton of throwables (or, most commonly, Epic Week items) they will group together instead of making you scroll for miles.

Screenshot of a player inventory, showing page, showing stacked items such as 8 snowballs, 4 anti-venoms, and 25 red throwable oils

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December 18, 2022

Was the disclaimer in a separate newspost or am I just blind? ^^; Either way, I figured that including the Armory in my list of "does it do thing here?" would be enough for my rather narrow interest around group treasuries at this point. XD Whether it would already be at work there, what that would look like, and if I was gonna need to try to beg for some sort of adjustment or exception.

Sounds like I'll still end up with a bit of a mess weapon-wise (unless I'm able to forgo or at least significantly further reduce my klepto-repairing this time), but stacks should still be plenty useful for the rest of it. \o/

I think that for group treasuries, it might actually be good to let it remain messy. You've already made the treasuries searchable, which should be sufficient when someone needs to grab something fast. Having to click a bunch of things one by one for hording can get a bit annoying, but getting annoyed by that probably means take less things, ya dork. Only other issues that come to mind for me right now around searching through pages would be something like searching for items with a certain number of uses left, or for items with certain DB numbers that might be funny or signify older items or something.


December 18, 2022

So, for weapons, only items that have all of their uses left can stack. Which means partially damaged ray guns will not be in a stack. Only your stockpile of pristine ray guns will stack. This should make it very easy to keep using the same one until it's gone, picking the right one for repairs/donations, etc

Also, I'm shocked that you didn't ask when this would be implemented for groups. I almost mentioned you by name in the news post with the disclaimer that I'm still figuring out the best way to do this specifically for the armory XD


December 18, 2022

*finds a snowball last night, grins with "oh no, oh dear" and checks the store*

*reads about snowballs and throwable updates, return of happy-amused "oh no"*

*reads about throwables and EW item stacking, becomes very "OH HECK YES" followed by "oh shoot gotta check a thing"* ...or I can just start with asking: does ew item stacking include multi-use weapons, and if so, howso? Would all of a given type be in one pile (that reports the sum total uses, just the number of items without how many uses...?), or stacked into groups with a matching remaining use count? And would it affect our ability to choose a specific one in combat, making repairs, or selecting from the Armory? Yes, I am thinking of my tendency to horde guns in need of repair so we don't totally run out of them as fast, along with my tendency to try to clean up some of the others by using the most damaged ones first. ^^;


December 18, 2022

I love it!


December 18, 2022



December 18, 2022

*chuckles* I'm in danger.


December 18, 2022

I am going to throw snow at Hades in particular (threat) (affectionate)


December 18, 2022

I'm so so glad you like them! :D


December 18, 2022

This is legit the cutest thing I've ever seen


December 18, 2022

These are all fantastic upgrades and I approve 100%. You're the best, Kim.