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Festival of Being Excellent to Each Other, 2018

Playing games together brings people together. It creates friendships that last a lifetime, long after any specific RP or scene has ended. Sometimes, it creates romances, and even marriages. People travel from other countries to be together after seeing the expanses of each other's imaginations, and from feeling the kindness and understanding that resonates in their OOC chats together.

And should OOC frictions arise that prevent members of a RP group from enjoying each other's company, it becomes nearly inevitable that that RP group will dissolve and the IC stories be left unfinished unless the people involved are able to sit down, talk it out, resolve their differences and get back to being friends.

While we spend a lot of time focusing on and creating RP throughout the rest of the year, each year in December we pause to reflect on the OOC relationships that all those games have brought into our lives, and take the time to try and strengthen them. That's what the Festival of Being Excellent to Each Other is all about.

Let them know you care

In keeping with FOBETEO tradition, take the time to thank your RP partners of the past year of fun. Thank them for giving you the gift of their time, attention, creativity, talent, patience and understanding. If you prefer, you can do this via private message.

But if you'd like to recognize what makes your RP partners so special publicly, write a kudos! Tell them how much you appreciate their time, their brilliance, the effort that they put into creating story hooks and plot twists and special moments. Tell your friends how much you've seen them improve and that their hard work has not gone unnoticed. Tell those who were there when you were going through a hard time what a difference it made. It doesn't have to take a long time, but it's sure to mean a lot!
fobeteo-candle.png fobeteo-candle.png fobeteo-candle.png
Every five kudos you write this week will earn you a special winter candle accolade to display proudly on your profile, available only during FOBETEO.

Remember, to be eligible, a kudos needs to contain a clear "why" explaining what makes your friend so special! Don't just say "He's awesome!", tell the world what makes your friend so awesome. Click here for the complete kudos guidelines.

fobeteo-candle.png fobeteo-candle.png fobeteo-candle.png

Community Feedback

  • GalaxyStar2

    December 6th 2018


    I love your creative ideas,Kim.
  • Voldarian_Empire

    December 5th 2018


  • GalaxyStar

    December 5th 2018


    Sounds cool.
  • Healthbar

    December 5th 2018


    An annual excuse to be able to tell everyone how amazing they are is always a good holiday in my book.
  • Rigby

    December 5th 2018


    Let me love you all.
  • North-Wood

    December 5th 2018


    Well... this is unexpected… this is gonna be fun!
  • Orrik_Zynn_x2

    December 5th 2018


    *snickers* This festival/event always makes me feel like a big fluffy puppy...

    Shout out to Demilicious who's kudos to me almost made me cry tears of joy <3 we should really talk more~~
  • LakotaSiouxWarrior

    December 5th 2018


    This is wonderful. Showing your freinds and fellow roleplayers. How much you appreciate and care about them.
  • Imthenaysayer

    December 5th 2018


    Happy holidays to everyone
  • Auberon

    December 5th 2018


    My favorite time of the year!
  • 8TigerBunnyTora

    December 5th 2018


    Yay it's candle time again!
  • icyrosyseal

    December 5th 2018


    Wonderful, just wonderful.
  • Demilicious

    December 5th 2018


    'Cause I haven't been pre-planning awesomeness for about a week now for this. Noooo <3

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