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Excellence and Beyond

I'm not entirely sure how to say this. I should have said it sooner, but I was struggling to find the words. I still don't quite have the words to tell you how much you have all meant to me this month, but I've decided to just try to say it anyway.

During The Festival of Being Excellent to Each Other, we had a somewhat... derailing event. A database issue sadly took the spotlight off kudos-sharing and threw me into crisis mode. When the dust settled, the RPR had suffered a tragedy in the form of lost characters, and even some recently-made user accounts.

And yet despite that - BECAUSE of that - this has in many ways been the most magical Festival of Being Excellent to Each Other that I've ever experienced.

It's easy to be Excellent to each other when everything is excellent. It's so much harder when the chips are down, when life is miserable, when you're struggling with your own feelings and don't have endless room to think about the feelings of others.

In the face of loss and let down, when it would have been entirely understandable for people to be angry, snippy, demanding satisfaction -- virtually every single person I spoke to, with thousands feeling the impact, was supportive of me and those around them. You were understanding, kind, caring, offering their help. You offered each other constructive ways to grieve and move forward. You dug information out of your own caches to gift back to one another. We did not have trolls or put-downs, we had resilience. We had the purest form of Excellence. For me, you turned what was a heart-rending disaster into an event that once again renewed my faith in humanity and in our community.

There were some who lost very little, or who were planning to re-do their characters anyway, for whom the impact was very small. And there were others who lost hours and days of work, who were grieving the senseless loss of their own creative sweat, their artwork, their craft, who felt the loss keenly, who had shed tears and lost sleep, who may have felt rage. Every single one of you took the loss in stride, treated me and others with fairness and kindness, validated each other's feelings while working through your own.

I knew we were a great community. Every year I reflect on who we are with pride. And even I was blown away by how Excellent you truly are.

Although the Kudos event normally only lasts a week, this year I've left it open. I'll leave it open until the New Year. It's partly practical, to give people who needed to rebuild their accounts time to participate, but it also just feels right in my heart -- you were all an unbelievable light for me in a dark time this year.

Here's to Being Excellent to Each Other.

Here's to you.

fobeteo-candle.png fobeteo-candle.png fobeteo-candle.png
Every five kudos you write until the New Year will earn you a special winter candle accolade to display proudly on your profile, available only during FOBETEO.

Remember, to be eligible, a kudos needs to contain a clear "why" explaining what makes your friend so special! Don't just say "He's awesome!", tell the world what makes your friend so awesome. Click here for the complete kudos guidelines.

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Community Feedback

  • Beldesia

    December 31st 2018


    Thanks kim! But this wonderful community never needed a reason to be excellent to eachother :) all of us are kind and understanding because of you and all of us coming together to create beautiful stories and worlds and lasting friendships. This place is like a magical world full of dreams and unspoken wonders! All of it just a hello away^^ so thank you kim, really from the depths of my soul, thank you💕
  • SexySultryAngelBabe

    December 25th 2018


    We're always excellent to each other because of you Kim the fabulous moderaters we're a community together. Freinds and roleplayers who impove each other with freindship kindness respect. Kim and her staff during the unfortunate database crash made the wizard behind the curtain in the wizard of oz look like a beginner. Accolades and knighthood kudos to all of them.
  • Orrik_Zynn_x2

    December 25th 2018


    ...I got all fuzzy inside and almost cried reading this :3

    I really love this site so much and all the many friends I've made here...I know I didn't give many kudos this year but it's only because I have been really busy. With the event extending I will try to get a few more out soon~
  • Abigail_Austin

    December 24th 2018


    "understanding, kind, caring, offering their help."

    Those are the things you are, and so of course people returned the favor. I really think that the reason there are no trolls, and there was so much consideration, is because that's the tone you have set in this place, because we all know not every place is like this place. There's something special about this place. For example, rule #1 of RpR, "Be nice."

    Here's a nerdy analogy:

    It reminds me of a Star Trek episode (next gen) where Captain Picard tells Riker, about being the Captain, "there's no substitute for holding the reins. The whole ship hums with your personality and unique style." Something like that. I always think about that, when I work at a new place, or the leader in any place sort of sets the tone. And I think it's true.

    I, for one, was happy to have an opportunity to show you kindness in a difficult situation, because this website has been an infusion of kindness in my life. I've never directly talked to you that much, but what I'm saying is, from the people I've met on here. Some people on here have demonstrated such kindness to me. It's filled me up in a way that not many things have. And I feel like that the reason people like that are here, is because of the tone of fun and friendliness and kindness that you originally set. So thank you, and I felt glad for the opportunity to show you a favor instead.
  • Sanne

    December 24th 2018


    I've been thinking a lot about the database crisis and how the community responded. While the community deserves every ounce of credit for having been excellent in the midst of disaster, I feel some credit is due for you too, Kim!

    You're someone who genuinely cares and shows it through your actions every single day. When things went wrong, you took responsibility, didn't sugarcoat anything and kept everyone updated, validated people's feelings and concerns, and you did everything humanly possible to diminish the emotional impact these losses had by spending days trying to restore the data that was left. (If it was any other site, I'd expect a generic apology that feels like it comes from a faceless entity who is more concerned with saving face than to mourn with their community and undo what happened. I'm usually very unimpressed with other sites' responses to crisis!)

    Your management of this community, the way you organize events for us, the topics you focus on when you organize events for us, all these things allow us to be the best we can be. :) You've been setting us up for success to be a great community from day one by leading by example and being an excellent site administrator who puts people first. It's worth recognizing that you played as big of a role in our responses as we did!
  • LawOfJohnson

    December 24th 2018


    Awe, Kim you give us the place to feel safe and comfy. So thank you for all you've done as well! It's important! Have a happy winter holiday.
  • Dhalsim

    December 24th 2018


    Glad to hear how positive the community responded to the situation. Your hard work is very much appreciated Kim. Thank you for helping us maintain this creative space!

    Happy Holidays everyone!
  • SexySultryAngelBabe

    December 24th 2018


    Kim thanks for all you do for us. Thanks for creating RPRepository. It's my home away from home.
  • Dunedain-Ranger

    December 24th 2018


    Ahh! I totally missed this with the earthquake and collapsing buidings around me on the 6th. If anyone deserves kudos, it is Kim and her dedication to this site and doing the hard yards to keep it running so well so we have such a beautiful playground!
  • Winters_Fury

    December 24th 2018


    To RPR: Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, Happy Winter Solstice, Happy Holidays.

    I think I covered everything, if not, I apologize.
  • Imthenaysayer

    December 24th 2018


    Marry Christmas everyone one
  • StaticNightmares

    December 24th 2018


    I couldn't be happier to be apart of such a community. It re-ignited my love for roleplay just before I entirely gave up. Thanks for making this all possible, Kim :)
  • sland

    December 24th 2018


    Hey, you get what you give. Thanks for all the patience and dedication over the years, Kim!

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