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Hank (played by dabomb217op)

Hank puts the nozzel back on the gas pump and points to an interface on the wall "you can pay over there"

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Sturmtiger (played by KingDragon)

"Doing just fine, zhank you!" He said. "I vanted to go and get out of ze old varehouse I was in and ended up here. Very nice place! I am Sturmtiger, which means 'Assault Tiger' in Deutsche!" he said. It had been years since he has talked to another tank. He was exceptionally happy.
Klara stopped the mech outside the establishment. The mech crouched and the claw hid itself inside. The KV-1 turret marked with the Second Reich’s flag pointed its main gun down, and the whirring of the machinery inside stopped. The top hatch opened and out came a woman with long white hair, blue eyes and fair skin.

Klara climbed off and opened the door. She looked around and observed the talking tanks, then made her way to an empty seat on the bar.

Talking tanks, Monika really is crazy… She thought to herself.

“I’ll have Vodka, the best you have. None of that weak type.” She said out loud, passing Gold Marks on the counter. Then, she looked around to spot any other fellow soldiers for the German Empire.
(Ah darn, I forgot to change the character)
Sturmtiger (played by KingDragon)

"Hallo!" the Sturmtiger said joyfully. His small arms perked up almost like dog ears as he saw the mech outside. "Bist du eins mit dem Vaterland?" he said to the newcomer.
(It's cool! I did the same thing just a little while back!)
“Ja, ich serviere es stolz,” Klara’s Russian accent revealed itself in her German, and despite having spoken it for years, she hasn’t been able to get rid of the accent.

“Since I was a child, actually, when I was taken from the Russian Empire.”

Klara’s head tilted slightly upon seeing the markings on the armored vehicle's hull

“I assume you serve it too?"
"Just as much as you do, and for many years. I earned every one of these dings and dents on the battlefield." He said in response. "I am sorry for you. It is hard, being taken from your homeland. Despite that, I rejoice that you are serving with us. you and your mech seem like a powerful asset not to be tempted." He rolled forward slightly.
“Ah! I’m happy to serve here! From what I heard conditions aren’t great there, I’m only hoping my family is alright.”

Klara looked outside. “As for that beautiful war machine, I’ve won more campaigns than I ever thought I could. It’s a shame other countries have decided to copy our magnificent design,”

She shook her head slowly.
Hank (played by dabomb217op)

Hank walks back over to the bar and pours a glass of vodka, setting it before the lady "Here you are, prices are on the post over there" he points to the post
Klara moved the glass closer to her, then she glanced at the post. Once she paid the full amount in the Papiermark, she took a small sip and nodded.

“Better than most places.”

She finished the glass and placed it down on the counter.

“The Kaiserin should be coming soon, if I'm not mistaken..." Klara said, mostly to herself.
Sturmtiger (played by KingDragon)

The tank overheard, responding quietly, "Kaiserin? Do you think I look acceptable for her presence or should I hide myself?" Sturmtiger asked Klara. He never much saw the Kaiserin, let alone them seeing him, and he wanted to make a good impression.
Calla (played by Akali_Fang)

She paid for the drink and sat back sipping it while watching those about. Were those tanks talking??..huh well shed seen it all i suppose, sighing she would put in her headphones and let music calm her for a bit.
Klara chuckled. “She won’t care much! If anything, she’ll be too drunk to notice…”

She shifted her feet before looking out of the window, then she retrieved a cross from inside her coat.

“I received this from the Kaiserin after a major battle, she’s a nice person if you get on her good side, which is difficult to do. I think you’ll pass though.”
Sturmtiger (played by KingDragon)

He studied the cross, saying, "That's a relief. Let's hope she doesn't mind that I look outdated next to your beauty of steel outside."
The blonde girl wearing a military uniform entered the building. The giant cross on her right chest hung there, shining light into the poor folks who happened to be staring at it.

She swept her eyes across the room and spotted the white-haired girl she was looking for.

“Klara!” Her voice carried across the room as she approached the mech pilot. She stopped when she saw the Sturmtiger-- she recognized it immediately, and opened her mouth.

“A Sturmpanzer? Meine Gute, ich, I’ve always wanted to see one of these!”
Sturmtiger (played by KingDragon)

He froze in anxiety, not wanting to mess up this chance. He stayed silent, at a loss for words. He squared his armaments up, pointing in their regular combat positions in an attempt to look as best he can.
Hank (played by dabomb217op)

Hank places the money inside of the safe before looking to the female who ordered the vodka "we pride ourselves in serving only the finest drinks for our patrons"
Monika approached the Sturmtiger and smiled. “Hello, nice to meet your acquaintance, You may know me as the Kaiserin, but you may call me Monika. Excuse my behavior, I’ve always had a fascination for wonderful designs like you.”

She paused before continuing, “How do you… work, if you do not mind me asking?"
Sturmtiger (played by KingDragon)

He began to speak, but slightly slower, and in a deeper tone than usual. "Thank you for the compliment. Physically, I work off of a Maybach HL230 P45 V-12, water-cooled gasoline engine, giving me around 690 horsepower. My max speed is 40 kph, but my power and resilience more than make up for my sluggishness. I was made originally for the purpose of medium to long-range infantry support, made specifically to destroy buildings and fortified positions to help lighter units pass through otherwise hostile areas. For closer range engagements, I use a 7.92 MG 34 machine gun and a 100 mm grenade launcher, firing SMi 35 leaping mines, which are especially effective if the enemy tanks underside takes the brunt of the blast." He said informatively, hoping he wasn't droning on.

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