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Just a casual forum for Casual RP, IC/OOC Chatter, Or just vibing and lurking around. Room setting is a rather large campsite with a few cabins and tents set up for people who want to rest or whatever. Theres a huge bonfire at the center of the camp, with a few Camping Chairs set up and a couple of logs for people to sit on. To the west is a Huge Stage where people can perform plays and the like to entertain folk. Most often, Youll see the owner of this camp, a Mister Alejandro, up on stage playing his Acoustic Guitar to provide some background music.

Theres a few basic Rules, Like "If your gonna fight, take it to DMS/PMS", "Be Mindful of Others," "Be Polite," and "Dont associate Character with their Writer.")
Michaella Kassandra (played by KatieKat96)

"Hm." Sitting down on a log by the bonfire, Mocha looked around and took in the sights. "Thought there'd be more people here." She said to herself, holding her rift scythe in her hands. The light from the fire made its normally light blue-ish purple glow appear slightly orange. White wrappings went around the scythe's head like they had to hold it onto the handle, of which itself, too, was wrapped up around the head in dark, navy blue vine-like strands. Its scrappy design made it appear that Mocha had pulled it from the last dumpster she had encountered.

Looking back at the fire, she let go of the scythe, letting it rest on her lap, as she held her hands to the warm heat. It seemed to calm her down, as the pretty stern look on her soft, freckled face turned into a slight smile within a few minutes. "I doubt there's marshmallows anywhere... this place seems pretty empty."
Then, an interesting girl walked into the camp, heading to the bonfire. She had green eyes, short white hair and was wearing a lavender-colored kimono top, purple hakama skirt and a black fedora hat adorned by a white streak. However, she also had several moth-like features: white fuzz around her shoulders, two pairs of white moth wings, two pairs of arms hidden underneath her large kimono sleeves, as well as a par of antennae on her forehead.

"This seems to be a nice place." she remarked.
Fly's over the camp
Hindbromloost fly's over the camp I'm a dragon
Agate looked up and was surprised to see a dragon.
Michaella Kassandra (played by KatieKat96)

"Indeed," Mocha responded. She took off her jacket, and it disappeared with what looked to be a blue-ish crack, like a rift in space. The heat from the bonfire had reduced her to just her bra. It was mainly white, with pink lining the bottom beneath her chest. "This is an interesting place, though... it seems strangely empty, outside you and I."
"Yeah, but that makes it quite serene." Agate responded as she sat down next to the bonfire, taking off her hat and placing it next to herself.
Michaella Kassandra (played by KatieKat96)

"I suppose you aren't wrong," she replies. Her hand lights up again as another blue rift forms a bag of marshmallows. "Although... it seems a bit *too* quiet, no?"

Mocha opens the bag and grabs a few, holding her hand out to Agate if she so chooses to take some.
"I can agree on that." Agate nodded, as she used her right upper hand to grab some of the marshmallows. "Oh, let me to introduce myself. My name is Agate Hoshino."
Lands by the fire unceremoniously
Michaella Kassandra (played by KatieKat96)

"Mocha Kassandra. Nice to meet you," she says. She grabs her scythe, sticks a marshmallow to the tip of its head, and holds it near the fire to roast it, both hands on its dark blue grips. The scythe head pulsates with a purple sheen that faded out by the time it reached its tip.

She watched as the marshmallow soon caught fire. Making no attempt to put it out, she just slowly pulled her scythe away, letting the flaming marshmallow remains drip off her scythe and into her mouth. "They always taste better when they're on fire..."
Same to you the name is hindbromloost I'm a dragon as you can see
"Nice to meet, both of you." Agate smiled and took four sticks with her four hands at once to roast marshmallows. "I guess it was the bonfire which lured me here. Ya know, like moth to the flame."
Same here I'm pretty Curious by Nature
Once I saw the fire I had to check it out
Michaella Kassandra (played by KatieKat96)

"Yes," she replied. Mocha pulled her scythe away from the fire and ate the marshmallow off its tip. "Fire does seem to attract a certain few of the crowd."

"If only he was here too," she whispers under her breath. She clearly didn't want the two to know what she had said, although she just took off the marshmallow and stuffed it in her mouth, an abnormally blue colour. Then again, she *was* speaking to a dragon and a human-moth hybrid if the writer here understands correctly, so that seemed out of the question.

(( OOC, I had a response ready this morning before I left, but I guess it never sent... ))
"Mmmmm, its so delicious!" Agate said as she tasted one of the roasted marshmallows after it was done.
Michaella Kassandra (played by KatieKat96)

"The marshmallow or the fire, love?" She chuckled. Mocha set her scythe down on the ground beside her bright red boots, both illuminated by the soft, orange glow of the fire.
Sings a sea shanty that he heard called the wellerman

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