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Kudos for Lanx12

From the Greek word meaning "glory," a kudos is acclaim for exceptional achievement or qualities.

On the RP repository, receiving a kudos means that another community member recommends you as someone other people might like to get to know. Perhaps because you are exceptionally fun to RP with, exceptionally fun to know, or are just plain exceptional!

  • With such a creative mind and even more creative ideas, this person is an absolute joy to both know and write with. As someone who has had a great number of writing partners in my day, I can say with confidence that this one won't let you down! Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Beauty_Fool

  • Lanx12 has been my friend for awhile. He is kind and understanding. He communicates and and just a joy to be around. Lanx12 has a gift for characters and stories. Our old rp was amazing and my favorite rp. But I love our current ones just as much if not more. Raz is a amazing character. He not simple as he complex like we are in real life. he is really relatable. He feels like a real person. I look forward to our rp and getting to talk to Lanx12 again. He will never disappoint you in anyway. Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Ardenweild

  • Always fun and knows how to make my day <3 Great sense of humor Creative ideas - Kaiidth

  • Lanx is amazing! Lanx characters are well made and expertly played. It like I'm reading a real book. I'm always looking forward to Lanx replies and honestly Lanx is a awesome friend. Rp with Lanx and experience the characters come to life! Thanks Lanx for being a friend and Rp parter! Wonderful writer Long-term partner - kungpowdragon23

  • Arcodos Cados (played by Lanx12)
    I love him! I'm actually jealous of my character ^^; It's rare for me to find such a perfect character. I can't wait to continue our rp and get to know him more. If you're looking for a romance with an Elven King, he's your man <3 - TarukiHatake28

  • I love thos guy! Not only is he an amazing roleplay partner but he's also an amazing friend. I'm always in suspense waiting for his next response and I really enjoy our OOC chats as well. His characters have so much depth and emotion I sometimes forget they aren't real! Lol. I feel really lucky to have met him and enjoy our friendship. Definitely give him a shot if you're in the market for a new partner or friend XD Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - TarukiHatake28

  • Lanx12 is a wonderful rp partner and absolutely amazing. He is super understanding and sweet OOC. His ideas are interesting and creative, I am always looking forward to seeing what will happen next in our rp. Kind and understanding Drives the plot forward - EvanlynDestiny

  • Arcodos Cados (played by Lanx12)
    I've not rp'ed with this muse, nor their writer. But I couldn't help taking notice of them. This muse is not only very well written, but so is the lore for everything. While I'm a fan of Tolkien elves, it's nice when I find other writer's with muses outside of the Tolkienesque. Well done, and well written. I would most definitely take up rp with this muse, if I could figure out a doable plot. - Winters_Fury

  • Fabulous. Amazing Writer. Great Friend. Just Fabulous. Whenever Lanx messages me back with a new part of our RP, I'm always on the edge of my seat and super excited. His writing style leaves me speechless and I catch myself thinking, “Woah.” Most the time. But in a good way. he is also very kind. He is understanding and nice. He has been made me laugh a couple of times!
    he is a wonderful writer and person. If you need a friend or a great RP partner, maybe both, Lanx is the one. Just ask him! Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Hubba

  • I got to RP with Lanx earlier this year and very much enjoyed his writing style and characters. He's not afraid to put the protagonists in a rough spot for the sake of an exciting story! There was a nice give and take in the story flow... a great collaborative effort on the world building! Creative ideas Drives the plot forward - Juls

  • Been rping with Lanx12's Arcodos and it's been pretty fun. I rather like the concept and he has been rped quite well. Moving on, he has been very understanding when RL got in the way and our rp has been going one for several months now. Kind and understanding Creative ideas - Katia

  • I only just started a rp with this guy, and, well... It's incredible, I already love it! Not only is his style of posting highly interesting and exciting, it's also hilariously funny!!!! Both in the IC and OOC hes caused me to laugh and enjoy each post hes added for the story and plot. I definitely recommend giving Lanx12 here a chance! ^^ - HelixDragoonV2

  • Lanx12 is a great RPer and a great person as well. As a RPer, he is funny, serious when needed to and always happy when I come with new ideas. As a person, he is very understanding and positive. There is so much more I'd like to say but I can't seem to find the right words...

    Thank you for RPing and talking with me! - Vali

  • This guy is very extraordinary when it comes to RPing! :D He is detailed and always keeping me on the edge of my seat!

    Lanx12 is also super kind. I talked with him for a little bit and I can already tell he is a great person. :) <3

    Keep being yourself, because you are awesome!^^ <3 - FallingSTARISH

  • Where to start? We haven't been rp'ing long, but I really enjoy what he has to bring it our rp. His posts are always entertaining and they keep me hooked. I appreciate his attention to detail and that he allows my creativity to flow through. - Antlered_Wolf

  • Lanx12 is a delightful writer, and definitely keeps me on my toes. His sense of characterization and setting is so fantastic, looking at the rest of his characters makes me want to beggar my way into ... oh ... approximately fourteen additional stories, just so I can figure out what everyone's deal is. :p

    Though I haven't had much opportunity to chat with him, he has never failed to get a giggle out of me when we have, and strikes me as a lovely person.

    Don't pass him by! - Pekoeboo

  • Awesome rper! I love him to death! He is like a brother I never had. I love every character he has made, and also love how he creates some on the fly if you rp with him on discord. Don't pass him up! - UsagiSmith

  • Lanx is a great role player, with each of his characters being well developed. He is always throwing twists and turns into the role play keeping you hooked on each reply.

    Lanx is a great person to role play with as he isn't one to sit back and let you come up with all the ideas instead he has amazing ideas and very open in discussion.

    Would role play with him anytime! - Em_Flando

  • I haven't yet rp-ed with him too much, but already I love his style, his character and descriptions are fascinating. Very eloquent and well spoken, quite talented and literate. And he seems to really be a pretty chill, cool dude, who's aquaintance I've enjoyed making and I'm looking forward to continuing my rp adventures with him in the near future. - iolhantheX

  • Lanx isn't only a admirable writer but also a wonderful person. He's so friendly and chatting to him never bores me. He always makes sure his partner feels comfortable and sends a well thought out and sorted posts.
    He's one of my favourite partner and always look forward to read his reply.
    So if you are looking for a nice, educated rp partner you shouldn't miss him out!

    With love, Lotus <3
    - LotusFlower