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Man, Netflix has some kickass customer support

I'm slowly working on translating a Pokemon rpg to a forum activity and group. Classes are such walls of text, I may skip over the fluff.

Pokemon RP... ?

It's my current project, yes.

You don't mind having a cybernetic Aggron around, do you?

Its likely not that kind of Pokemon rpg, though I have thought about a Pokemon only group. But this is not that.

Ah, nevermind, then.

But that does sound like an interesting idea for something terrible to face.

What do you mean by "terrible"?

I mean a man-made Pokemon bent on destruction and terror. Some sort of general enemy to common trainers. For it must be defeated and cannot be captured, as it's not a true Pokemon.


Have you seen him, by the way? I remember throwing a ref around here and I believe a good portion of folks around here got see it.

No, I haven't.


And I just saw it now, you're using an D&D-based dice system?

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Forums > Smalltalk > Just Talkin' :)