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Have a deflated boobie

god damnit

I am Ozymathias, look upon my sums and despair.

<- Oz who

So will we ever get to see a stuffed boobie? :3

Yes! This one will be done soon. Although I have an existing pair to show off?

*quickly checks for minors in the chat* ..nope we are safe :v.. what is life..

I actually cleared this with Kim, these are all okay to be talked about and shown. :)


so why are you knitting boobies again?

Charity. Women who had mastectomies because of breast cancer and don't want/can afford the silicone prostheses and the necessary custom bras, can wear these instead in any bra they already own

I'm of the view that, even if they were real boobies, it would be okay, provided it wasn't pornographic. There's nothing inherently sexual about the human body.

They're a lot softer and more comfortable to wear for a lot of women. I knit them for free with voluntary donations for materials.

Train train train~

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Forums > Smalltalk > Just Talkin' :)