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I have trouble finding people to RP with.

I snoop too, when I can, but I typically won't turn someone down unless there's serious red flags (or I just have too freaking much).

Illantis - Funny thing is that the more people you play with, the less attention is actually on you.

But if you're the you mess something up, more people means collectively less patience.

Ing, I still have 2 or 3 RPs to actually start. x.x

Less patience, yes... so start with a group you know to be patient. :)

Most roleplayers tend to be really patient. The exceptions also like to reveal themselves pretty quickly, so not a lot of time is wasted in a particular group.

I don't know who's patient. I only have 6 friends and I don;t think they'd be friends with each other.

I am, admittedly, impatient - but even if I wasn't well aware that life happens and of the opinion that real life comes first, it'd be hypocritical for me to actually complain, because there's times when I just don't feel up to posting, sometimes for awhile.

I've got 4 RPs waiting on me (that I'm aware of; I'm still sure I've forgotten some, but no one's spoken up yet :/ ) and another that, because I know how Mist plays, I'm trying to keep on top of managing frequency expectations. ^^;

Like Seraph said though, most players here are pretty patient, at least in my experience.

I'm jealous. All summer I've only managed to snag one RP.

I would happily offer, but unless you want to join a group thing, I'm afraid to start up anything that hasn't already been planned. ^^;

I'm just easily intimidated by a large number of people at once, especially if they're more experienced, which most people are.

it's ok, I didn't mean to sound like I was asking you to invite me into anything.

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