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By the way, if you like horror manga (not gory manga)

-.- I'm being really, really tempted to throw something heavy at my computer.


Mods. Skyrim. Unorganized peson.


Hey, Seraphic, what're the limits of, er, general evilness that allowed in the RPR? I was thinking of bringing a very old character of mine here, but I don't know. She has gone completely off the cruelness charts.

A spoonful of sugar will make the poison go down indeed...

In the public forums we don't allow gore, sex and swearing. As long as the posts steer away from this, it's all good.

However, your character can be complete and utterly vile in gruesome violent, sexual and verbal detail as much as you want in groups, as long as the profile has the appropriate tags.

I have quite a few absolutely vile characters myself, in fact.

Oh. Good. :) Well, I don't tend to go towards the swearing or sex paths, but the gore could be high. Maybe.

Yeah, Mab's evil. And ruthless. And cruel. She has no qualms about hurting children, murdering individuals with an extremely sharp umbrella, organizing massive wars between civilizations, or dancing on rooftops with chimney sweeps. I brought a good counterpart (the irony!) of Mab here some time ago, but it didn't stick. So yeah.

I might have to tone things down, though.

Oh, absolutely vile characters are fun >:)

They sure are. I have one right out of Unit 731, with some nice John Carpenter's The Thing added to the mix. He's pretty goddamn nasty. And incredibly fun to portray. Situationally, of course. Not everyone wants to play with that kind of person, understandably so.

Nasty men, basically.

Just got word that Ralph Baer, known as the father of video games, has passed away at 92. Rest in peace, Mr. Baer. Thank you so much for your contributions to the video game industry.

Truly a shame, we all owe a more than we realize to that man.



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