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True enough

Wait, still in bed? Dang girl

You guys should rp with my friend BLC-LITE!

He's really good at it.

Ooohh~ ^ o ^ I've been playing my OR a lot lately. Mostly just doing shiny hunts since Shinies can be traded for neat things. |D

Also, hi Bones! C:


Bmc lite should start up topic in Looking For Rp so everyone can see what he wants to do :0

I found a cute planter shaped like a Bulbasaur.

Yeah. My BF was supposed to chaperone me to the university today for my first Master's class, but I got up and my body was like "NOPE!" and I had to go straight back to bed after a jar of painkillers. I'll try again later.


Oooh, I've seen a cute Bulbasaur planter on tumblr. o:

I like how it's a JAE of pain killers, not just one lolz

I don't have the patience for shinies.

I have a BF

I have a Pikachu ceramic clay thing I made when I was little. I forgot where it is but it looks like a combination of a tumor and a mouse

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Forums > Smalltalk > Just Talkin' :)