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What's your job these days?

i just finally got what i needed to actually buy stuff online. a proper account at our local bank. now i don't have to bug mom anymore!~

still working at the chicken house with my mom. xD

I remember when I first got that stuff sorted out. It was really liberating.

I am eating chicken right now! She said in a total vague tangent. xD

i see chickens at work then at home i cook eggs i bought at the store. ahaha...


Oh finally! Been trying to say hi for like 20 minutes now. <.<

after several failed attempts at figuring out how to work something out, my purpleyness of a profile has returned for 3 months!~

also hi Sanne!

Huzzah! I haven't seen you in forever, glad to see you're checking in again!

If I stop responding my net went down again.

i've been busy lurking on tumblr for awhile. and bought something i hadn't had in awhile on here

and there. better looking icon featuring one of my oldest characters.

i go by shadowfoxsilver on tumblr if any of you happen to be there also.

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