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Yep. I mean, I've always used the grey morality factor. And I mean, Mordred's an Other, Morgana's an Other, Merlin's an Other, Nimueh's an Other...and they're all freaking neutrally aligned at best.

(Gah...too many 'I mean's XD)

Just like in real life!

Yeah. Arthur and Guinevere would be human, though. Definitively un-Other.

Any other famous magic users in the Mythos? XD Memory failure.

I really don't remember. It's been too long.

Lancelot. Not a mage, but...seducing a queen and creating a massive conflict in Albion? Check. Resisting Arthur (and by proxy, Merlin -we all know he was in charge...?)'s slightly unhinged reign? Check.

See? I horribly destroy history everywhere I go ^^;

I believe the seduction/attraction was mutual.

Oh hey!

Heya, folks.

And to you too!

Hullo. ^^

How is everyone?

I'm good! How about you?

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Forums > Smalltalk > Just Talkin' :)