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I never understood the "I want to do things naturally" approach. You mean you want to die of dysentery at 30?

My dad is the overly macho type. Completely opposite of me. He barely takes his medication, only when he feels like crap, he doesn't adjust his diet at all and I'm like... okay. Be manly. Be macho. You better be leaving a massive life insurance amount behind when you go early.


Are Dutch men traditionally very masculine?

There's no point in talking to him about health stuff. He still believes autism didn't exist 60 years ago.

Nah, he was just raised by a shitty family that gave him those values. :/

And he doesn't seem to accept that the fact we have BILLIONS more people on the planet now means, statistically, we just have a ton more people will be diagnosed with illnesses that were obscure back then. Or refuse to accept that diagnosis methods have improved dramatically.

Basically "Everything was much better when I was born!"

I'm quite nervous about my soon-to-be-born son. Hopefully he learns to be respectful and tolerant. So many young men these days are really sliding backwards in their beliefs.

All I can say is, lead by example and he'll be fine! Kids soak up what their parents say and do like sponges. XD

It's my dad who taught me to be haughty and consider myself better than others. It's what made it hard to be friends when I was a kid, cause every other family was lesser than us. It wasn't until my late teens when I learned differently. I sometimes still really struggle with the whole "see the good in everyone" idea.

Also I make my dad sound horrible. It's not really his fault, his family was full of assholes who dragged children into adult disputes and I realize he doesn't know much better and is too set in his ways to change. He goes to great lengths for us and wants the best for us, and loves us like any good father does.

From what I've seen of you, you make a great adult person and a great parent too!

(Hence the kudos!)

I think we all end up a little odd from our parents. My mother raised me as a cynic, so I had trouble seeing the positive in concepts. Unfortunately, it also made me very unmotivated to try anything, because people who believed in themselves were deluded.

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Forums > Smalltalk > Just Talkin' :)