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Its been years since I did halloween

stuff I mean.

everyone is working so diligently and I am just a lazy student ^^'

I'm not touching that wig anymore though. Nope. I'll take it with me, throw it at the friend and be done with it

Being a student can be pretty demanding. I'm winding down from a pretty busy semester.

mhm it can . and it is..if you do everything last minute ^^

The only way I ever do things, m8. XD

^^.. I am not alone then

It is sweet, but it's hard to tell people apart with there being 30 of them around

I used to do everything before it was too late
Then I took laziness to the kne- I mean.

we all share the same fate it seems :3

By the way. I came across an intersting issue regarding pms

Might want to log that and send it on to Kim. She's the one in charge of that stuff.

pm's - recently one was labelled as 10am but I got it at 9am. Therefore I couldn't answer for an hour. I don't really know what happened but it is still weird.

Sorry guys, I may not be around much. My net keeps dropping

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Forums > Smalltalk > Just Talkin' :)