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Nope, not happening ^^


Lol Sorry, I just hope the Dbacks make it to the world series this year

which I doubt XD

I'm hoping them Royals at the very least make an ALCS appearance.

it seems everytime I watch the dbacks, they loose so I cant watch them play until its the rerun of that day XD

The Royals have really been kicking ass lately, except for yesterday tho.

everyone has bad days lol

Indeed. Losing to the Orioles should never happen, lmao.


Oh well. The Royals are finally back in playoff contention and at least have a wildcard spot currently.

I have no idea where the Dbacks are, I am scared to look least I jinx them XD

They've secured at the very least a wildcard spot as well.

Thats good then! Watch them loose now XD

Meanwhile... Those Chiefs are gonna have a brutal season.

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Forums > Smalltalk > Just Talkin' :)