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I should probably study. I have exams this week.

I'm doing great! I'm on my way home right now, and I'm probably not going to do much when I get there. Its gonna be a last day for me.

I'm doing great. Sliding around working on improving various parts of the site under the hood. :)

Ah, a day of doing nothing DX

That's pretty much everyday.

Kim, for some reason I completely skewed your statement. I somehow read that you were repairing your roof.

Bones, Loren! Hi!

Hi Static.
LOL Bones.

@static: last day? For what?

I meant lazy... Dumb phone.

Oh, gotcha

Allo peeps~ What's up?

Anyway, college finals are coming up, so I should be studying, but I was up late last night at a wedding so...

Just eating burritos

Ello Reima

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Forums > Smalltalk > Just Talkin' :)