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I'll be finally able to regularly roleplay!

... is this Pokémon?

But now I'm so attached to stupid freaking Percy I can't ditch him. So he's on my team forever.

Yes it is lol. I can't take Dugtrio seriously anymore

i've been disappointed with a lot of sun+moon tbh. when it lowers price to around £20 i'll consider it, but that won't be for a few years. so many pokemon deserving of mega evos and they just moved onto new gimmicks instead.

i bet ash's pikachu's feeling pretty salty that greninja got a special friendship form.

I love like 80% of it. I'm super impressed with a lot of UI changes and I adore that boxed Pokemon aren't just in mystery boxes and nobody knows how they're doing. They actually get to roam islands, explore caves and exist even when not on your team which makes me feel a lot more attached to them.

I adore that HM slaves are no longer a thing and that all HMs are now summon-able Pokemon instead.

I really like the trial challenges. It still feels like Gyms but just different enough to make me not know what to expect. I realize I got way too comfortable with the old setup and it was no longer any surprise.

I'm less impressed with the massive number of double battles when running into wild Pokemon though. Especially when I just want to catch one, whittle it down just low enough, and then it keeps calling ally after ally. Can't catch any Pokemon if there is more than 2 opposing Pokemon. That gets old fast and just becomes a source of frustration if you're a casual player and don't care about IVs or special abilities.


i do appreciate the new HM mechanics, and it's nice to see something other than the standard formula for gyms and such now. it's all just arrived a little too late for me, my excitement waned a few games ago and i feel like nintendo are trying way too hard to raise the bar with new features and forms each time, and it's distorted my view of pokemon. no longer feels like the same franchise. there's a few changes i really like the sound of, and the islands look fun to explore, just not worth £40 to me.

Hmm, my cousin has the Pokémon Sun game

/sits and thinks about mega dunsparce

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