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i really want to play the new version of sapphire. the first one was awesome

I'm loving Omega Ruby, I've spent too many hours on it, lmao.

ive never played ruby, my family struggles with money and we dont have money for video games or even the time

i barely even have time to watch tv smh

I chose Ruby over Sapphire purely because of Groudon.

i had to get sapphire it was cheaper

i beat it beutifully

I still have my copy of Blue from when I was a kid.

As do I. I played a lot of that and then some of Vietnamese Crystal for the laughs.


George Strait is always a good artist in the morning.



my mouth is being torn apart by a thousand little dna strands

*poofs in* Goooooood morning!

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Forums > Smalltalk > Just Talkin' :)