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Alex Benedetto

Anonymous Female


Anonymous Female A lone lioness with a dark fascination for life and death.


BlareFlare Female A girl who lost her parents and get bullied. How can it get better?

Scarlett Sara Dylan

LakotaSiouxWarrior Female Bass playing daughter of a legend

Aylssa Nicole Kennedy

LakotaSiouxWarrior Female Car mechanic Minnesota Vikings cheerleader looking for true love

Rechst Sybodi

Animatonica Male A clever motorcycle rider and mechanic who seeks perfection in his vehicle.

My Hero Academia

LunarWitch Gender Variant Welcome to the Hero Academia

Elena Nightbloom

Anonymous Female Per tenebras videamus nos

Cole Porter

Corinthi Male Living Dead Boy


Anonymous Androgyne That feel when your creator dies and you have nothing to do...

Gypsy Rose Lea

TheCreator7 Female Unique Academy of Magick, magic, academy, adults


Rigby Female “You must have chaos within you to give birth to a dancing star.”


Anonymous Male


Vinters Male Everybody deserves a second chance

Dilan Darnell

CypherDorran Female Djinn monster Hunter

Lee Soo-yun

LotusFlower Female The young photo model who desires to become a professional fashion designer


LotusFlower Female Persian princess forced to become a concubine


Somnom Female A woman of hellish nature having fun playing with the mortals.

Hugo Dendron

RPJEANS Male Transfiguration mage and avid friend collector.