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Sinister Blade

Anonymous Female

Lokir Chimerasbane

Anonymous Male A barbarian out to prove the old ways are the best


Krahler Male A shapeshifting weretiger trying to survive in a violent and dangerous world.

Tandem 'Tan' Chorus

FreeJayFly Male The last dance of the night.

Marius Volusenus Rubiter

Anonymous Male Male vampire

Nikolaus Vaclav Rubiter

Anonymous Male Cocky young vampire in love with the man who rescued him


Elysian-Wolf Male Cartographer adrift among the vastness of time and space, strong, but unwilling to return to his people.


Liara_Amagi Female Pg-13 to r


DarkCrow Female CONNECTIONS and VALUE WIP ;; Night elf sentinel with fabulous hair


Anonymous Cisgender Woman A human always looking for interesting experiences.

Tord Westarson

Pen_Tsunami Male A small shy fork boy who only wants love and affection of the world but is too shy to ask for it kindly.

Annabelle Leghait

SisterGrimz Cisgender Female A legate for the human kingdom of Grydek heading for the New-World, Enphyra.

Sasha Marais

Anonymous Female

Jin Pennly

JnJn28 Gender Fluid An overly charismatic, optimistic realist.


Anonymous Male A disturbingly amoral cleric.


Apollo Cisgender Male


Serpentina_Winter Female Your death is nothing but an experiment

Yuki Chiaki

Anonymous Male

Jie Liu

Dndmama Female


Dndmama Female An assassin of shadow ready for adventure in the night.

Special Cat

Anonymous Female

Bethany Lover

Anonymous Female

Winter Durant

Dndmama Female Adventuress Extraordinaire!

Countess Bathvera Rubiter

Anonymous Female Vampire countess looking for clan additions

Victoryn Pyreless

AstelianStudio Male Caged cleric, wishing to see the world.