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Jack (played by DoogieMeowser)

(( i'm still here! was waiting for Helleyn to post for the goblins ))

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(((May be best just to go on for now. You can try and interact with others instead?)))
Jack (played by DoogieMeowser)

(( i thought that's what i had been doing lol 💀
i left it up to the goblins to see if Jack made it to Ruslan or not, but i'll take the goblins into my own hands for now ))
Eona Morrit (played by Mirafin) Topic Starter

((I kind of figured we'd give everyone a day or so to check in if they're still interested and then move on from there.))
((Hey team. I myself am currently in the process of moving to a new house, so I won't have access to the internet on my computer until next week.))
Murcary Levi (played by TemtoeZ)

((Yeah I'm still willing to participate if you guys want to go on.))
Assallya Kressair (played by Slain)

The blonde dancing girl was about to make a gesture to cast a spell as the blonde swordsman came to her aid. A spell to enlarge the man, to make him the size of an ogre or perhaps a spell to double his already impressive speed!

It turned out to be unnecessary. The man... with... with ... Assallya was stunned to see stitches across the man's throat. She was no healer but that looked it should have been nigh unsurvivable. Was he some form of revenant perhaps?

"Well fought-" the blonde woman began to say, planning on thanking him when he just off and ran, completely ignoring her.

"Well... That was odd."
Jack (played by DoogieMeowser)

A group of three goblins prevented Jack from aiding Ruslan, their little daggers slicing through his legs as he tried to trudge through them with a hacking sword. Where he struck blades with one, another would jab him in the legs. Jack gritted his teeth, more annoyed by the creatures than in pain. In time, while also trying to keep the pointy parts of the goblins at bay, Jack saw that Eona had joined the man and he didn’t know whether to be relieved or doubly worried. How well could the girl defend herself in the midst of the fray? Jack had only known her mere moments before the ambush, but he didn’t want to see her crushed under the same fate of the man at her feet.

Jack’s attention was stolen away by quick movements and the singing swipes of a katana. In minutes, the goblins surrounding the stranger (Murcary) had fallen, leaving the vardo wagon still once more, if not a little bloodied. As quickly as he had come, he was gone, disappearing into the forest without so much as a word. Jack blinked after him in a similar fashion to Assallya and might have met her eyes if she thought to look down.

If she did spare a glance, she would see a creeping goblin jump onto Jack’s back and start clawing at his face with sharp nails. Fortunately for Jack–though he didn’t feel so fortunate at the moment–the goblin didn’t appear to have a weapon.
“Aghh!!” Jack wailed as the goblin raked him across both cheeks, adding to the already throbbing pain of his bruises.

He reached around and grabbed the goblin, blindly clutching it by its knobby shoulder, and flung it to the ground like one might do with a football. Then he stomped on it with a strong boot, his hazel eyes blazing. He didn’t even have time to see the outcome of the stomp before the three goblins imitated their fallen comrade’s move. They all jumped onto Jack, clutching onto him with clawed fingers and trying to jab him with their weapons. The weight of them made Jack stumble until he was brought to one knee. He grunted as he managed to throw one of them off, the other two still attached and wildly trying to kill him.
Murcary Levi (played by TemtoeZ)

Erupting from a strew of goblins Murcary dashed at tremendous speeds back to the wagons after slaying the incoming reinforcements. Arching his arm back as he launches his sword into the head of a goblin pinning its lifeless corpse to a nearby wagon, following up he uses his sheath as a blunt weapon as he swings it into the goblins faces knocking them off Jacks back. "Mind If I cut in?" he asks as he grabs a powder from underneath his cloak and throwing it into Jacks face. "It's gonna sting, but its also gonna close those wounds up a lot faster than it would take to find a healer" he said reassuringly as he plucks his sword off the wagon letting the goblin corpse slump down. Bringing himself into a ready to strike position as he guards Jack from the oncoming goblins as his face heals up.
Jack (played by DoogieMeowser)

Jack felt the relief of weight and claws leaving him as Murcary swiped one of the goblins off of his back. He tried to blink the blood out of his eyes while he clutched the last of the three goblins with one hand, his sword in the other. Jack thought Assallya had come down to help him, but upon spearing the goblin and hastily wiping at his eyes, he saw that it was the stranger from just seconds ago. Had he appeared here from nothing?

“Go ahead,” Jack responded to the katana-man with vague amusement. He was doing a pretty bang up job of getting rid of the pests, far be it from Jack to stop him from cutting the workload. And then the man pocket-sanded him right in the face.
“Blue blazes!!” Jack shouted and scrunched up his eyes while he rubbed at them in a panic. They burned, as well as the skin around them, and the pain bolstered his worry. “Gods be damned! What was that?!”

He may have shouted over some of the man’s explanation, but he would understand in time that the powder meant to help him.
“A bit of a head’s up next time, yeah?” Jack told him, still blinking the tears out of his eyes.
They did start to feel better, no matter how long it felt like it took. His cheeks started to burn less as well and he poked at his face where pain should have been.

“Gods be damned,” Jack repeated, though it was a murmur under his breath this time. That stuff really worked! He hoped it got rid of the green and purple too, and returned him to his natural, handsome self.

Once his eyes were clear enough to see, albeit red from the irritation, Jack would check back on Eona and the man she went to help. If things looked rough for them, he would run to their aid after only a second's hesitation.
Her current foes slain the barbarian had but to go and find more goblin carcases to make. It was a mess out there, little greenskins and travers aplenty running about with no semblance of a coherent defence or assaumt to be seen anywhere...
Ruslan stared up hopefully at Eona as she rushed towards them. For the man below him was still breathing yet severely unconscious and unresponsive. Outwardly, he looked quite aright minus a handful of grass stains, bruises, and scrapes. However, upon inspecting his chest It appeared that the weight of his steed had completely crushed his ribs, creating a small indent upon his shirt.

“You can help?,” Ruslan said between seething breaths, “I fear he won’t wake up.”
Eona Morrit (played by Mirafin) Topic Starter

"I can't make any guarantees, but I can try." She looked the man over again. He was severely wounded and she didn't know if she even could heal this much damage.

"Can you keep us covered incase any more goblins come?"

((How healed do you want him to be?))
(((At least it is nearly the weekend.)))
(((Well this sucks. If anyone is actually interested in an RP hit me up, this is clearly a wash.)))
Eona Morrit (played by Mirafin) Topic Starter

((Things were going so well too.))
(((Yeah I think we ended up with too many people. )))
Jack (played by DoogieMeowser)

(( we could do ghost posts for those who aren't responding? if anyone takes longer than a week to post, they get a ghost post lol. written by whoever wants to? idk ))
Jack (played by DoogieMeowser)

(( i'm up for a rp, Frost, if you wanna brainstorm ))

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