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Y/C had thought this place abandoned for a long time, what with the ramshackle exterior and the overgrown garden, but today their curiosity has won out. That's why they've wriggled in through an open window and dropped down into the dusty front room - or maybe they've broken the lock. Either way, they're inside.

There's a light flickering through the open doorway, towards the back of the house. Slowly, Y/C enters - and is surprised by what they see. A person sits behind a round table filled with tarot cards, candles, and all manner of weird and wonderful objects. The stranger smiles serenely.

"Hi, there," they greet Y/C mildly, "are you here for a tarot reading? Maybe to have your fortune told? And if you really want, I could try and do a seance for you."

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Nina Phelps (played by Dawnia)

Nina was out on her morning run when she decided she needed to push herself and run much further than her usual route. From the local park she ran down the walk-path along Crystal Creek for quite a long way as she listened to her Spotify playlist. She had gotten deep into her head thinking as she ran ... so much so that she didn't pay attention how far she had gone.

The warmth and humidity of the morning had her quite sweaty and she had drunk most of the water bottle she took with her. She paused by a bench and checked Google Maps to see the shortest route home from her location. With a sigh, she nodded her head. She would take the walk-bridge over the creek and run down Old Forest Road the miles until she got to Ashford Street where she could take the bridge back to her neighborhood.

Now Old Forest Road had a lot of history in the area. It had remained mostly undeveloped from the time some of the original houses were built around the late 1800's and is designated a greenway by the city. Some say it was because of some curse or something that happened at the Maplewood mansion. others talk of strange sounds and sightings along the heavily forested road. Nina didn't really put much thought into any of it since she had only driven that way a few times in the ten-plus years she had lived in their house. There was one place that did intrigue her along that road though... a small house that was down a mostly overgrown driveway. Some said there was a hermit that lived there, but most say it was abandoned.

Once Nina had run a mile down Old Forest Road, the skies had darkened. Nina thought it was just because the thick forest canopy was taking all the light, which was partially true. The real reason was revealed with a thumping, rolling growl and thudding of thunder. With the first sprinkles of rain, Nina picked up her pace. For some strange reason, she thought the road was going on a lot longer than the few miles that showed on Google Maps, and she slowed to check her phone again. Oddly, despite being a greenway, she had never noticed any area in the city that did not have cell service, yet here on the Old Forest Road, her phone bounced from one dot of signal to no service. The road was indeed weird! She turned and continued to run down the side of the road...

Before long the skies had opened up and Nina was quite soaked. The cool rain felt good at first, but soon it was becoming uncomfortable. Just as she was passing that driveway, Nina paused. She debated with herself whether she should go down that driveway to the front door of the house. She stood for a few minutes in the downpour before walking up to the porch. At least she was sort of out of the rain.

Checking her phone again, she slid it in her hip pack and drained the last of her water as a bright flash of lightning struck nearby. The thunder was only a second behind and it exploded like dynamite before rumbling off into the distance. That did it. She was going to have to wait out this storm right here. She looked at the door and though it seemed abandoned, she knocked gently on the old oak.

When the door came unlatched and opened a few inches, Nina felt her heart jump. She then peered inside into the dark room and said, "Hello? Anybody home?"
There was silence, so Nina pushed the door open and stepped inside. The sound of the rain was dampened, but there were noticeable drips near and far from leaks in the roof, and Nina stepped slowly through the parlor toward the doorway to the back living room.

The light seemed to have come from nowhere, yet it seemed in a way to have always been there. It was another flash of lightning that lit the dark room through that next doorway, and after that spilt second, a light was flickering through it. A lantern or a candle, it wasn't electric. Nina was mesmerized by it and with a deep breath, stepped through into the room. Nina jumps slightly, surprised by what she sees. Someone... a man... a shadow... it depended on how the light flickered... sat behind a round table. The way the room was decorated reminded Nina of that fortune teller's tent at the spring street fair in the park, only this was much more intense. The table had tarot cards, candles, and all manner of weird and wonderful objects. The figure looking to her more like a man smiles at her serenely.

"Hi, there," they said as they look up to Nina, all sodden. "Are you here for a tarot reading? Maybe to have your fortune told? And if you really want, I could try and do a seance for you." he continued.

Nina swallowed and was torn between running out the front door and run home no matter what the weather was doing, and stepping forward. Almost as if she took a toke of the weed she kept in her laundry room, Nina took a breath as her eyes squinted slightly... “I... I could use some insight…” she said as she tried to decipher her surroundings. Was that incense she could smell? She stepped forward and sat down in a chair across from the table from the man. "Maybe a Tarot reading? Maybe my fortune told? There is no need of a séance." Nina said, feeling this person could do all they said they could do.
Fienda la Mantia (played by _Skylark_) Topic Starter

"A reading it is," in the darkness, the candlelight gave Fie's skin a luminous sheen. Still, their voice was lulling and they gave the woman who approached them an almost mechanical smile.

Fie stood to their full height, spreading a deck of cards across the table with one deft movement. They held out one, long-fingered hand gingerly.

"I'll need payment, Mrs. Phelps," they added gently. "Don't worry, it's nothing traditional. I accept secrets, promises, rumours, things that you think about at night when it's silent... Payments like that. You can leave that in here."

This smile was far more natural. They pushed an old, tattered notepad and pencil forward. Then, they turned their attention back to the cards, picking them up and shuffling them in one hand.

"When you're done, I'm going to put three cards down onto the table. These, Mrs. Phelps, will represent your past, present, and future. Are you ready?"


((ok so my idea here was an RNG to choose the cards, just to add some fun, along with me making sure that what I write is actually relevant to your character haha. So I'll be looking through profiles if that's ok!
But the card list is that I'm using is here and I'm only using major arcana for now because I'm new to this haha

So it would be three RNG rolls with a number from 0 - 22 (or 1 - 23 if we can't do that)

If you're ok with that then feel free to go ahead!))
Nina Phelps (played by Dawnia)

I'm ok with this! Looks like fun! :)

'Secrets? Promises? Rumours? Things I think about at night when it's silent?' Nina's mind swam as a chill pulsed through her. She took the pencil and rolled it between her fingers as she looked at the notepad. What did she think about last night when she got up to go to the kitchen for some water?

High school.... wondering what Eric Haider was doing these days. He was a rather handsome guy who was new at the school their senior year, and Nina sat next to him in their government class. He asked her to go to the senior prom, but Nina declined because she was going steady and was committed to her boyfriend Daniel.

So she wrote Last night, I thought about a moment in my past where had I made a different decision, how life would be. Had I agreed to go to a high school dance with Eric Haider instead of not going because I was in a relationship with Daniel Phelps who had graduated the year before, I wonder how he has been. There, something I thought about at night when it was silent

Nina pulled the sheet from the notepad and folded it once, writing 'Nina' on the back and setting it down by the notepad before setting the pencil on top of it. "Ok... I wrote something I had thought about last night... early this morning actually, so now I guess you will read some cards? I'm ready!" Nina said as she watched his hand closely...
Cyphrus (played by Anakisuto)

A man entered the "shop" of sorts. He was dressed in a black sweatshirt, black dress pants, and a blank white mask obscuring his whole face. He looked at the scene before him and watched silently. He looked to Nina, then to Fie.

The scene seemed strange to the man. What secret did she write in the notepad? What does the man across the table want to do with them?

He shook his head a little. Such thoughts are for mere fools. I'll know in time. I always do.

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