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heyy! i'm Alex, CET timezone.
I'm open to any kind of rp, I mostly do romance and fantasy. I prefer mxf(me) and non-fandom, but i'm very adaptable. I can do from one liners to even advanced, in 1st or 3rd person, anything. I already have some ocs, but I can always make new ones!
my discord is in my bio if you're interested, please be 13-16 :DD
Welcome to the site :) Hope you find some good RPs!
Welcome to RPR. This is a great community. :)
Hello! Welcome to RPR!

Welcome to RPR! :)
Hello Alex! Welcome to RP Repository! :)

welcome to rpr :D
Welcome to RPR!
Sanne Moderator

Hi Alex! Welcome to the site, I hope you're having a good time settling in. :) Be sure to let us know if there's anything we can help with.

Hello, hello, Alex! Welcome to RPR -- your preferences are looking to be tops here. I almost always see people seeking romance style role-plays so you'll want for nothing in that department. If you haven't got profiles for your characters, whip some up and then advertise your interests to others. There are a lot of players in your age range very much interested in your pick of the litter.

I hope you enjoy it here, more importantly! It's one of the best sites I have found, for sure!

Welcome ! Hope you enjoy your time here ! And Happy New Years !

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