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In this contest, you become a comic script writer! To enter, fill in the dialogue for this comic:

In panel 1, a green-skinned alien woman in a space suit (but with no helmet) holds a can of soda. She is saying something to an Elven scientist. The elven scientist has black skin, pointed ears, and wears a lab coat over earth-toned clothing. She also has a quiver of arrows slung over her shoulder. In her hands, she holds an open book, and appears to be referencing it as she replies to the alien. Both speech bubbles are blank.

In panel 2, we see a view of Forohfor castle, the bizarre castle in the clouds where Doubutt lives. It has arches that make no sense, upside-down towers next to right-side up ones, and stairs to nowhere. The Elven Scientist’s blank speech bubble continues over this panel.

In panel 3, we see the mythical Doubutt, a creature that has a horse’s rear-end and also a horse’s rear-end where you might expect a front end to be. This is not a typo – the animal is double butted and has no apparent head. It is rearing up. The Elven Scientist’s blank speech bubble continues over this panel.

In the final panel, the alien is looking frustrated or confused and saying something. One hand still holds the can of soda, the other is on her hip. The Elven Scientist has turned away from the viewer and is throwing her book over her shoulder. Both the alien and the Elven Scientist have blank speech bubbles.

You don’t have to edit the image, you can just write the script using this template:
[size=5][b]Panel 1[b][/size] [b]Alien:[/b] [b]Elven scientist[/b]: [size=5][b]Panel 2[b][/size] [b]Elven scientist[/b]: [size=5][b]Panel 3[b][/size] [b]Elven scientist[/b]: [size=5][b]Panel 4[b][/size] [b]Alien[/b]: [b]Elven scientist[/b]:
  • Only users, no posts from characters will count.
  • You can enter multiple times, but you can only win once.
  • Entries should not exceed a PG-13 rating.
  • Entries will be judged on humor and creativity.

Get all your entries in by May 14th.

Thanks to Claine for the awesome comic for this contest! :)
Panel 1
Alien: So, what's the plan for studying the castle?
Elven scientist: I've been surveying the architecture, and it is clearly a place of stature.

Panel 2
Elven scientist: The lord of this castle must be regal,

Panel 3
Elven scientist: a creature of sophistication and -- ....

Panel 4
Alien: Quadruple-cheekedness?
Elven scientist: I didn't go to Harvard for this.
Panel 1
Alien: I don't understand how you think this is so amazing?
Elven scientist: I reckon you wouldn't, being from a highly-advanced city from another planet.

Panel 2
Elven scientist: The castle here is many of years old, built with the greatest materials the people could find! And --

Panel 3
Elven scientist: -- Has creatures that are..uncommon.

Panel 4
Alien: Uh. Does that horse have two rear-ends-
Elven scientist: -Just forget it, let's go on to the next city...
Panel 1
Alien: Still working on studies? Your break is coming up, ill take over for you, i got a drink.
Elven scientist: Nice, thanks, I’ll take you up on that.

Panel 2
Elven scientist: This castle is rather interesting, I can’t seem to see any tech to find why it’s floating…

Panel 3
Elven scientist: Wait… is that… a double butted house? A Doubutt?

Panel 4
Alien: I… I think it is, or we’ve both been working too much.
Elven scientist: Nah, I quit, it’s my break time, I’m out of here, good luck.

Panel 1
Alien: Ugh, finally back from yet another long trip to Forohfor Castle to retrieve this book. Here. I skipped the middleman this time. Some people in your team just can’t read instructions!
Elven scientist: Thanks. Not sure what took you so long, but I’ll get stuck in. Seems odd this particular section opens straight up, guess it must have been a popular read.

Panel 2
Elven scientist: Ah! It’s the section on exactly what we need to find the cure for doublebuttitis! What luck!

Panel 3
Elven scientist: Odd, it says here to ensure you avoid accidental recall of this book to Forohfor Castle, caused by saying the magic word ‘Doughbutt’. What a strang-

Panel 4
Alien: Oh - flabbetygiblets. Not again! I’ll go fetch the bookworm...
Elven scientist: Aaaugh! Slipped from my grasp! You could have led with a warning!
Here goes...
Panel 1
Alien: I found this strange potion in the castle! Does your fancy book have any info about what it does?
Elven scientist: There's this map of the castle... A guide to where the magical items are kept, and what they do...

Panel 2
Elven scientist: They store a lot of these potions there... But for some reason, the book doesn't mention what, exactly, it does...

Panel 3
Elven scientist: Just that it is a particular favourite of one of the castle's residents.

Panel 4
Alien: Oh no! This must be the world-famous potion of dual-buttedness! You drink it and grow an extra butt!
Elven scientist: The... what!? On what planet is THAT famous!? ... And more importantly... Hand it over and let me try it!
I'm no expert on editing images, but I wanted to give at least a visual of my intentions. I hope this is passable! It was cute to write up -- I love doing these kinds of things because it's so diverse and everyone else is so clever with theirs! :)


Panel 1
Alien: Ah, good to see you again, Professor. Right to business, I suppose. So, what did humanity decide to do with the genetic splicing technology we provided them?
Elven scientist: Blessings upon you, High Overseer. That’s a good question. We are also curious to see what the human sorcerers have done with the elements of magic we bestowed upon them.

Panel 2
Elven scientist: As you can see, they thrive in resplendent wonder. They live in peace with other kinds, granting them the opportunity to explore their new prospects.

Panel 3
Elven scientist: Through your gifts and my own, they have access to the inconceivable. The human mind is a vast fountain of creativity. Let us observe their progress. Wait, what in the name of the glorious green woods is THAT?!

Panel 4
Alien: It appears to be an equine of some sort. And yet, upon closer inspection… Oh. Oh myyy.
Elven scientist: Uggghh! Why do we even bother with humans?!
Kim Topic Starter Site Admin

Thanks for your patience on this everyone, I hope to get the judging done really soon on this one. :)
Kim Topic Starter Site Admin


Our winners:
  1. SoupGremlin
  2. Atheist
  3. Karithina
  4. SoulHeart57
  5. CelestinaGrey
  6. varian

Check your inboxes friends, I'll have prize info for you in moments! :)

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