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Yaazecsus (played by Leighoflight)

A top a hill, a good few miles from the city, stood a large mansion with acres of land and a large forest, lake and perfectly manicured garden with several old fashioned glass greenhouses. Overlooking the estate from the centre of the forest was a magnificent tree that rivalled the city skyscrapers even from this distance. Magic radiated off the giant tree, infusing the surrounding lands with all manner of never before seen flora that was equally as captivating as the rose gardens home to almost every species.

The large lake adjacent to the forest and a large open field would be the hosting site for the event. Tables laid out with food and drink alongside several open fire pits that seemed to come straight out of a renaissance faire would be cooking up every and anything to cater for everyone.

While not completely finished, the ground work had been laid and the beast felt it was time to start advertising to garner initial interest for when they fully opened later in the year. The manor house still needed to be converted but baby steps, with a young family that came first the new business ventures progress had to be staggered.

Should anyone wish to they could explore most of the house with a few places made private. The hosts would be more than willing to share their plans for the future magical retreat venue in a more technological world where magic wasn’t even a fairytale anymore. A long forgotten relic of the past. Those with a sense of wanderlust may even find the signs down into the basement reading ‘toilets’.

Le Manoir Glatisant was finally open for their first of many summer events for all to enjoy. One of the hosts, a chimeric woman of deer, lion, jaguar and serpent walked around in a beautifully flowing sheer blue dress that transitioned into solid fabric across the torso. She was busy checking to make sure everything was as perfect as it could be while carrying two infants around with her one strapped to her back with a cloth wrap and another double the size held on her hip. The two black furred pups with canine heads looked around, they’d rarely left the safety of their home and the wider world was both scary and curious.

“The portals will be opening soon and the landing pads are clear for drop offs…” it had been a long while since she’d thrown such a large party, honestly, she was a touch nervous.

[this is a multi universe/genre welcome event!]
Curly (played by cri86titanium)

Curly's lime green eyes trailed off to contemplate the hill, with the behemoth of a tree towering over the forest like a magical beacon. It seemed to sing to him, now that every fiber of his person was becoming more and more attuned with the magic that connected him to ley lines. His newfound bond with Yaaz's world, which grew stronger and stronger as she taught him to master his new talents, had found ways to express itself physically too, and these days the long trailing bright-green tail was decorated by lustruous black markings reminiscent of vines, ferns and trails.

His improved appearance matched his attire, which for the occasion was more formal than usual; he had donned himself in an emerald-green sherwani draped with sand-tones and decorated with gold and bronze embroidery, matching both his scales and his fur.

Holding a baby in each arm - a puppy girl with fur the color of sun-gilded sand, who was resting with her little head on his chest, and her sister whose body fur was sandy too but with a serpentine head and bright-green iridescent scales, wide awake and observing everything going on - he caught up with Yaaz, not before taking a little detour to make sure that the Toilets signs were still in the place in the basement. Leonard was in for quite an... eventful evening.

Snickering mischieviously, he hurried up at Yaaz's side and came to a halt next to her. "It will be nothing short of fantastic, my love. I never thought this place could become so... alive, that magic could breathe into it and lend it life and splendour - and that's your merit entirely." He nuzzled her, his tail swishing behind him. Observing her with a fond smile, he whispered: "You look gorgeous..."
Aluel Deng (played by Samiakki)

This was to be the best thing to happen to Aluel all week. She'd finally accumulated enough days that she could take some time off her crappy job working in the modern capitalist jungle that was a shopping center. What's more, even the current 'boss' of her other job had allowed her to be off the calling list, so her time was reserved only for emergencies.

Good. More time to devote to a department store that hated her when she got back.

At least her 'coworker' Yanfeng understood her. He told her of a resort that was opening up outside of the city, a good way to eventually spend her vacation time. To 'test the waters,' he suggested she go to an event they were hosting to promote the eventual grand opening. As much as she may end up sunburned and hating it, she agreed, deciding to trust him.

As she arrived on the launchpad, it was to her relief to find the area in the shade of the forest. She had arrived in a large sunhat, dark shades, and a dark purple burkini that she had luckily found online while searching for modest plus-size swimsuits. She was light on the sunscreen today, afraid that the smell would be overpowering to others (she herself hated the smell of it), but at least the kind she found had a nice lavender scent to it.

With a large black canvas bag sporting an illegible death metal band logo on her arm, she stepped off the platform and quickly met the gaze of two other people. Granted, they were of a far more bestial nature than she. She didn't mind, but it didn't initially equate to her that these were the owners. She just figured they were a family visiting as well.

"Um, sorry," were her first words. "I didn't mean to interrupt if you two were, uh. Having a moment. Do you know which way's the food. . . ?"
Yaazecsus (played by Leighoflight) Topic Starter

Yaaz was busy fretting, making sure everything was prepared for guests any possible investors in the future when she’d do a more business oriented event. The questing beast easily had enough funds but none in this worlds currency.

Turning her head to see her partner and pups approaching brought a smile to her face, looking him up and down and nodding in approval “You always dress so wonderfully My Dear.” admiring his outfit. Leaning in to Curly on the side opposite of the baby on her hip “You know I couldn’t do it without you, never forget you’re a huge part of this whole thing even being possible.” Her tail swished side to side as she enjoyed the closeness, until there was someone on the landing pad, a human, and she pulled away from Curly. Tail end brushed against his leg and stayed in contact.

“Welcome!” she said with a large smile. “Not to worry, food is dotted around the field with a few set up around the lake. We have a temporary bar on the courtyard as well. Enjoy the grounds and house, Our new resort will be opening in the next few months.” Having the bar up and running inside the house was one thing too many for Yaaz to organise with everything else. “Should you need anything feel free to ask me or Curly.” gesturing to the chimera beside her.
Aluel Deng (played by Samiakki)

Upon listening to Yaaz's words, Aluel's eyes widened subtly as she glanced around, a lot less subtly.

"Oh, hell, I didn't know you were-" Now she felt terribly awkward. She was averting her gaze away from the couple. "I'm sorry. I should have been more polite. Can I. . . try again?"

Adjusting her canvas bag over her shoulder, she cleared her throat softly as she looked back to the other two, directly this time.

"I'm Aluel. I, uh. I've heard about your resort coming up in a few months, so I decided to visit. One of my friends said I could use a vacation when it opens, so. . . I decided to scope out the place."

In curiosity, her nostrils flared as she took in the air. Attempting to able nonchalant, she eyed the food stalls around the lake. That seemed like a good place to put her towel. . .

"What kind of food do you have here?"

Hopefully, something with nuts, she wondered!
Yaazecsus (played by Leighoflight) Topic Starter

Yaaz’s smile never faltered as the woman realised it was her and Curly running the show. Giving her time to collect herself and re introduce herself to the couple. “Welcome Aluel, I am Yasmin and this is my partner in crime Curly.” gesturing to the chimera. “We will be open to all realms and planes of life other than elementals as quite frankly I don’t have the time to fireproof the mansion.” she laughed.

“Food wise we have roasted boar on spit, iced cream, baklava, meat and fruit pies, mead, ale along with more this worlds style of cocktails and something called popped-corn…” she turned back to Curly with an uncertain frown, it wasn’t from her world and it showed.
Aluel Deng (played by Samiakki)

Aluel's mind was already swimming in the mention of the baklava, but she decided she needed something substantial first. The roast boar and mead together sounded delightful. Finishing listening with her lips slightly parted, she perked up.

"Perfect. Thank you." Then, she nodded between the both of them. "It's good to meet you, Yasmin, Curly. And kids."

Her gaze trailed down to their four little bundles of joy. Sometimes, she wondered if it would be her with a little one someday, but she just couldn't imagine it. There was no way she'd make a good mother, or so she thought.

Pointing off to the side towards the lake, her brows raised as she started to get a move on.

"I'm just going to. . . Can I-? Yeah."

Her canvas bag is put down so she could reach into it to pull out a large coffin-shaped beach towel. The pattern printed upon it was like a ouija board, also featuring skulls upon it. She pat it in place on the sand - or grass, whichever was closer to the shade - before speaking.

"I wish I'd brought something for the kids. Like sweeties or something. But I see they're asleep now, so it's no use bothering them, yeah?"
Yaazecsus (played by Leighoflight) Topic Starter

“Of course! Be our guest, this is after all a place to come to relax and unwind, make yourself at home.” While Yaaz had never seen a ouija board before she understood the general aesthetic and thought nothing of it. She wasn’t a massive fan of necromancy herself after a run in with a certain socially stunted human but she had used it in the past and didn’t mind eitherway. Only having her home realm to go off she related things in this strange world to the closest she knew from her world.

Yaaz sat down on the grass, sighing in relief as Yavis, the baby on her hip twice the size of the rest, could be offloaded onto the floor. The wrap across her body would be shifted so that the much smaller pup, Lawal, could snuggle on her chest in his sleep rather than on her back.
“Thank you but they are only 6 months old, I am slowly weaning them onto solids at this point apart from this one-“ she cupped Yavis’s face in both hands and smushed him like one would a puppy. “One of my daughters was independent and eating meat from the very start-“ an absolute blessing. “But I’ve yet to give them sweets, It’s not done me any good.” She gave a slightly amused snort.

Yaaz would wave over a servant wandering around with drinks or small nibbles. “Feel free to order anything you like, it’s all complimentary for the event. And you must tell me what sort of realm you are from. All these different places colliding I find so exciting.” She smiled.
Aluel Deng (played by Samiakki)

"Oh, really? Six months? Sorry, I-"

How does one mention they can't determine the age of babies? Much less ones of. . . whatever this species one. They seemed to be a cross between the two parents regardless of species, not unlike how Variant Dreamers worked. Or perhaps they were simply of a formless species?

No, it felt too rude for Aluel to pry into that kind of stuff.

"Yeah, you're right," she relented. "Babies are too small for sweeties. I'm happy to hear about your daughter though. Do you think they'll all be carnivores?"

Speaking of a carnivore diet, she retrieved but a few steak canapes from the servant's tray to be modest. She'd also picked up an orange carbonated-looking drink that could have been a cocktail or soda. She wouldn't know until she sipped - or so much as asked. Of course, doing the latter made her feel stupid, so she ignored that. With a sip, she had confirmed for herself that it was orange-cream-flavored. Nice. Even better to know that it was free!

"Oh, my world isn't that interesting," she said, modest again.

She took some dainty sips of soda, trying to prevent carbonation from going up her nose. She didn't usually drink carbonated things, but she knew the consequences. Besides, carbonated things felt almost luxurious when she drank it in moderation.

"Um," she noised, before licking the sugary flavor from her lips. "I'm from Earth. The United Kingdom, to be exact. But I was born in South Sudan. It's- my job isn't exciting. I'm a retail worker. The Lunar Empire as about the most interesting as it gets, but nobody really likes them except for the priests."

She gave Yasmin and Curly enough room to let her know if they knew of Earth or not. And she definitely wouldn't talk about the guilds, lest she be utterly mistaken for a member. However, that still didn't answer how she ended up here.

Maybe her lying had some holes in it this time around.
Yaazecsus (played by Leighoflight) Topic Starter

“Not to worry” she smiled and waved her hand dismissively then reached down to give the larger baby ear scritches. “I am assuming they will be omnivores giving both me and my partner are but we’ll see, I’m transitioning them over to meat just to be on the safe side.” she nodded. Yavis happily chattered and warbled at the attention, flopping over and receiving belly rubs.

As the servant came by she thanked them and took several steak canapés for herself and ordering two portions of roast boar and a fizzy drink for herself. Carbonated water wasn’t something she was overly familiar with, a strange sensation.

“Earth? Ah yes I am aware, I was born in Gaul…though I believe it has a different name now but I left long before then.” she shrugged and popped steak into her mouth. Once I left for the fae wyldes I had less reason to go back, other than visiting my mother.” Having left years ago none of the mentioned names sounded familiar.
Aluel Deng (played by Samiakki)

Aluel let loose a breath she didn't know she was holding, relieved that Yasmin didn't pry into her own business. Instead, she redirected her attention towards the babies.

"Oh, well, I hope it goes well," she replied. "I don't know much about babies so I don't know what suggestions to make, but my mother has said that I really enjoyed sweet potatoes."

Of course, she'd neglect to mention the fact she'd really eat anything as a child. There wasn't much food to go around anyway. Luckily, it seemed Yasmin and Curly had much better access to baby food than anything UNICEF would've dumped on them. On that thought, she shoved a canape into her mouth.

Chewing for a bit, she listened to Yasmin explain her origins. The aioli on the toast complemented the tender beef in a way that was simply delightful. Before replying to Yasmin, she swallowed.


They had learned about Gaul when she was in secondary school. Remembering what she was taught was another thing.

"Gaul is now France. I think." Curious, she canted her head. "Does this mean you're a fae yourself? Or you had only went there?"
Yaazecsus (played by Leighoflight) Topic Starter

“So far it’s been chaotic but then we are both new parents, plus there is four of them and the hybrid nature of both of us means a lot of trial and error on our part, we don’t really have guides to go off if they were just canine for example.” he shrugged and continued the belly rubs. Yavis continued to happily chatter and attempted to bite his mother’s hand which she allowed.

Yaaz ate her small steak bites and waited for the proper meal to arrive. It wouldn’t take long for the shredded roast boar to arrive with sauces and a basket of sliced bread for them to share. She’d have to free her hand from the tiny mouth in order to eat. Causing Yavis to whimper she curled her tail around to her side and placed him in the middle of the fluff for him to bite or snuggle as he pleased.

“Ah France! yes I believe I have heard of that name and yes, half fae on my fathers side, my mother was a questing beast hence the name of the manor.” she smiled. “My partner is a hybrid of saluki, human and frilled lizard.” Looking around to see where Curly went to with the girls. “This was originally his family’s mansion but it remained empty and unused for many years.”
Aluel Deng (played by Samiakki)

Aluel is pretty sure she hasn't seen this much food since she managed to attend Samhain celebrations at a certain guild hall last year. The again, she was also beaten to a near-pulp and could have been seeing double.

"Oh, um, thank you," she murmured to the servant and Yasmin both. Hurriedly, she stuffed her face with the last of her canapes so that there would be no waste when she started on the boar.

Best of all, it came with sauces. Oh, how utterly, sinfully delicious. She almost wondered if she even deserved this kind of luxury. Of course, she was taught to never question sources of free food, unless it could be poisoned. Which counted for many cases, but not this one. It'd be bad for business, after all.

"I've never heard of a questing beast," she mused aloud, picking at her boar shreds to savor it slowly.

However, she quickly felt self-conscious that her tone might make her seem to be in disbelief. Thus, she quickly went for another subject.

"Your partner. . . he inherited the mansion then? It's nice of him to offer it for renovations to be turned into a resort. I can tell you're both putting a lot of effort into it."
Yaazecsus (played by Leighoflight) Topic Starter

Yaaz smiled and nodded, inviting Aluel to enjoy the meal. Looking around to see more guests arriving and enjoying the ground and stalls dotted around, she was happy to sit and rest with good company.
As the baby in the wrap woke up and started to wiggle around she’d pick up tiny strips of shredded boar and feed them to the tiny pup who would first sniff suspiciously before chewing it excessively.

“Not many have, you’re not alone.” she smiled, Yaaz didn’t mind, feeling slightly proud that she was often a rarity in most places.

Looking over to the mansion she smiled “I believe so, it was just here…empty, he lived alone with no one to share all of this with. Nor did he have any solid work that I know of. We were going to make this one of our family homes but then I suggested we make a hotel, then another suggestion from a friend of mine of turning it into a retreat. So here we are.”
Aluel Deng (played by Samiakki)

"So, it's like a way to get a source of income, along with making the house feel alive, right?"

Aluel had picked up a slice of bread to pick at, transporting minute pieces to her mouth. She looked to the lake for a moment, admiring how the sunlight sparkled on its surface.

"Now it's going to be both a hotel and a retreat. Smart." She popped some more bread in her mouth and downed it. "It must be super busy to raise four children alongside that. I'm also curious. When do you think the retreat will be done?"

Now unable to take her petite pieces anymore, she shoved the bread into her mouth to take a proper bite. Of course, not before dipping it into some sauce meant for the meat.
Yaazecsus (played by Leighoflight) Topic Starter

“Indeed! I have my own business but I have been on maternity leave for a while now. It’s more or less running itself by this point.” She gave her tiny baby some more boar strips. An offering to the larger pup was sniffed at and rejected “Suit yourself..” she ate it instead.

“It’s not easy at all but I have so much help, theres my partner Curly and two other adults that live with us that help out, I couldn’t do this without them.” She smiled thinking of Dahlia and Lav.

“I am hoping to have it complete before autumn, the garden would look beautiful still especially the forest and the bonsai world tree.” Gesturing to the titan of an oak tree in the middle of the forest, easily the height of a skyscraper and ten times as wide.
Aluel Deng (played by Samiakki)

Aluel finished her slice of bread as she listened. Her own gaze followed as Yasmin looked up to the tree, curiosity overtaking her. Was something this big created by the use of magic? Or did it possess magic inherently? Or was technology involved somehow?

"That's. . . whoa." She didn't know of a tree this large existing anywhere else. "I saw it on my way in. Kind of hard to miss. It's. . . it's beautiful."

Coming back to Earth, so to speak, she looked back to Yasmin.

"I'm happy for you," she replied with a smile. "You do amazing work. I'd love to come during the autumn, but I might be busy on Samhain- I mean, Halloween. I will still look out for when you open."

Wiping off her hands with a napkin, she gazed out to the sandy shore of the lake and breathed a content sigh.

"You know, I should give you time to tend to other guests. Thank you for speaking with me, of course! I appreciate it." She glanced to Yasmin. "I am thinking of looking for shells on the shore. I won't take any for myself though, I promise. In fact, if you'd like, I can show you some nice ones I find. Maybe you can use them for decoration inside the manor?"
Yaazecsus (played by Leighoflight) Topic Starter

Yaaz smiled as Aluel complimented the tree.

“Ah yes, Samhain I know of it..and what it’s not become…” not too impressed but she was glad someone still remembered the old name.

“I suppose I should go find Curly and see what he’s been up to, go greet others. You are free to roam the estate as you please, enjoy.” Turning the wrapped baby back onto her back then picking up the larger baby from out of her tail fluff Yaaz stood up with some effort. Bowing to Aluel she’d slowly wander across the field to mingle with others.

(Thanks for the RP! <3)

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