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Between several other universes of all shapes and sizes, the magical, the boring, the old, the new, the original, the fandom... Lies a solitary Walmart.

The store opens its doors for any travelers in need of some cheap merchandise. The staff working there all seem to be faceless manikins wearing Walmart uniforms.

"Welcome to Walmart. Please enjoy your stay." The manikin serving as the store greeter says.
Peristéri (played by 0785)

Peristéri trots through the entrance of the uncanny Walmart, judging the mannequins as they repeatedly welcome them as they pass by. “i hope you people have strawberry cream macarons…” they said to themself.
Other Characters (played by Jooters) Topic Starter

"You would find that in the cookies aisle. Would you like me to take you there, valued customer?" The manikin asks robotically.
Peristéri (played by 0785)

The raptor stopped in their tracks, staring at the supposed worker. Peristéri sighed. “…i suppose so.”
Five Hargreeves (played anonymously)

Five didn't seemed surprised by the manikins. Considering his wife, that he was currently pulling around in a wagon, was a mannequin herself.

"Do you have a decent coffee maker? My shithead brothers broke it and I need a replacement." Five asked one of them. "Also, do you sell any clothing with sequins? Delores, my wife, likes sequins." Five added.
Patchouli Knowledge (played by FictionDragonborn)

... Do you sell noodles by Any chance?
Max (played by Maxthecoolcat420)

* max would walk in seeing the diffrent people in the store * max: well i mean this is less weird then other walmarts * he chuckled as he started to roam around and llook for some snacks *
Prestige (played by Alliyus)

"Walmart?! Bro----" Prestige scurried through the isles.
Other Characters (played by Jooters) Topic Starter

Prestige wrote:
"Walmart?! Bro----" Prestige scurried through the isles.

"I apologize, Prestige, but there are no others of your blood in the location. You should look for your "bro" elsewhere."
Prestige (played by Alliyus)

She burst out laughing then calmed and smiled softly. "No, no. It was a joke." She giggled softly like a little kid.
Other Characters (played by Jooters) Topic Starter

"Very well then. I shall now laugh at your joke. Ha. Hahaha. Haha. Ha. Was that laughing satisfactory, values customer?"
Prestige (played by Alliyus)

"It's quite lovely, yes." She smiled and tilted her head, floating softly off the ground. Her feet seemed to be on the ground, but they were floating off it by a sliver.
Other Characters (played by Jooters) Topic Starter

"I am sorry ma'am, we do not allow floating in this establishment. Please visit your local intradimensional location if you would wish to float."
Prestige (played by Alliyus)

"Ah! Sorry!" Prestige lowered herself and stood at 4'10, on the ground.
Komu (played by Reithesniper)

Dont mind Komu, just here for Watermelon
Lalita Castello (played by Alliyus)

Lalita was flying around trying to find a spell potion. She flew over the isles, hanging upside down on her broom, searching for hours, but no use.

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