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So, I am having a massive issue with image URLS. I have tried posting the images on almost any website possible to retrieve their urls so I can add them on my character profiles. However, the urls either don't work or they expire after a few hours. I used to upload them on discord and use the links from there, but they've recently changed the way their urls work and you cannot upload an image with discord urls anywhere. I imagine that it is the same for all of the other sites that i've used, so I don't know if there are any other options. Here's an example. You cannot view this character's header because the link just won't work. It expired and i've only added it yesterday.

Here's the oc.

Is there anybody who could help me, please?
I would suggest perhaps making a bug report for Kim because she might be the only one who can help.
Mina Moderator

**Edited after re-reading**

Your header doesn't appear to me! Eep! This is a beautiful layout, and I did some googling for you, trying my best to help. I'm not great with code, but I am good with policy-so I looked at that end of things for you. I'd still suggest asking Kim, since I know so little about code and why it may not be working. I'm bad with numbers. @_@

These are my guesses about why this isn't working:

I see that you're using Giphy, the URL used isn't serving me with a .gif destination. Instead, I'm taken to a GIF surrounded by all of that Giphy branding. The link in your code contains a bunch of jibberish, called additional parameters(?) which are used for analytics, tracking etc- to see where and how their links are being used. If you look over their User TOS, you'll see a passage about Giphy’s Proprietary Rights. They are not very transparent about their policy, but from what I gather, they do not want content from their site used in this way. You CAN direct link from Giphy, but only if you have paid a fee to license their API.

Discord's link changes.

Hotlinking (which is hosting an image on Discord to embed elsewhere, such as RPR) is no longer a viable option. The images and gifs will still be visible inside the discord app, but this is because the app will now fetch a new link internally each day, replacing and invalidating your previous link.

Here are some options that I found for hosting. :> Be sure to carefully read their TOS and make sure that they work, as I have not reviewed many of these myself, please treat them with normal "off-site link" caution. ** Imgur's TOS specifies which ways content from their site may be used.
Just for clarification are you using "direct link" when you try to use the URL?
Claine Moderator

Try this url, but be advised not all browsers support webp.
Claine Moderator

Here I've uploaded the image to my own web host for you. There's no restriction to hotlinking and they will not expire. The Webp if you really want to use that The gif which will work in all browsers.
NEMESIS Topic Starter

So, I will pretty much kind of respond to everyone here in this message and I'll clarify a couple of things.

1) I messaged Kim yesterday and I made a bug report about it. I'm just waiting for a response.

2) I used giphy for my other gifs, because they're small, but the header is a much bigger gif because of the sizing, and I want to keep that size. When I upload my gif to giphy, it automatically downsizes it and it ruins the quality.

3) When I try to use the link, I just right click on the gif itself and copy "image address".

4) I didn't use giphy for the header. I've used a different website that is specifically made for uploading images and gifs. I did try posting the gif on giphy, but once again, the header quality was ruined so bad that it was all just a bunch of big pixels. When I used the other website, the gif's quality was great and it worked for a few hours before eventually expiring.

I hope this covers everything, but I'll try any and every other alternative that yo7 guys have suggested. I hope it works, and thank you so much for helping me :<
Sanne Moderator

Why not use the site's own hosting feature? Every style is allowed a maximum of 5 image uploads. Since you're hosting the other images elsewhere, you should have enough room.

Though if one of the reasons is that it's too big to be uploaded, consider that it is probably too big to be friendly to the people viewing your profile. (This is why it matters.)

But other than that, you just need a reliable host to store your image on. Try these:

Free Image Hosting

These are all designed to explicitly allow hotlinking. Hosting your gif on one of these and then adding the URL to the header code should make it function correctly.
Kim Site Admin

Sanne wrote:
Why not use the site's own hosting feature? Every style is allowed a maximum of 5 image uploads.

As of a few months ago it's ten per style since people have been having so much trouble with other image hosts lately. I just updated the instructions though. >.>

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