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Forums » RP Discussion » What do you use for your character avatars?

Genuinely curious! :) No wrong answers.
I draw them mostly. I use Picrew for anons because my style is too recognizable.

I won't make new characters unless I can muster the motivation to make an avatar for them though so that's a bit of a hindrance.

It's also the reason why a couple characters of mine (mostly Sig) have really lazy looking avatars though. It's my own art but wasn't made for the character. I figure it's good enough for government work.
So far I have just used generic art I find online. Since I am newer, all of my characters are still being created/improved. Having some general art for guidelines helps me fix them better in my head and in a scene when I am writing them. Once I feel like I have gotten them to the point of being well rounded and developed, I plan on either commissioning specific artwork or getting an AI subscription and generating it that way.
Art that I commissioned or otherwise own preferably, although I have a bunch of characters that just use the art made for them since they are canon
I usually use pinterest-found art, or more commonly, fanart or official art from fandoms. I occasionally use Picrews if I can't find a good faceclaim, and very very rarely, I use AI (i'm picky with that though because I can't ever get it to look decent)

If I receive art (from free commissions), I usually swap the pfp to it
Google!. =_=
And pinterest
nothing, oops :')
Ultimate.Gaymer wrote:
nothing, oops :')

Based answer, honestly.
Heheheh, Hades go scribble scribble :D

I draw all my icons! Or, if they lack icons and I'm not feeling motivated enough to draw one (yet), I'll crop a fullbody drawing that I've already created and turn it into one. Then my critters have something nice/presentable until I make them something nicer!
Usually, my own drawings! Like Hades, I end up cropping my full-body artwork and make it into an icon. The only ones that don't have a drawing made by me as their avatar is Creatia and Kagura... Creatia sorely needs to be updated in terms of design, and Kagura has no art at all as of yet.
I use whatever image of the character I think looks good.
AnonCarp (played anonymously)

I either use Pinterest found art (Whether it be fanart or canon art work.) or picrews. But usually it just depends the vibe I want my character to have. I have a hard time writing characters that have no icon, so push comes to shove if i can't find a FC for them. I'll use different images/mood boards to give the vibe.
I generally commission art from Sland. Very talented artist and his designs meet me in that nice point between "adorable" and "deadly".

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