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Hey all, I wanted to start this to see what everyone else does to make RP easier and more enjoyable! And share a few of my own.

Aside from writing all my posts out in a Google Doc before posting, one thing I tend to do for both reading posts sent to me and for going over posts I am about to send is to use a text-to-speech reader. It really helps me to find areas that don't make sense and are repetitive and rethink word choice. Plus, sometimes, when my brain is slow, or I'm having a hard time concentrating, following along as it reads a post helps to really drive home what is going on, and then I can comprehend and respond better. All in all, it has really helped me to get back into RPing after a long time (I use the Read Aloud browser extension.) Anyway! What do you do when you're having a difficult time with RP? Do you have any tips or tricks that you'd like to share?
I get what you're saying here. I never considered using a text reader though. myself use Word to go over my larger posts to help look at it in a different format, I then use my test group to post if in the forum there to look it over as it would appear on RPR. Helps me find inconsistencies and give me different perspectives of the post.

In those times where I read replies and draw blanks, I tend to play with varied responses. Oddly, when I draw blanks on one day on one rp but am fully into another, it may well be the next day it is the opposite. Sometimes, I just have to take a day or two break and not log on just to do something else and recalibrate.
Don't know if it's any sort of "trick," but I tend to get new ideas from randomly reading back through various parts of an RP. Usually I'll be looking for something and end up drawn in and recalling the past scene, and it'll help me figure out something for the current one, or come up with a new idea entirely for the future.

More consistently, I always re-read at least a post back, and more if it's been awhile since the game was active (regardless what or who the delay was). But I assume that's pretty standard.

The speech-to-text thing sounds pretty clever! I'm not very good with listening to things, but I can still see how that could help even someone like me to properly re-process what I just wrote, when it's still fresh and my brain is more likely to just gloss over mistakes and such I might have made.
Make your partner's character feel cool! You don't have to go out of your way every single post to absolutely gush, but just remember that the story is a give and take. If you can work in a small compliment now and then, either from your character's perspective or *your* perspective, it goes a long way toward generating excitement for the characters and story.

On the flip side, if a post feels like a passive aggressive "you didn't write what I wanted you to write, do better", the RP isn't going to last long.

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