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Kim Site Admin

Avoid AFK topics
Remember that many hundreds of people check these forums every day. Please help us reduce topic clutter by delivering messages meant for a few people directly to those people!

If the primary purpose of your post is to let your RP/chat partners know that you won't be around for awhile, don't post it! Private message your RP/chat partners directly instead, or post a message in your actual RP topics where you can be sure your partners will see it.

Of course, if you are making the post to announce a major life event (getting married, going on a book tour for your first novel, etc.), you're looking for members to meet up with at a convention, you're looking for suggestions for things to do in a certain area, or anything with wider relevance, and there's just a PS that you might also not be on the site, that's a different story.

Be aware that as of August 8th 2015, moderators will delete AFK topics on sight.

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*salute* New info noted, ma'am!
Sorry ma'am


Roger that two oh lol
Oh, fresh foruM
Good to know, thank you! :)
Unknown user

Ma'am yes ma'am!

You are on: Forums » Smalltalk » Rules of this forum - PLEASE READ!

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