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I'm not sure if this game already exists somewhere but as far as I know I invented it lol.The rules of this game are simple: you simply ask the person if they know a simple but completely funny and untrue fact-the more random the better-and they answer yes or no and propose a fact of their own. Example:
Person 1:"Did you know wifi is delivered by magical invisible fairies?"
Person 2:"No,I didn't know that! But did you know that the earth is actually square?"
Haha let's see what facts you know! :D
Did you know that Pandas and Turtles actually make the human brain function?
Bree Topic Starter

No I didn't know that. Did you know that there are actually words that rhyme with orange?

Nope, din't know that... Did you know, Dragons are 20x more intelligent than humans are?
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I actually did know that! Did you know Star Wars is actually based on a true story?
I didn't know that!

Did you know that the answer to the Universe is indeed toes?
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Wow I didn't know that! Did you know music is indeed life?
Yes I did know that did you know Earth revolves around the sun by being pushed by magical unicorns?

Did you know that cats have rocket boosters installed in their booty area? See how they run around? Yep. However, you can't see the rocket boosters igniting. When they act all weird and all, that is when their boosters are on the fritz.
WOW I didn't know that but it explains a lot doesn't it? XD

Did you know that if you stare at television static long enough you see paranormal creatures like aliens and ghosts?
Yes, I actually did! But only for like a few seconds, then POOF! Gone.

Did you know that some board games are sentient, screwing you over at the worst possible times or blessing you with broken luck?
No I did not know that, Did you know when you eat Ice cream that you get 10 times smarter than you were before?
Well taking into consideration the Volume of ice cream I eat of course I would be knowledgeable enough to know that.

Did you know though that if you connect a dead battery to a fully charged battery for a couple of hours, the dead battery will take half the power of the charged one?
A form of diffusion then eh? How interested!

Did you know that if you write "I love the ocean" in the sand and a wave washes it away, it means the ocean is rejecting you?
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Wow the ocean is a jerk. XD
Did you know that trees lose their leaves in the fall because they get tired of holding onto them?
No way, I didn't know that! XD

Did you know that ladybugs love cleaning as to why they have spots on them? Since they're small, they can only clean a small amount of dirt!
What really?! I didn't know that :D

Did you know that when someone passes away their body evaporates and becomes air! So technically we're breathing human right now!
I didn't know that! Though its sorta disturbing if you think about it xD

Did you know that every object has tiny feet, and they're so scared of humans, they hide each time we search for the certain object? Also, they can feel how intensely you're searching, so the more you search, the less probable you'll find them.
Whoa, what? I had no means of knowing that at all! XD

Did you know that polar bears love rolling around snow, hence their fur color?

Fact: Believed to be white, but the fur of polar bears is actually transparent. It's only the reflection of light that makes them look white. Their skin, however, is black.
And I just learned this from a game, haha!
Huh. Didn't know at all!!

Did you know that rocks are actually little creatures that use mind-tricks to make you step on/kick them and hurt yourself?

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