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Imma take Annee Lee
Abelith is mine now, meow!
Let's see... Red XIII. I'mma steal him and make my own version of Final Fantasy 7. XD
I'mma just take Rekushi real quick kthxbai *disappears*
*Leaps into Alex Loris's arms*


I have a thing for werewolves period...
*Poofs Sulfur and takes his Gem*

*Creates a lovely, rich, verdant garden for Freak-Weed*

*snatched up Nikolus*

Nyaha! Keyblade wielder!

A wild Cooro appeared!

Pokèball, go!

*victory music plays*
You caught the wild Cooro! XD

Pokèdex entry:
Cooro is a cute little cinnamon roll that you can't help but protect, not saying she can't defend herself.
Orlando and Garrett

Mine now! Shiny Shiny Shiny shiny.
Cliff. Because I can. (And because Harvest Moon~)
Seems cool.
I'll just take Tamamo No Mae, if that's alright. *Flies away, never to be seen again*

I'll just snatch Azalea Streu from your arms, NYUHUHUHUHU!!! *Runs away at Mach 20 speeds*

Have fun choosing from my roster, I only have three, and they're probably crappy.
I will take Maeko for 1000, Alex.

*leaps into the abyss after that horrid Jeopardy ref*
I'm here to whisk Nielle away on my trusty steed. My reasoning? Neko. Onward Goatsworth!

*Slowly trots off*

Just a cutie~
Katia Topic Starter

Red XIII. I don't know a lot about Final Fantasy, but I did see a film and red XIII looked really cool.
MINE *Steals Rashinnu*
Gimmie dat Saraxx.

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