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Guess I am taking Catherine then.
I'll take Jin, I suppose.
It's between Judy and Jupiter
Because who wouldn't want a bunny? *Feeds to their dog army*
Sergei Sila Volkov - because that is an awesome name. Also, he sounds like an interesting character!
Katlina, I love characters with a hard outside/soft inside personality.
Katia Topic Starter

Veluren as he sounds rather cute and well thought out.


Just 'cause.
Leo Klieson - because she looks fun and spelunking is cool! :D
Claine Moderator

I'd definitely steal Sirina Zelenthia :> I love her backstory.
Nero because I like his name reminds me of devil may cry and I like his whole premise.

Karai Alkaid

Because. Shiny.
Sergei seems the most complete and well rounded of the bunch.
Karai because Kida Kidagakash picture :D
Meade O'Kelly, sounds like a bit of a scalawag. Fun fun.
Corina, because she's adorable and I love her name
Zhu, because she's purdy.
Auberon Moderator

Maliq because vampires.
Is all of them not an option? Aight, fine. Samira, because damn gurl.
Madame Dun, she's interesting :O

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