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Everyone is a genius on the internet!

It's a simple game but I wanna see where it goes!
Someone starts with a question (which will me me.) Then it is answered by the next poster (who can say anything from the true answer to whatever comes into their head!), who will have a question of their own!
Me: Who is Micky Mouse?

Next Person: A duck who lost his wings.
Why is the sky blue?

Next person: Because aliens don't wear hats.
Why don't you hug me?


Let us begin!
What is love?
A anaemic zebra.

Why are cats soft?
Katrina Delavore (played anonymously)

To lull you into a false sense of security and safety so we can more easily steal your breath.

Why do clouds suddenly appear, every time you are near?
The pressure and temperature differentials between myself and the local atmosphere are so great that water vapour immediately condenses from the environment. Also: why your palms get sweaty and why a cold mist rolls in preceding my arrival. owo

Why is tylenol an effective pain killer?
Because there are little people inside who find the pain and kill it for you.

Bexcuse caps locks loves to be turned on, like most of us

Why do guysome have nipples?(Srsly tho why?)
Katrina Delavore (played anonymously)

So you can milk them, duh.

Who first looked at a nursing cow and thought, ‘I’ve gotta get me some of that?’
DearCharlie Topic Starter

I think it was Harry Potter.

Why isn't the Sun Blue, like the Sky?
Everyone know that the earth is flat and that the sun is actually a spot light that rotates around us, none of this is orbiting the sun business. Because it's a spot light, it has the same yellow white hue of the variety seen on earth. 8B

Why do apples grow on trees?
Katrina Delavore (played anonymously)

Trees are much better at dealing with cancer than people are. Apples are tumors than the trees extrude from their extremities. Tasty, tasty cancer.

What is the sound of one hand clapping?
It is the sound of skin cells slappimg each other, no matter bow soft you do it you can always hear it

Where do Crappy memes come from?
(Katrina, omg gross! XD Well done.)

The internet is a series of tubes, right? Well, so is our digestive system. One can easily correlate a "crappy" meme as digital information that has been so thoroughly digested that's ready to be deuced to your nearest internet poop hole.
(I'm so sorry for the crassness, I need a shower now.)

How does music work??
DearCharlie Topic Starter

You know what music notes are, right?
These notes are actually inserted into your device at an unimaginable pace, one in which you wouldn't be able to see it. Once in, the start eating away at your storage (Megabytes and Gigabytes and such). The cries of pain that come from the bytes create the music. Different notes eat in different ways making different music.

Huh. Maybe I should stop listening to music.

Who controls the school system?
Lizards, obviously.

Why are puppies and kittens just the cutest thing?
Puppies, kittens, and other fuzzy wuzzies are actually designed by nature to entice other creatures to take care of and raise them as a method of ensuring their survival and the survival of their species.

How many leaf cutter ants would it take to construct a replica of Iron Man entirely out of leaves and twigs (on a 1:1 scale).

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