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I figured I'd do this again. If I get enough practice from doing y'all's free stuff, eventually I should have enough examples to start charging and people will take me seriously.

I don't have any big hard limits (except illegal stuff!), but I'm not very good at males and I haven't mastered clothing or full pictures. I have only done a little feral stuff. A VERY little.

Is my best work, some of my other examples are as follows

Female bird anthro
Male feline anthro
Female human, side veiw

I have newer examples, but ALL of them are on lined paper. I would draw yours on either sketchbook paper or on white computer paper.

1. Please say thank-you
2. These are free, but I have other commitments first. Don't push me for time
3. Don't be snarky about the free art. I've had people who have completely ripped into my work and insulted me. I don't want that. It makes me feel icky D:

So, sign-up here :D

Cora (played by CelestinaGrey)

Yay! <3

I'd actually love more art of Cora, please! :3 And you have a nice ref sheet to work from, too ^^

Thanks so much sweet and lovely Lily! <3
Kettu (played by Strangedisease)

Please draw me? There will be much smootchies and love. <3
Elysia (played by TornBySanity)

<3 Thank you for this awesome idea Lily! If you could throw my way a drawing of Elysia that would be amazing! <3 <3 <3
Shie (played anonymously)

You could *try* to do me...but I understand if you don't want to. ^^;

This character is a little...weird.
Ben Moderator

I've always wanted art of my character Francis. I've got a site for him in my profile. But he's a male, and has fancy clothes, so, I won't be offended if you say no XD
TheLily Topic Starter

@Cora - I was going to secretly draw something for you to see if I could!
@Kettu, I don't want any of your smootchies :P I'll see what I can do for you.
@Elysia I will certainly try!
@Shie I will try my best, though I might not be able to
@Bed, I LOVE Francis. I'll see what I can do for you. I'm better at humanoid felines, so it might end up like that!
Cora (played by CelestinaGrey)

Awwwww Lilyyy <3 <3 I know whatever you draw me will totally make my day :D
Thanks Lil! I figured El would be easier than Ezra cause he's a boy XD
Ooooh! Would you draw Mariya for me please! If you have time :3
If you want to practice with anthros, you could do Adrianna, if you wanted. :D

I love to help people practice. I can't draw a stick figure. LOL.
TheLily Topic Starter

I will be starting these this week, I think. Tonight... I added a list of characters. I'll strike them off when I'm done :D

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