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I don't know if this is the best place for this but anyway...

Hey folks! I've decided I need to clean up my character roster, and after a lot of thought... I have some characters that I don't think I'll ever use for one reason or another. Some are out of genre for me, others I just don't know what to do with... And I've decided I'd rather offer the opportunity for someone to do something with them rather than just dump them or stuff them in a metaphorical box forever.

I've moved the info I have for the characters I'm offering here to clean up my roster. If you see something you like, let me know and I'll mark it off. From there, you are welcome to use or change the character as you see fit. Be aware: you will have to save and upload any images yourself, as I don't intend to keep them up long after a character has been claimed.

I would appreciate a quick credit wherever you end up using them. <3

The characters!

Billie Madison, Fun-loving Bassist


Age: 18
Race: Human, mixed heritage Caucasian
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Occupation: Bass player

Appearance: A thin girl, but without any one style. She dresses however she pleases for the day, and that can vary a lot from one day to the next. Sometimes she goes without make-up, sometimes she wears bright and wild colors. Sometimes she wears punkish clothes, sometimes country wear, etc. Her hair is only about two inches long, having recently had a large amount hacked off, and the latest color is a dark purple.

Personality: Generally sweet and outgoing, with an often perverted and sometimes dark sense of humor. She doesn't care too much about what others think of her, so long as she has fun. Unlike most people into music, she doesn't pay a whole lot of attention to who the band or singer is, or even consistently favor any genre over another - she just listens to the music. She has a tendency to hum random tunes and, despite being a bassist, sometimes even sings to herself.

More may be added...


Anne Lee, Cheerfully Rowdy Pilot

Suggested template: Nothing But Blue Skies


Name: Anna Lee
Nicknames: Anne, Annie
Alignment: Neutral Good (Passively Good)
Age: 46
Race: Human, Caucasian (mixed American, mostly Scottish and German)

Appearance: A bit of a burly woman, typically seen in a brown aviator jacket, faded jeans, combat boots, leather pilot's cap, and goggles that usually rest on top of her head. She wears tank tops under the jacket, showing off numerous colorful tattoos across her chest, upper back, and down her arms. The hair under her cap is brown streaked with grey, cut short, and is always a mess when it's not plastered to her head from her cap.

Personality: Boisterous, adventurous, and seemingly always in a good mood.

Other: She's a pilot and has a pet ferret named Bo. Bo usually hangs out on Anne's shoulders. She's married, but doesn't get to see her husband (Jian-min Lee, a small, friendly Chinese man with an obtuse sense of humor) often and has no kids. Calling her "Annabel" is a good way to get smacked upside the head - only her husband can get away with it. Gum is always on hand, and she chews it as a replacement for smoking, though she occasionally still sneaks a cigarette. She uses a disarmed Grumman F6F Hellcat as a small cargo carrier, and has been slowly rebuilding a Stearman M-2 Speedmail for several years.
Claimed by ConnanBell.

Lucas Mitchel, Duplicating Hero

Suggested template: Cityscape 1, Landmarks: Manhattan


Name: Lucas Mitchel
Nickname: Xerox
Alignment: Neutral Good
Age: 22
Sex: Male

Appearance: Dirty blonde hair that's always a bit tousled, almost shockingly green eyes, tall with a lean build. Usually wears sporty clothes (knee-length shorts, T-shirts, sweat-shirts), but almost never fails to wear something a little more respectable for events that call for it. He wears a few scars from a playful childhood; a small one on his right knee, one about 3 inches on his lower left back, and one where his left pointer finger was re-attached as straight as possible.

Personality: A joker, occasional trouble maker, and admitted mama's boy. He can talk his way out of many situations, sometimes abusing facts and twisting truths to do so, but rarely outright lying. He has a good heart though, and would never intentionally hurt someone without good reason.

Background: Lucas discovered his ability at 15 when he woke up one morning to find himself both in his bed and on his bedroom floor. His mother, Catherine, saw him in this separated state before he could figure out what was going on, and helped him as best she knew how. He still lives with her, and works at a grocery store while attending college. Occasionally he'll use his ability to multitask between work, play, and studying - a habit his mother protectively disapproves of.

Ability: He can bearably create up to four copies of himself at once, totaling five, each fully capable of doing completely separate tasks and under his control. The downfall to this is each copy of him shares semi-collective strength (the sum of all is greater than the one, etc.), so the more copies, the weaker each is. Also, though he is a skilled multitasker, he can become confused about controlling each separately. The more of him there are, the more they have to concentrate, as each is aware of the others thoughts and actions. Another problem is that if one copy is injured, he will be injured when brought back together, though to a lesser degree; he has yet to find out what happens if a copy dies.
Claimed by InsaneShadow.

Green Mike, Gentleman Thief

Suggested template: Private Correspondence, Landmarks: Big Ben

Image 1
Image 2

Alias: Green Mike
Name: Unknown
Alignment: Somewhere between Chaotic Good and Chaotic Neutral; a Lovable Rogue
Age: Late 20's to early 30's
Race: Human

Appearance: Golden blonde hair down to his mid-back, always kept in a tidy ponytail. Green business suit: jacket, tie, slacks, and lighter green collared shirt. Green fedora with a yellow feather. Black half mask, white gloves, black dress shoes. Carries a black cane with a golden tip and bulb handle.

Personality: A gentleman thief; ever polite (especially toward females) and good-humored, but ever a rascal. Even in more casual interactions, he tends to be a bit of a kleptomaniac. When in a tight spot, he can usually be counted on to have something up his sleeve - or in his cane, or hat, or jacket...
Claimed by Hikari_Yagaza.

Sal, grouchy salad

Suggested template: Strawberry Patch

Image 1
Image 2

Gender: Other
Race: vegetable salad
Age: semi-rotten
Body Type: plastic clamshell box of leafy greens
Height: usually about 6"
Complexion: green
Eyes: black olives with carrot sliver "eyebrows"
Likes: complaining, bragging, pretty women
Dislikes: the world
Sexuality: them humanoid womens
Languages: English and whatever is plot-convenient

At first glance, he appears to be a typical garden-variety supermarket salad packed away in a clear plastic clamshell box. In actuality, Sal is a garden-variety supermarket salad, but being sentient and animate, he's not so typical. He is comprised mostly of leafy greens with an assortment of vegetables, which also form his face and the arms he uses to get around. When he wants to, he can stretch himself up to 7'6", usually just so he can better look down on others while yelling at them.

Sal is a crotchety old salad with a bit of a rotten streak. He often spends his time grumbling about whatever he can think of and being generally unfriendly. Breaks from the usual complaints and mumbles come in the form of shouting colorful vulgarities when angry, and occasionally hitting on or harassing attractive humanoid females.

Where precisely Sal came from is uncertain, especially since he'd have someone believe he'd been everywhere given the chance. Presumably he was on a shelf once upon a time, as clued by the "Sal" "X" and scribbled-out price written on his lid. How he ended up as he is is an even greater mystery, as he won't say any more than that he was thrown out (hence his claim to being a "tossed" salad).

Stuff he can do
  • First line of defense is his mouth - Sal can make make a sailor blush and pee his pants due to his particular skill at cussing and berating others.
  • Can throw a seemingly infinite number of vegetables and vegetable pieces at high speed; beware, the cherry tomatoes explode for some inexplicable reason. He can also spit/squirt vinegar dressing.
  • Sal can back into his box and close the lid when needed. Oddly enough, while the box may get thrown around, dented, bent, even crushed, it seems to be unbreakable and protects Sal from a great deal of (but not all) harm. Depending on the damage the box takes, he has been known to get stuck for a bit, but the box eventually returns to its original form.
Claimed by LowRezCrab.

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I would like to pick up Anne, please!
Zelphyr Topic Starter

ConnanBell wrote:
I would like to pick up Anne, please!
She's yours. Along with her husband and ferret.
I would like Lucas Mitchel please.
Zelphyr Topic Starter

InsaneShadow wrote:
I would like Lucas Mitchel please.
He's yours, along with his vaguely-defined mother. :)
Can I have Green Mike? Thank you.
Zelphyr Topic Starter

Hikari_Yagaza wrote:
Can I have Green Mike? Thank you.
He's yours now. :)
I debated for so long on whether to ask.


Please can I have Sal? I can’t get over him!

Out of curiosity, how do you transfer ownership of characters?

I'm interested in Billie as one of my characters is putting together a band.
Zelphyr Topic Starter

LowRezCrab wrote:
I debated for so long on whether to ask.


Please can I have Sal? I can’t get over him!
He's yours. :)
Dunedain-Ranger wrote:
Out of curiosity, how do you transfer ownership of characters?

I'm interested in Billie as one of my characters is putting together a band.
Can't quite tell if you're claiming her, or if you are still considering. Let me know which. ^^

There isn't really a way to transfer the profile itself (and Billie was in a shared profile anyway). What's happening here is that I am providing all the info I have, and am declaring that a copyright of the character belongs to someone else. The person who claims any of these will have full ownership, to do as they please with the character. For example, ConnanBell is considering featuring Anne in a card game he's creating.

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