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(( We finally started this guys! Any OOC & IC information can be located in: ))
Sun raised up and finally appeared in the sky after a long hard night in Hwen. King persivell wakes up and sees himself behind his reading bench, he woke up with the sound of people around the castle. It was one of the most strange things that he expected to hear in the morning. Stands up from his old wooden chair and takes a look from the window to the outside. A medium-sized group of people was gathering around the gate, the sound they were making wasn't that loud to make guards shut them up so it was the thing that made Percivell worried.
Muttered "The sun shones, has no alternative." Probably a verse from Xernout.
Walks towards the exit door, suddenly take a look at his books on the table that he was reading last night before he fell into sleep.
Closed the books, dressed in one of his good clothes opened the door and signals guards to be free while walking towards the main hall.
Noticed Lord Hector Rowan, the king's right hand, one of his best advisors. Tried to avoid eye contact with him because he was thinking he will probably make him busy with useless things in this time that people gathered around castle so he directly asked him his question before he hears anything for him. "Tell me why are they here?". Continued walking on the hall and Hector behind him answered his question "My lord, last night Weam Castle got attacked by large group of deserters, the attack wasn't that bad but they were too many, they got a lot of dead bodies because of they weak armors and weapons, today we got a message from Weam, says the defense was successful and solved with only a few numbers of injured soldiers.
Persivell sighed, " Is baron ok? "
Hector said "Yes my lord, Lord Baron wrote this letter" handed the letter to persivell and he read it, some normal information about the battle and injured people. Hector said "Your uncle, Lord Eden got injured a bit in this battle my lord, he is ok at this time. people gathered to send their prayers and show it to the great ki-" Percivell walked off towards the balcony which he can talk with people. The crown was amazing people screaming his name and everything was great.
"My people, today we experienced the true danger for our country, you see even bandits and deserters want us to die, but we didn't let them choose the way that we are stepping on. The way of glory, honor, and justice. We won't let our enemies to touch our flags, to send arrows to our soldiers, to show us their swords and blades, to touch our wives and children, because we are XOKIAN!!! And we kill them under our walls! *people are still screaming* and the true XOKIAN fights!"
Raises his hand and gets back inside the castle. "Hector! Write a letter to my uncle, tell him to take a break for a while, I need him to get better..." Said persivell.
Aria (played by Fantasygirl2)

* Aria say on the rooftops watching, wAiting, listening. She fiddled with the knife at her side. As an assassin it was rare to see girls do this kind of work. Well actually it was rate to see women do any kind of work. She ten pulled her mask over her face and pulls the hood I've and went near the castle
King O'khal (played by Boneless)

it is going to be rainy soon. the cold night is coming to Londinium. lovely weather as always. he is walking around the streets and whispering old songs. everyone know him. even the kids. everything is fine, or ... was fine.

he sees a messenger is coming with some guards with him. they reach him.
"hail, my prince. lord Lorras wants to see you as soon as possible." the messenger said.
"what for? what is it about??"
"he just said its an emergency matter, nothing more."
O'khal started to run to the castle without even looking at the horse the messenger has brought for him. Lorras is his best friend. they knew each other since they were kids. Lorras is the lord of Londinium after his father, chosen by king Elijah, O'khal's father.

he reached the gates. the guards opened the door quickly and he ran to the lords hall. Lorras was there. with a cheerless face. it was obvious that it isn't a good thing to hear.
"what's going on brother??" O'khal said.
"that's ... aaaam .. about your father. it's just ..... hes .... i mean he is ....." it's just a sorrowful voice filling the moment. nothing more.
O'khal got angry "tell me damn thing!!"
Lorras was looking at the fire when he whispered "he is dead..." his voice was lower than whispering.
"speak louder Lorras! what the hell are yo...
"he is dead!!" he shouted "a letter came from Malibo. your father was poisoned. their gathering at Katikat port for the funeral. My condolences brother. i can prepare some horses at dawn fo.....
but it's too late. O'khal is on the horse now and Lorras is watching him through window. he can't stop him. no one can. he reach the dangerous jungle road to the Malibo. he hears the old songs from jungle. the woods are whispering. the wind is howling and animals are Mourning. he thinks about the past. the moments he fought with his father. he hasn't seen him since he was 18. 5 years no father and now ...
there is two days way to Malibo in a common walking with canvoy. but he is fast. he can do it. he has to do it. he needs to be very fast if he wants to see his fathers face one more time before they hand him over to the sea...........
Persivell Knightmond (played by DeeDay) Topic Starter

Hector was preparing his letter to send it to King's brother, took the pen and used his right hand to start writing the letter, suddenly someone knocked on the door, " Come in " said Hector.
A xokian guard with a nervous face came in which got Hector's attention. He said "My Lord, you have to see something! "
Guard brought Hector to The yard of the castle, noticed three xokian swordmen and a messenger with a damaged short sword, lying on the ground and trying to breathe hard, his horse is on the ground, seems very tired after carrying this injured man.
Hector increased his speed and approached him, crouched on the ground next to him and placed his right hand behind the man's head.
"What happened?" Said to guards.
" Lo'd Eden, he's in danger " said him exactly before he closed his eyes. he died.
Things are going to be stranger.
Hector got confused, why Eden is in danger?
Hector said "Search his body, anything? Anything can show us his side or nationality?"
A guard standing next to him with sword answered "Nothing my lord".
The guard waited for some moments and then answered " His shield my lord, its similar to Weam Castle guard's shields. "
Hector takes a look at it and then stands up and walks inside.
King O'khal (played by Boneless)

he is going as fast as he can. no, .... not him, it's the horse. it seems the horse is getting tired. and also it seems that the horse knows about something that she is trying as hard and fast as she can to reach O'khal to Katikat port.
last night, the woods were crying and now not a little sound you can hear from anything. it's just silence everywhere and it means that the funeral is over. but he is still hopeful. the sun is coming up and there isn't much longer to reach the Katikat hill. where you could see all of the Katikat entirely.

the hill is the only way to Katikat and also to another realm. the Northies east neighbor. that was undiscovered from them and they didn't want to go there. yet, no one came from that way to them. left side of the hill is just an impassable high rocky mountain to the north sea and the right side is a bushy jungle (hard to pass) to the south sea that separated the Northies empire from the south-east realm. and of course Katikat is in the base of the mountain and the border was determinate by two empires much further from Katikat. almost in the middle of the way between seas.

O'khal reaches the hill. he was on the top of it. the horse was breathing so heavy so he let her rest a bit. there was no need to hurry. not anymore. he saw a light arrow hit the long boat when he reached there. his father was on the boat. and the boat went fire. the funeral was over. it's too late. the sun shone and lighted all of the Katikat at once.

after some minute of silence he hears some voices down there near he port. it must be the people voice. he looked and he saw the people circled two person at the port. he noticed that the two person were his mother and brother. people need answers. he went down the hill and passed houses and reached the port. he was on the horse so he attracted the people. there were a huge number of people there. he heard some of the people whispering and some even shouting:
"it's them. the Xokian did this shit", "Odin helps us", "long live king O'khal", "we aren't safe enough", "do something you bastards", "@#$% the king!", "you killed your father to be king", "..."
different voices, different sentences, different ideas from different people. it's completely natural to hear this shits! he finally reached the guards that kept away people from his mother & brother. they opened a way for him and closed it soon. he came down from the horse and went to his family with a sorrowful face. they hugged each other.
"long time no see brother" O'khal said.
that was the only sentence being said. they were silence as ever and people was getting angrier and uncontrollable. O'khal went on a barrel and waited for people to be quiet.

and he started his unforgetable speech: ...
Persivell Knightmond (played by DeeDay) Topic Starter

At the sunset, Persivell was training in the yard, surrounded by four guards there, with a sword on his left hand and a wooden shield. Flipping the sword, holds the shied strongly, makes himself ready for a training battle. The guard from behind starts the strike, he moves his body to another direction as he hits him on the back with his shield and makes him on the ground, others getting closer with sword and one of them did hit him on the shield. He strikes back heavily, the guard's sword dropped on the ground, the guard surrounded.
Hector came at this moment, "My lord!!" said with a nervous voice, which made Persivell pay attention to him for some few moments even between battle, for a moment he lost the control of the battle, one of the guards stands up and hits him on the shield. He gets angry, uses his sword to knock him back and then kick him on the chest, puts his sword on his throat. The last guard comes and he missed at hitting persivell from the right side, he moves his body, grabs the guard by his other hand as he dropped the shield, and tackles him on the ground, the guard surprised and dropped his sword, persivell takes the other sword quickly and the fight is done.
Quietness fills the training yard, persivell turns his gaze towards Hector with a frown on his eyebrow. His sweaty face behind the helmet, tired hands, powerless feet can't handle bad news again. "Tell me..*breathing heavily* What is next?" Said to Hector.
Hector doesn't know how to tell him. He just closes his eyes and starts: "I have two news my king"
Persivell said "Which one is worst?", approaches the handmaid and takes a towel from her, drops his helmet on the ground, and cleans his face. Hector remains silent. Persivell steps closer, "Have I ever touched you? Have I ever punished someone because of carrying a bad news?"
Hector said "Of course not, my lord" lowers his head.
Persivell said " I won't, I swear! Now tell me... "
Hector feels a little free to tell him, he was afraid to tell him about that injured guard. Said " This afternoon we found a soldier which we believe he escaped from the Weam castle my lord, he said some words, including some strange things that we don't know if they are true or not."
Persivell said, "Tell me what did he say?"
Hector: " He said 'Lord Eden is in danger', he had weam banner on his shield and armor my lord and all of his items fits with a soldier who served for Lord Baron and Eden in Weam Castle."
For some seconds while listening to Hector's words, he starts thinking and tons of question come into his mind, "what is the danger that he is talking about, the most loyal person to him in the realm, Lord Eden is leading the castle, what is making problem for him in his own castle, besides, my brother, Baron is there, what if he is in danger too?" Persivell said to himself.
"What else do you know?"
"Nothing my lord that was all we know about him. Our last report from weam castle was the victory letter from your uncle Eden and from our last information, Weam is safe. I think we need to, -"

Without continuing to hearing Hector he asked a question while walking towards the door quickly: "What is next news?"
Hector answered " King Elijah is dead "
Without any reaction, made himself to his room.
King O'khal (played by Boneless)

"you all know me. or ... most of you. I'm O'khal! great son of king Elijah. ... the thing is ... he is dead, and you need answers. need someone to serve. you all have your own ideas. i don't blame you if you hate me. i didn't do anything wrong nor do you. you know that i'm not interested in throne. i don't like it. as you can see i missed my father funeral cause i wasn't in Malibo at the moment he died. or ... poisoned. yeah. maybe i could save him. maybe if i weren't in Londinium his fate could be something else. you can blame me. you have to blame me for his death. that's okay. but charging another kingdom isn't what we want. it will bring war. but we need peace just like our fathers. like Odin! i'm not abnegating the Xokian. maybe its really them. but ... what for?? Huh?! tell me. find some reason. we're not sure enough to accuse someone, but i promise you that i will find the guy and kill it myself. for now, i need you to calm down and live your lives as everyday. and about the throne ......... i'm not saying that i must be your king or i'm the rightful one, so i leave it to you... who among you wants to be king? ...... no? ...... anyone?? ........ so, let me make it clear. i don't like to be king. i don't deserve it. so, ..... i will leave this throne for my brother Daulver."
he came down from the barrel and there was just silence for a moment.

Daulver came to his brother and whispered near his ear: "it's not your call brother."
then he walked around the circle and made his voice louder (something like shouting) :
"you need a true king. who leads you to battle!! a true avenger! who can avenges our fathers death. for the love of faith!! for the love of Odin!! our father!!!!
and now people started to shouting and cheering them like a true viking.
Daulver continued: "he can do it" pointing O'khal. "he can be our king!! if a war is coming, he can lead us to it!! he will kill them all!! he can save us all cause Odin will save him!! yeeeaaaah!!!
and now nothing can stop people from cheering O'khal. they all want king O'khal! after a moment Daulver came in front of O'khal and look right in to his eyes. then he said very loudly: hail king O'khal!!! and kneeled to him. after that all of the people including the guards and his mother said: hail, king O'khal! and all kneeled before him. then people rised and started to set up a feast in the great hall. Daulver said to O'khal: "there is nothing you can do brother. whether you like it or not you are our king now" then he laughed and went for the feast.

the night was coming and people gathered in the great hall for the feast. O'khal, Daulver and their mother sit on the lords table with lord Kevvin and some of the nobles. O'khal was sitting between lord Kevvin and Daulver. they discussed about things. political stuff, wars, and other regions and realms.
lord Kevvin is truly loyal to the throne and kings family. he is 50 now. he was a lord since he fought beside the great king Ivar. so he is a real warrior.

after some minutes of silence, O'khal said:
"i will leave Katikat at dawn. heading to Londinium. here isn't my place"
and Kevvins reaction:
"what?? what did you just said? noway! you should stay here a while. you are king now and what a king will leave his people so soon after the crowning? besides you are king. everywhere in this realm is your place"
"look at this people! they don't trust me, they want me dead. some of them still think that i killed my father."
"who dares my king?! who dares? tell me and i will cut his throat!"
"calm m' lord, it's in their nature, there is nothing you can do. i will leave at dawn and my family will come too."
"as you wish my king"
"and stop calling me @#$%ing king!! im O'khal!"
Persivell Knightmond (played by DeeDay) Topic Starter

Persivell sitting behind his desk. Looking at the outside of the castle with peace, "Guards!" Said, a xokian guard opened the door quickly and paid his respect after that, "Go and bring the Hector."
For some few minutes room was full of quietness until Hector knocked on the door and noticed Persivell is looking outside of the castle while standing next to it.
Hector said "My King, you called for me..."
"I need someone to scout the Weam Castle for me, find someone and send him there undercover, I don't need him to get busted, I don't know who will you pick for this job, but I hope that you understand the situation that we are living on, there may be some traitors, according to my information, anything can connect us to the Weam is now gone and it's kind of suspensions, it can't be an accident."
Hector nodded at him and showed respect.
"You can count on me, my king, I got my guys"
Persivell takes a deep breath and turns his gaze to Hector, takes some steps towards him slowly and places his right hand on Hector's shoulder. "Thank you" looked into his eyes.
after some minutes, Hector left the castle undercover with two guards, makes his way towards the most crowded place in the city. Old Bob's bar in the east side of the city, the home of drunk people and lucky looters. Music can be heard from a mile and the smell of vine can be noticed exactly when you step inside, with two guards following it would be fishy to enter a poor bar like this, a place for criminals and probably everyone you here did something dirty this morning.
Hector finds a place to rest for a while, the poor clothes that he wore were junk enough to show him like a bandit or an old guy trying to forget his sins with drinking. "Pssst," said to the person standing behind the table. He came closer and Hector got his attention. "I need someone..." He answered "What kind do you need?". Hector said, "Fast as wind, quiet as night and loyal like a dog." The guy said "I think I got you, don't know about loyalty but..." Hector told him "Say!" he answered, "You can find her in the south of here, near the black Henry's shop." Said and walked off. Hector got surprised and said "Her???" But no one answered. Signals his guards to leave the bar with him, after some minutes of walking and thinking about what he exactly heard, he reached the place that he thinks he can find that assassin that he heard of in a bar. But is she really an assassin? Tells his guards to be careful, enters the alley, filled with junk and smells terrible, makes his sound higher "Hello? Anyone?" And waits for a sign...
Laiden cadence Luca (played by Kaizasuno)

Fren head towards the door but feels a tug on his coat, and looks back to see his 6 year old daughter, Jamie.
"Daddy...don't go."
Fren smiles and crouches. "I'm sorry, but I'll only be gone for a few hours a day, and I'm sure your brothers and sister can take care you in my stead."
Fren pats her on the head," And If you behave, we can all go out to eat tonight."
Jamie's face Brightens up, and Fren gets up and leaves the house and outside to the city of the king, of Xokian.
Decked out with a knee length coat and a custom plate armour arm in his right arm, not to forget his satchel of goodies. Fren heads way to the recruitment center for the army, and cuts through the market place, and eyes a good amount of merchandise around there, and stops in front of the recruitment center.
"Well, we're here, guess it's time I go i-"
"Ah, so the weed's here as well."
Fren turns behind to see his childhood bully Dux.
"So your back.."
"Yes I am, have been for awhile, and I thought I told you to stay away from Olivia, or the adopted bra-"
"SHUT UP! If you dare to mention them again, you'll get more than just a few bruises, like time."
Fren stomps his way into the R.c. with Dux behind him, they both inlist, and have to wait a day till the process is done. Fren hurries back to the house to cool down.
"Hey Fren." says Sofia his 17 yo daughter.
"Hey dad." says dean his 15 yo son.
"Welcome back, pa." Says Jace, his 13 yo son
"I behaved well daddy, so can we go pleasesssssss?"
"Hey guys, and yes sweetheart we'll go once you rascals are ready." Fren chuckles.
"Well let's go now then" the children say in unison.
They all set off to go to a tavern but on the way a feminine voice calls out,"Fren it's been a while."
Fren and the children look back to see a beautiful young lady, and fren's face becomes as flushed as a sapphire.
"Uh... hi Olivia."
Sofia and her siblings have never seen her before, but Sofia notices how fren reacted and grins.
"Ah, hello it's a pleasure to meet you ma'am."
Olivia looks towards Sofia and the kids,"like wise, and would I be right to think you are the children fren talks about so often?"
"Why, yes we are, and I was wondering whether you'd like to join us on our trip to the tavern?" Fren glances towards Sofia, looks at him from the corner of her eye.
"Why yes, I would be honored to do so." Olivia says giggling.
Fren smiles happily,"well let's get the move on."
They get to the tavern and enjoy a good meal whilst talking a out some off topic stuff.
"Well it was nice talking to you again after a while, have a good night you sweethearts."
They head home any put to sleep Jace,Jamie, and Dean.
"Uh.. thanks." Fren says shyly to Sofia.
"For what?" Sofia says like the sky fox she is.
"Your really going to make me spell it out... ugh..thanks for inviting her."
"Ah, your welcome." Sofia says making fun of him,"anyways night Fren." Sofia heads to her room.
Fren heads to his study/ room and removes his plate arm and jacket, and just falls face first into his bed, falling right to sleep.
Kosma (played anonymously)

Kosma was getting things ready at the temple. Though she could not wait until tonight then she get money by doing assassin jobs. She often had to travel to diffrent temples. But lucky her she was staying here for awhile. She thought about being high priestess or oracle it was a pain yet fun. Some of the gods made her laugh. But the god of mischief was one of her favorites. But she had to practice a sacred dance for a ritual. She sighed as she thought of all the work.
King O'khal (played by Boneless)

it was dawn ... or almost dawn. there was a carriage with some trusted horsemen. they were getting ready to go to Londinium, when they saw lord Kevvin. he started to talk breathlessly:
"my king, it's so soon. it's not even dawn. please stay a bit longer."
"i can't. the best place for me is Londinium. the people were drunk last night so they respected me. and that kneeling yesterday was for my brother. they know him they trust him and they love him. they will do whatever he does. he says it was our fathers will for me to be king. but people in Londinium are different. they truly love me."
"but what should i tell to people??"
"you can handle it yourself my lord. do as you do everyday and send a letter to me and explain the situation if something happen until i find out what the hell is going on. ... now farewell my lord. there is a long way to go."
"farewell my king. gods lead your way".

after two days, they reached Londinium at morning. when the gates opened there were people everywhere in the road and the roofs! they were cheery and happy for having their new king. they past through the people so hard and went near the castle and when the gates opened there was Lorras standing there. O'khal jumped down from the horse and approached him.
"so now you are king and got your jobs to do" Lorras said.
"oh come on brother. you know me much better than myself."
"come here mate!" hugging. "so, what is it about? why are you here? i thought you're at Malibo now and were ruling the kingdom from the capital."
"let's go inside. there is something i should do."

they were inside. O'khal went near the window and was watching outside. Lorras was a few steps behind him. O'khal started:
"you now that i love these people and they love me. i grew up in this town and i was here more than anywhere else. other people are not good to me. at least not now. i need to find who did this to my father, then maybe people believed in me. ... i wanna make Londinium the capital of the Northies empire."
it was silence for some moments Lorras gazing at O'khal then he said:
"sure my king, how can i be of service?"
O'khal breathed deeply:
"i need you to be the lord of Malibo. ... now my father is dead & the capital is here, Malibo needs a lord to rule. ..... will you accept?"
"it's an honor my king."
"you know that the people there are not so friendly, right?! they are charging the people of Piwn for the king death, because they're half Xokian you know. it's possible to have a civil war or even with Xokians nowadays. so double the guards and make sure your people are under control. send a letter to Piwn including the situations in cities and towns. tell them to keep their distance from you until i solve this problem."
"as you wish. i will head to Malibo at dawn."

suddenly a guard came in:
"my king. my lord. ... there is someone who wants to see you king O'khal. shall i send her in?"
O'khal told Lorras to take care then Lorras left the room. O'khal said to the guard:
"send her in"
then he looked outside and was thinking about the ruling that had began right now when he saw something/someone out there in the yard. he was gazing at it. it was beautiful. ...
Kosma (played anonymously)

At the temple she communed with the gods and was told about the rise of King O’Khal. This worried the priestess and so she got ready to go meet the king and ask that he can convince the gods and people that he was fit to rule and that his court was not being muniplative.
Katrina of the Nightingales (played by Cherry_Red)

Katrina had come from the farthest port from the kingdom she was headed to. She was a messenger, from the gods. But she was also more. She was a witch, for which she kept secret. She was immortal, for which she stayed hidden. The only people who knew about her was her assassin clan. The clan was barely known but they have killed many people from many contracts provided by others who sought another dead.

She was on her way to see King Persivell. She had seen a vision, a really bad one. She had many contracts back in her day in his kingdom, he was furious about it, until he saw that they were mainly bandits and thieves, he had stopped looking for her. She was also a thief, it was her only way of surviving. It was better than being a prostitute. Plus, she never got caught.

Katrina sighed as she slowly rode her horse as the sun rose. It made her red hair glisten with beauty. Her curly hair bobbed slightly when ever the horse moved a hoof. 'What do I say to a king about my vision? I could be accused as a witch' she said to herself. She would have to convince him that she could be useful to him. If he didn't have one who could see visions already. Perhaps another one never hurt.

As she entered Londinium, only to pass through. Word had gotten around the king who was there had renounced his throne to his brother, and had journeyed there. Katrina didn't know what his plans were, but she didn't intend to find out. ((I really don't know how far away these places are unless they are make belief, then I just assume they are only a few days apart)) Then she saw him, up in the window. She avoided eye contact, her glowing eyes would make him suspicious. Her hair still glistened. Her hair slightly touched her bow on her back, it was a powerful gift from the gods. Though everyone just thought she had created it, until they saw its power.

Put people weren't stupid, they could see she was an assassin, but if she wasn't doing anything, then they could not accuse her. She stopped in the market and bought some arrows. She needed to enchant them later. Then someone called out to her. She thought it was a fellow traveler, but no, this person was not who she expected.
King O'khal (played by Boneless)

((hey guys, still out there?! sorry for this little absence. it wasn't little actually! it was for a friend. we were waiting for him to join us. we have set our plans based on his character. but... thats enough. he betrayed us. we assumed that he was fooling us all the time so... we wanna go on without him and i dont care if come back. we spent too much time for him. we're gonna reply in a day or two so heads up!))(( and still sorry for this ridiculous absence))
Persivell Knightmond (played by DeeDay) Topic Starter

(( it seems we waited enough for other characters to come and claim other thrones in Phirals, we are going to continue the old story with our same characters. I hope you guys make this roleplay active, and also never forget this we don't want to make one or two lines roleplays, let's make it a paragraph if you are lazy for writing. also remember that we always looking for members and role players. So don't be shy at introducing your friends to us. If you still wanna make short replies, make sure to keep the quality of realistic roleplay in this. Thanks ))
Persivell Knightmond (played by DeeDay) Topic Starter

Hector, the hand of the king came back to the bar with his two undercover guards. Hector was totally disappointed at finding an assessing that he can trust. Hector faced the tavern keeper which he just met and asked him for the help at finding the assassin "Couldn't find her", Hector said, he was talking about a woman which was one of the fastest assassins in Hwen.
Tavern keeper said, "So, you need an assassin and a person to trust him, and you need him to keep his mouth shut, okay, that's fine, why he should trust you?"
Hector remained quiet while sitting behind the table in front of barkeeper. One of the strangers heard the barkeepers words, he stood up and yelled at Hector, "Are you a snitch? Got paid to arrest us huh?"
The man was drunk as the Hector noticed he tried to ignore him at first but it needs such stupidity to do which Hector hasn't got any. Guards knocked him down in the ground and the man continued "YOU BASTARDS! HE IS WORKING FOR ENEMY!"
The man was drunk very much. What kind of idiot working for the enemy with two guards?
The man makes the people follow his command, Hector got surrounded by a bunch of drunks. Guards covered him but they are surrounded. Two highly trained soldiers from Kings guard versus a lot of drunk asses. The fight started and they came to fight with knives and short swords against them while the Hector was watching...what a mess.
One mile away Persivell in the castle with his busy mind was trying to stop thinking about Weam Castle and the accidents may happen there.
A soldier from the kings Guard came, "My king, all of the connections between us and Weam castle are lost for a week, no crow or bird and no messenger."
Persivell nodded and sent him away.
King O'khal (played by Boneless)

the thing was a she. one that he saw in the yard. a beauty. he wasn't that kind of man who being affected by just a look, but... it was different. or maybe not. there are more other things to think about now that he is king.

"civil war" he was thinking about it. what will happen in the future? how people can trust him? he must do something before its too late. Piwn, a village of half Xokian and half Northmen. things weren't friendly there before the death of the king. and now it will be worse. Malibo and Katikat are blaming him for this mess. they didn't even accept him as a noble northman and now he is king. maybe its best for all to renounce the throne to his brother. its such a burden for him.

he looked back and he just forgot that someone wants to see him. and now she was seeing him! only gods know how long she is been in his room and gazing at him while he was dreaming for the throne. she was a slim girl with a long blue hair and mysterious eyes. she looks like the Ferya, the goddess of beauty and kind. or maybe she is. who knows?

he gazed at her in a minute then said "you wanted to see me and here i am. lets see what can i do"
then he sit on his chair and waiting for her to say a word.
Kosma (played anonymously)

“ the gods and people want to see if you are worthy of being king. My lord, I belive I know how you could prove yourself. The future looks grim, but I belive we can keep it from happening. “ she bowed out of respect. Many things running through her head. Stuff like what was the king like? What was this bad feeling she had. She hoped she was wrong. And prayed it was not what she was thinking. But she hides what she thinking. Now was not the time to ask questions.

Meanwhile elunaria saw the drunks and giggled at the whole thing. In a low voice “ oh? Having trouble? You might be in trouble if you get caught here unless your a assassin looking for work or you want serve drinks and gather information.” What she said was true. She had had water with her and her clothes where simple yet tattered from hand to hand combat. ( elunaria has perfect memory so yea.)
Persivell Knightmond (played by DeeDay) Topic Starter

Hector wasn't stupid, but who doesn't like drinking wine while watching the fight in the tavern. Ordered one and after guards killed three of those drunks, others escaped. Hector took his glass, tavernkeeper said "Get the hell out of my place, you idiot, we don't need problem! You made enough mess ." Hector closes his eyes for a second. Takes him by his collar and speaks on his face, "if you are not going to tell me her place, go #%%$ yourself. I will find her." Hector pushed him back took his glass and when he turned around he saw her.
Steps towards her and signals guard to take distance. "I was waiting for you. But sorry about the mess. The true lord of Xokia, King Persivell sent me, to hire you for a mission." He said quietly to her.
Kosma (played anonymously)

Elunaria laughed. “ oh? I guessed your where with him. You need to work on your undercover skills. If you give me the right payment I could maybe help you.” She looked at the owner of the bar “ get e your best tea.” She came her often and alway liked the tea. Since she helped the owner in the past he kept tea just for her. Then looks at hector. “ what job do you need?”

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