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hey! this is my first game, ( plz be nice! ) the title really makes sience, - i think... -

( Backstory )
your oc super hero, (or anti-hero) is in new york city. there is a villan - WE NEED A VILLAN PLEASE! - they are so powerful, the heros ( or anti ) need to team up. Will they win?

1) no sexuality! - flirting is ok tho-
2) if you could try using other words to substatute cuss words, i bet we'll all know what you mean.
3) you can use ocs like others. ( EX; a simbeyote named rampage. - simbeyote is like venom - a diffrent spiderman ( or woman) from a spiderverse)

thats it! YAY!! if i mess up, srry, cut me some slack!

ill be playing as my oc viper! you can look at her bio.

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I could use Retribution as the villain; as a former hero, he would be the perfect adversary to the protagonists.
SaggyAggy87 Topic Starter

thank you so much! i donot know who that is, but thanks anywayse
Gravedigger (played by Mr_Stick)

Would Gravedigger be a good fit?
I can be one of my villains.
Character Dump (played by WolfieX45)

Haze has a superhero/villian profile if you think she would be a good fit!
SaggyAggy87 Topic Starter

is there gonna be like a squad of villans?? or is one person the villan?
SaggyAggy87 Topic Starter

okay once we get about 5 heros and decide a villan(s) we'll start. people can join in the middle.
SaggyAggy87 Topic Starter

now everyone do a character thing-y like this
viper (played by SaggyAggy87) Topic Starter

Name: viper
Player: SaggyAggy87
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Height: 4.9
Weight: 96
Hair: blonde covered by a hood most of the time
Eyes: dark green
Handedness: right
Relationship Status: single
Personality: u'll see...
Mannerisms: ok
usually wears a jacket, but when in her superhero costume, it looks like stripes on scales.
SaggyAggy87 Topic Starter

you can just copy the profile and post.
Do I need to make my profile or just use the template someone above posted?
SaggyAggy87 Topic Starter

1 that was me
and 2 you can do either or
3 i think making the profile is fun-er but whatever you want to do
Name: Girliath
Player: Jaredthefox92
Gender: Female
Alignment: Villain
Age: 28
Height: 5,0ft-300ft (Usually around 30ft-50ft)
Weight: Varies
Hair: blonde
Eyes: blue
Handedness: right
Relationship Status: single
Personality: Lulissa is a young and energetic woman. She comes off as rather girly and playful often when communicating with others, sometimes to the point of annoyance. While she isn't the brightest of individuals she is known to be brave and strangely loyal to those she opens up to. She can be mean sometimes when angered and isn't above attacking and killing her foes.
usually wears a jacket, but when in her superhero costume, it looks like stripes on scales.
Retribution (played by Arcol)

Name: Retribution
Player: Arcol
Gender: Male
Alignment: Villain
Age: Late 20’s, early 30’s
Height: 6’0”
Weight: See profile
Hair: Black
Eyes: Black
Handedness: See profile
Relationship status: Single
Personality: Violent, vengeful, eager to see the heroes fall. For more details, see profile.
Description: A dark, imposing figure with a terrifying mask and voice
Gravedigger (played by Mr_Stick)

Name: Gravedigger
Gender: Male
Nicknames: The Obsidian Knight, Obsidius's Chosen
Race: Human/Obsidian
Class: Obsidian Avatar
Alignment: Good
Deity: Obsidius
Age: 28
Size: Medium
Body Type: Athletic
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 200 lbs.
Complexion: Pale
Hair: Black
Eyes: Pale Blue
Handedness: Ambidexterous
Scars: Muttlipel bullet scars in chest. Slit scars on wrists and back.
Relationship Status: Single
Personality: Cold at first
Mannerisms: Very calm, seemingly emotionless
Likes: Unknown
Dislikes: Unknown

Gravedigger has two known forms. Human, and Avatar.

Human: He looks much like he did in his previous life. Tall, athletic, with black hair, pale skin, and pale blue eyes. Strange black tattoos run from his shoulders down to just before his wrists, some sort of unknown language.

Avatar: Same as above, except his hair is longer, eyes completely whited out, and he wears a white skull mask along with obsidian black body armor covering his whole body except for his bare arms.
Ey can I join? Melanie is perfect for this!

Name: Melanie
Player: Dragon_Feather
Gender: Female
Nicknames: Mel
Race: Anthro Dragon/ Weredragon
Age: 16 (changeable)
Size: Small
Body Type: Thin
Height: 5'1"
Eyes: Purple
Handedness: Right
Scars: Scratch on left thigh
Relationship Status: Single
Personality: Shy, quiet, moody, clumsy, silly
Likes: Naps, silence, sunsets, sunrises, staying up late, sleeping in
Dislikes: Waking up early, mornings, people with attitude

Melanie is a dark magic anthro dragon/weredragon. Her scales are black with dark purple swirls under her wings. She has a long tail and large wings. her horns are light gray while her eyes are unhuman and bright purple.

(Human form: for certain roleplays) Pale skin, long straight dyed gray and purple hair ombre hair, normally wears white/black hoodies with sweatpants or shorts. Still has unhuman purple eyes. Her ears (human and dragon) are peirced six times

(check her bio if you're interested in photos in the gallery:
Character Dump (played by WolfieX45)

Name: Hazely
Player: WolfieX45
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Height: 4.5
Weight: 90
Hair: pink or blue locks, halfshaved.
Eyes: bright green
Handedness: both
Relationship Status: single
Personality: brash, badass, spitfire
Mannerisms: none
Useualy wears a leather jacket of redwine coloration, which hides the cybernetic arm on her left side. Ripped baggy jeans and combat boots.
SaggyAggy87 Topic Starter

okay! we can start now! um, viper is also a Anti-Hero. srry i forgot to put that on. one more thing: is there gonna be two villans or just one?
Retribution (played by Arcol)

Two, maybe one; I honestly don’t know, but Retribution is not a hero... anymore.

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