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Avi (played by FlamingPsycho)


Tenebris was quite the war-like planet, their lives revolving around fighting for the innocent and those who could not fight for themselves. But with war came innovations. While swords were still the preferred weapon, they needed guns and bombs, and so they made them. But while creating one of these weapons, something went wrong, and the entire planet went up in flames as the blast shook the universe, destroying the two nearest planets.

Pulchra was lucky. They were close, but not too close to Tenebris, and the strong rocks of their planet reflected the blast and their buildings, with their strong bases, shielded most of the citizens as well as their greatest possessions, though it also sucked the life-giving oxygen from the air and rendered the once colorful, energetic planet non-habitable. And so they waited to start their new lives.

Pax was not quite as lucky, losing half their crops and half their population along with it. They no longer could provide food for themselves, to thrive on, as the soil had been burned away so that only thin dust and rock remained where once-luscious plants grew tall. And so they, too, waited to start their new lives.

Most of Tenebris did not make it. The planet had been split into chunks, and the armor-wearing citizens had been fried. Few had been fortunate enough to survive, and half of them were gravely injured.

The Ruler of Eligantur and, consequently, the rest of the galaxy, new she had to do something about this, about those struggling to survive where they once called home. They converted an old 4-level factory into a home for these refugees, dubbing it the Tutum and hiring staff known as Caretakers to keep the newcomers from panicking, help them adapt into how Eligantur was run, which was much different than how their previous planets cycled through life.

The Tutum was, indeed, a fabulous building, each floor dedicated to one of the four main planets.

The main floor was based off of Eligantur. It was painted in soft, muted, soothing colors, and scattered about with mismatched but still comfortable furniture. Pictures lined the wall of the beauty of the planet that these newcomers would have no choice but to call home.

The second floor was dedicated to those of Pax. It was painted in soft goldens and browns, with a dark yellow-ish green carpet. Pictures of their planet prior to destruction hung on the walls, as well as a few more prominent items they had been able to retrieve from their, such as bolts of cloth with the logo and non-dangerous field tools. The doors are of wood, and lead into additionally modest bedrooms. There are large windows overlooking the view outside, with brown curtains boasting pleasant yet simple gold designs. The beds, too, are in simplistic colors but are soft as a cloud.

The third floor is dedicated to the Pulchra refugees. The walls are hung not just with pictures of Pulchra, but also paintings they managed to rescue, and one large mural covers the ceiling, featuring images of their daily lives and their culture. The carpet is black with colorful swirls and shapes, and the walls are painted in a pleasant royal purple and blue. Each room, instead of having a door, is hung with a beaded curtain. The beds are large and also quite soft, with intricately designed comforters. The windows, like the ones for the Pax rooms, are large and airy, with flowing curtains of various designs.

The fourth is final floor is the Tenebris floor. They, too, have plain designs, although they have a much darker color scheme. There are pictures of their planet and incredibly realistic paintings of their favoured weapons on the walls. The doors to the rooms are carved to look formed of metal, a way of protection, and inside the rooms were many similarities to the Pax floor, although in darker grays and blacks. The windows are also a bit smaller, with shades instead of curtains.

For all refugees, there was one set of traditional clothing from their planet found in the closet, as well as multiple sets of Eligantur clothing. Downstairs, on the main Eligantur floor, there was a cafeteria giving food from all planets, so that they wouldn’t have to suddenly switch their diets.

The Ruler was confident that this would work, that the Caretakers would be able to help all these refugees adjust and forget the trauma that had happened to them.

However, not all of them wanted to forget.


Pax is a world revolving around farming and believing in a simple life. They often wear plain cotton shirts and slacks. The wheel of language stated that they speak Spanish.

Pulchra is a world revolving around the arts. They wear as much color as possible. The language wheel assigned them the Japanese language.

Tenebris revolves around war and the mysterious art of power. They believe their purpose is to fight, and solely to fight. They believe they have no other meaning for life than to protect the innocent and fight for their planet. They often wear full armor. They speak Latin.

Eligantur is a mash of all the worlds, ruled by a queen. It is full of cultures and mainly speaks English.


In this roleplay, your character can be:

The only OCs I would not accept into this RP are:
~Werewolves or werecreatures of any kind
~Feral creatures
~Magic Users // Characters with abilities (like waterbending)
~Characters with functioning wings (if the wings don't allow them to fly they're okay)
~Your character CANNOT be nude 24/7, even if they do have fur

So, pretty much as long as your character isn't popping into separate forms, going to the Bouncing Buns 5k or doing some kind of Harry Potter stuff all is good


1. No OP Characters

2. No Mary/Gary Sues


4. Do NOT God Mod

5. Psycho is the god here. They are SUPREME RULER. Listen to them!


7. Don’t just jump straight in. Psycho will accept you, unless they choose somebody else to do that for them.

8. You can cuss, but don’t use degrading words that can be considered insulting to a certain group of people.

9. Only use a character accepted in the rp, most likely anthro or human, unless the RP allows for something other than human or anthro!

10. No massive drama without my permission. More minor drama is alright though.

11. Thou shalt not kill without the permission of the roleplayer they are killing. Also, venison is an exception to this rule.

12. Only minor, fluffy romance like hugs and cheek/forehead kisses. I prefer if I see absolutely no BLACKOUTS. I mean, you’re on one of my plots. Literally all of my plots are violent.

13. Be semi-lit. Or literate. Honestly, as long as you aren’t using ** to RP

14. Give the others something to work with. That mostly means absolutely NO one-liners.

15. Have fun, my lil band of idiots! I love you all!


The Ruler (0/1)

The Caretakers (1/10)
~Dr. Wilkins (Meme_Knight)

Pax Refugees (0/10)

Pulchra Refugees (0/20)

Tenebris Refugees (2/5)
~Avi Ramune Pegasus (FlamingPsycho)
~Henrik Rutherford (StereotypeAgain)
~Kovac Barnes (CowboyLee)
Lyra (played by Meme_Knight)

Hi there! I am very interested in your roleplay! Although, I am, and will be, a little busy for the rest of the week. If it is alright on your part, I would love to roleplay as a caretaker! If you do not think I am suitable, or you are completely filled up on spaces for that role, I will happily accept any other role you assign to me. I love playing a bunch of diverse characters, so I will be happy with whatever role you give me! That is, if that's okay with you.

Thank you for your time!

(PS- The thing made me post as one of my characters, I promise I will make a new one if you accept me.)
Avi (played by FlamingPsycho)

((Hello, Meme_Knight! Yeah, lol, the IC forums tend to do that to ensure the everybody is using them for the right purpose.

Its okay that you're currently a bit busy. I'll reserve a spot for you as a caretaker! Heh, thats the role that unfortunately almost always fills up the slowest we always need caretakers anyways.

I can't wait to roleplay alongside you!))
Lyra (played by Meme_Knight)

Thank you, I am very excited to start! I will start forming my character tomorrow! (I'm so excited!) Is there going to be a specific schedule when everyone roleplays at the same time, or is it going to be just a more relaxed type of roleplay?

Thanks again! :)
Avi (played by FlamingPsycho)


And nah, I like to keep my stuff relaxed because my schedule is always changing and rigidly giving my roleplays a schedule just DOES NOT WORK

You're welcome!))
Lyra (played by Meme_Knight)

Thank you! Quick question; you mentioned something about a form in Rule 5? Where can I access this form?
Avi (played by FlamingPsycho)

Lyra wrote:
Thank you! Quick question; you mentioned something about a form in Rule 5? Where can I access this form?

Ah, shiz, I forgot to add one to this RP. I have a general set of rules I tweak slightly for every roleplay, lol.

Just giving your character name and role will be fine! ))
A'sdam gla'ahsed (played anonymously)

Hi I'm from planet glohereeade where are you from
Avi (played by FlamingPsycho)

((Where I come from is not a planet, but instead something that no other intelligent minds can even hope to understand.))
Dr Wilkins (played by Meme_Knight)

Just finished my character! Is she okay?
Avi (played by FlamingPsycho)

Dr Wilkins wrote:
Just finished my character! Is she okay?

Yeah! I'll add her to the list!))
Dr Wilkins (played by Meme_Knight)

((Yay, thank you!))
Avi (played by FlamingPsycho)

Dr Wilkins wrote:
((Yay, thank you!))
You're welcome!))
A'sdam gla'ahsed (played anonymously)

Avi (played by FlamingPsycho)

A wrote:
Dr Wilkins (played by Meme_Knight)

((I'm sorry.__
Avi (played by FlamingPsycho)

((Eh, maybe if we start more people will appear. So, y'all wanna start this...?))
Dr Wilkins (played by Meme_Knight)

((Sure! When will we start?))

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