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Post something positive about your day.

Hi everyone! I decided to post this after having a little bit of a rough day, but in hindsight it was better than I first thought and some positive things did happen!

So whether you've had a wonderful day, or things have been rough, please post something positive about your day below. <3

I'll begin:
The weather here stayed clear enough for my partner and I to go a lovely walk today, whilst we were playing some Pokemon Go together! The weather may have turned bad now, but I'm all cosied up indoors with a warm drink and a videogame. :)
I woke up and gave 1,000 dollars to a food shelf ❤❤. Now I gotta go tune my basses and play rock and roll all night.
So far, I woke up after a good solid overnight sleep, had some lovely coffee, a decent commute to work, and managed a reply to an RP before heading in to start my workday. All positives so far. We’ll see how the rest of the day goes.
I did some work for my neighbor, and denied all payment, saying it was just a favor. I ended up offering them dinner at a nearby pub, and we had a grand time.
Today started off horrible, but after lunch my dad made me a hot water bottle and some hot choco and I just cuddled up in the corner of my bed all day. That's the best way to spend Sunday
Well, I've decided to buy my friend some pizza on his birthday, since, chances are, I probably won't make it to his party...If he has one. Anyway, I work at Domino's, so getting pizza isn't that hard for me. So, yeah, I'm gonna place the order in next week, and go from there!
Got invited to lunch by the family I work for. It happens often, but that doesn't mean I ever appreciate it any less.

Someone on here whose writing I have healthy admiration for told me they enjoy our role-play and it felt sooooo nice to read. It still feels nice.

I got a very lovely early birthday gift.
Was feeling pretty lousy, but then I checked my work email and discovered not only my friend-worker (co-worker that is a friend beyond work) AND my boss both sort of...rewarded me for my hard work over the past week, while pointing out said hard work to the higher ups.
I got to catch up with an old friend and she stayed over because of the weather. We had a great time watching horror movies and laughing about them like we did when we were younger.

I got to chit chat earlier with someone here who is quickly becoming a good friend. I enjoy our roleplay and conversations immensely.

Ending the night sandwiched between my two dogs and wondering if life gets better than this.
Tough work day but I am always happy to come home to see my little pet rabbit named Alaina.

Although I do have to walk to work in a wintery storm tomorrow. It is worth it for this little bun-bun of happiness :)
Woke up and managed to get a few to replies in before heading into rl. Dentist later, so hoping something positive comes along afterward... like maybe a nap.
Cass Moderator

All jeans at a store I love were only $10 each! I bought 3.

I'm really loving my sociology course and it is actually going to help me with my thinking about life tremendously. Check out the "looking glass self" theory by Cooley. :)
talking to an angel
It was not such a great day starting out really....I had a delivery scheduled for 6pm, but seeing as I had delivered there early before (as much as a day or two early) I figured I would try to get it offloaded my bright idea was let's deliver this at like 9 am....they wouldn't even let me check in until 5 pm......

For those of you who dont realize this, truck drivers are only allowed to work certain hours in a day, so because of my early delivery attempt, my only option at being there on time was to stay there all day....which I did. Lucky for me they unloaded it quickly and I was on my way to see my wife and go home.

Again...for those who dont know this, there are simply not enough places for trucks to park at night when needing to sleep or wanting to go home, so I was relatively certain when I arrived at the only truck stop near my home it would be full and I would have to drive further away and stay out another night, a very depressing thought for me after so much time on the road really.

My wife's bright idea was to park her car in a truck parking spot at the nearest truck stop and essentially reserve it for wasnt sure it was a great idea because truck drivers commonly lack social skills in my experience and can get aggressive but that's what she did. Only one person approached her and when she explained the situation he simply left her alone and let her continue keeping the spot for me (knowing full well this stop was full and he would have to go elsewhere).

Really I am used to the routine of fighting for a place to bed down at this point, however, this is the first time my wife became involved and I was concerned about that. The good part of my day was that this guy left her alone, and I was able to, in the end, park there and head home instead of driving out somewhere she wasnt going to be able to reach (and get enough rest to work tomorrow). I know you guys might not see this as a great thing in my day, but the extremely limited availability to park a semi somewhere even just to sleep (which is a federal mandate) is truly a gem in my life always, and my wife making it through without even as much as a minor disagreement really was the cherry on the day.
Ahh you guys I'm supper happy to hear about all these positives, seriously. <3 It put a smile on my face this morning!

I'm not long awake, but my positive this morning is the wonderful hot cup of tea that I'm starting off my day with. ♡
And yesterday my brace fitting went really well!
I got a root canal! Woot!

It really is a positive thing, I swear!

One positive thing is...

I have cool friends. I don't have like 100 close friends, like some people. But I have cool ones. Really, really cool ones. Y'all know who you are!



By cool, I of course mean nerdy, smart, sweet, NOT "popular" or "mainatream." In my language cool = nerdy. Not opposites. Just in case anyone doesn't know my useage. Cool = Anything Good in Gen X. Well, in my mind, that is.
Learned how to knit a scarf (albeit, it's very tumorous-looking and not fit for wearing. My lizard got a new blanket, I guess.)
Abigail - Oh I totally get what you mean by cool. I've always associated it with awesome or amazing. I think it's a lot better to have a few very close friends than hundreds of acquaintances, more or less. It certainly means a lot more to me, anyway.

Today, one positive was that I got to catch up with one of my work colleagues, who I haven't really spoken to much this last week! It was really nice. My mum was also kind enough to set aside some dinner for me, since I didn't finish work until 8:30pm this evening. <3
Abigail_Austin wrote:
I got a root canal! Woot!

It really is a positive thing, I swear!


I get this! I had one finished last Tuesday. It was an ongoing pain in the face for a couple months. Glad it’s all good now.

A + for today, the relocation process is proceeding and the packing has begun....

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