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Here is the OOC chat :D
I wanted to fill you all in on what I have been putting together so far, so feel free to suggest anything :)

Setting: It starts off in a small, troubled town named Blackwater. The party soon meets each other and is thrown in prison for something(Need ideas for that). The time of day starts at 8:30 AM

The prison: The name of the prison is Blackwater Mine and it is located a mile away from Blackwater. The purpose of the prison is similar to Cidna Mine(From TES V Skyrim), you mine to get out.

Problem: The small town of Blackwater has been suffering from dark events such as Nightmares, Manic behavior, odd illnesses, and other things that are dark and involve death. Recently, a man named Thornar had attacked an elderly woman on the streets, causing her death. He is being held in the mine and being watched 24/7. But... He claims he didn't do it. He also claims a woman met him the night before. He never got a good look at him, but she 'Told him to kill her because she was planning on killing him.'. The party notices odd people walking around the mine and soon decide to follow them, leading to a whole other part of the mine, the 'Old Mine'. It had been abandoned since three centuries ago due to some unfortunate events.

Boop boop, okay, it is unofficial so let me know if you want to change anything.

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Plot sounds good to me; I’m ready when you are.
Plot sounds good to me to!
Aight, I am almost finished with the starter :) I will send it once it is posted :D
AdoniVae wrote:
Aight, I am almost finished with the starter :) I will send it once it is posted :D

Also what character do you prefer me to use , i have some anonymous once as well but i am also willing to make one.
G'day folks! Gotta say that I love this plot - also, what's our posting order gonna be? c: I won't be active the next few hours so I wouldn't mind being put at the end of the line for now~
Here is the link!

Any character you want to is fine by me my dude!
Oh my worm, I forgot the posting order
Is it ok if i play more then 1 character?
Hhhhh, I'd prefer you not to, only because of how many people are in the party.
AdoniVae wrote:
Hhhhh, I'd prefer you not to, only because of how many people are in the party.

That's fine!
Oki ^^
Ayla Loraxidor (played anonymously)

I will use Ayla then without her powers and she is 16-20
Okay, works!
Posting order has been edited into the RP
Posting order is as follows;
Garnaal(Put here for now due to them being inactive for a couple of hours, when active again, they are between Eterni and Cokiesareyummie)
I put you all in the order you came to the Looking for RP forum post, if you want me to change it, let me know :)
I am going to change Ayla in Liliath , Liliath is in this rp same age as Ayla
And it's gonna be Randle for me, folks. I am aware that there are players who are uncomfortable with anthro's buuuut since I haven't got anything nearly human other than Sprite Cinders and a few non-fit side characters, he's the best choice I've got! And hey, what kind of crap detective doesn't check out some cursed, paranormally dark mystery-village? XD
Eterni mentioned on the Looking for RP forum that she might take a while to post, just a heads up

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